Do you think that Occupy Wall Street was a false start...

Do you think that Occupy Wall Street was a false start? Will we see an economic-centered demonstration of that magnitude any time soon?

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Some good things came out of OWS: for example it was the making of Zizek in the west.

yes, basically everyone who "founded" it and led it were COINTELPRO. also it was liberal anarkiddie idealism.

OWS was a disaster. Wall Street sent their paid actorvists out to take over and everybody followed the Rockefellers' professional morons instead of the mission. They left such a big opening for populism that Donald Fucking Trump filled the gap.

It was lackluster and relatively retarded but I think it might have been the thing the kickstarted the left in the US after being dead since the 80s (or arguably, 50s). It was a good beginning but it wouldn't have gotten anywhere.

its when i first heard of him

i think it was less people wall st hired and more vid related, but who the fuck knows?

no but i think it was a failure. i learned a ton about the market as a result of the movement though and, oddly enough, it led me to becoming a trader myself.
im not sure if we can call hyper-inflation and its effects on the people, a demonstration

I don't know if it was started as such, but it's been established by now that there was undeniably heavy involvement from CIA.

it was too idealistic, and lacked direction. Had there been actual leftists at the helm instead of just the hoardes of generic liberals, it may have gone somewhere.

But as it stands, status quo ante bellum

who can train guerillas by the dozens?
and send em off to kill their untrained cousins?

fuckin-a man

It was evidence that the political system in America is collapsing. Of course little came of it directly but the reason we even know what it is today (as opposed to the much more severe riots in St Louis the media blacked out) is because it occupied public space in an elite enclave. Underneath all the liberal bullshit it showed how effective long term protests can be in making porky sweat.

Complete bullshit. I knew a couple of the guys that kicked off the initial protest and they are legit leftists. You don't know shit about it you fuckhead.

I'm beginning to think that B.O. is actually Phil Graves. I've been seeing a lot more posts on this board that are like his, and B.O. would ban you for making opening posts that criticize him in a certain way.

lmao fuck your friend. a "legit leftist" can be anything. OWS was COINTELPRO, period the end.

I wish it had accomplished more, but it was an inspiring show of force when it was at its peak.

Occupy was a false flag.

ITT: well-sourced claims

Occupy turned to shit very quickly once the real radicals (anarchists) were phased out by the liberals and PoMo academics.

Sometimes I'm not sure if I'm just misremembering it because I wasn't a lefty back then, but my recollection is that it was from a time when there weren't as many left wing people in American politics. There was inflammatory class rhetoric involved, but I felt like it was almost the equivalent of the women's marches after Trump, mixed with a little bit of BLM. Huge protest, clashes with the police, but a lot of middling, uncertain angst that was just reaching a boil. I think people simultaneously wanted to do things "new" and "grassroots" in their tent cities at Zucatti, but they also felt as though if they made enough of a fuss this time something would change. They didn't know what, but something would happen if they just stayed there long enough and upset the city/national news cycle.

You must have a lot of free time on your hand and some delusions to be actually bothered by and speculate upon BO's identity.

How do you get sources on a protest that isn't just individual responses?
This wasn't exactly the Black Panther Party, the IWW, or the CPUSA (50s) who organized it.

It turned to shit when the liberals were phased out by other liberals?

It's just what I've come to notice from posting regularly on this board


The Establishment used liberals and other inserted agents (plus biased media coverage, natch) to get rid of all the talk about the problems with capitalism & instead turn OWS into an idpol thing. Pretty cut & dry.

There is a distinct lack of red.

The working class has to be organized first. We need a bolshevik style workers organization.


see pic related for an actual example of COINTELPRO within OWS - they fucked it up with SJW shit because they knew it's economic struggle posed an actual threat to capitalist hegemony. of course you wouldn't know that given that you're just some retard LARPing as a leftist over the Internet

We all agree that it failed. But in a way, perhaps it was better it did. It was too weak, too left-wing capitalist. If the authorities had listened to OWS, they would've put stronger band-aids on capitalism.
Instead, its downfall became a catalyist for radicalization. OWS will be remembered as the beginning of the end of capitalism. Protests for the next big crisis will be more radical.

OWS may have been the "second time as farce" version of the 1905 revolution.

Showed that we have to solve America's massive homelessness problem before we can ever safely organize on the streets.

and it had the added effect of making an entire generation of would-be radicals, into brainless identity obsessed retards. and were still dealing with it. meanwhile everything that was being protested against at occupy has gotten worse

lol i gotta say, i really DO understand why these politicians have absolutely no respect for the people.
cue hysteric applause and autistic screeching

i cant say i would think much of the people if i was able to dupe them so easily into fighting amongst themselves in lieu of addressing an actual unilateral problem for the working class.

OWS itself was part of the process to preempt and capture spontaneous revolt. It was launched and run by a bunch of liberals and spies. It doesn't matter if you or your friend got duped, OWS was COINTELPRO.

Can't really argue with this.

Yes, when the next recession comes (soon), there will be a much bigger leftist revolt.

OK, but that doesn't mean there weren't people within it that were actually good comrades.
Such strategy, much wow. How is universal basic income not even mentioned as a strategy goal?

It was doomed to fail from the get-go
I was at some of the events back in the day. The only sane people there were MLs. Everybody else was a retarded crustpunk lifestylist.

What about Bookchin?

No, it precisely DOES mean that decent people and potential comrades were involved in OWS, that is precisely the point of creating such honeypots and diversionary activities– to waste the energies of people in the process of radicalizing.

What are you smoking? Occupy started in the last third of 2011. Zizek was already a media figure in Europe. Do you not count France as part of the West or what? Even if for you USA and Britain == West, I'm certain you can also read shit about him on Revleft and Libcom from before Occupy.