Daily News Thread 2/21

YouTube Promoted Florida Shooting Video That Fueled Conspiracy

YouTube was criticized after promoting a video with a title that suggested a teenage survivor of last week’s Florida school shooting was a paid actor, the latest sign of Google’s ongoing struggle to suppress conspiracy theories on its massive video site.

Fact Check: Florida School-Shooting Survivors Aren’t ‘Crisis Actors’

Two students who survived the Florida school shooting and spoke publicly about it are not "crisis actors," despite the claims of several conspiracy-oriented sites and an aide to a Florida lawmaker.

White House Considers Citing Russian Deaths in Syria as Sign of U.S. Resolve

The Trump administration is considering citing the deaths of scores of Russian mercenaries in a Feb. 7 battle with U.S.-backed forces in Syria as evidence of the president’s tough stance toward the Kremlin, a person familiar with the matter said.

Tories forced into apology over tweet suggesting parents can feed children for £10 a week

A local branch of the Conservative party have been forced to apologise after they issued a tweet that suggested that parents who struggled to feed their children for £10 a week "don't know how to feed their children well".

Damascus & Ankara dispute whether pro-Syrian govt forces entered Afrin

Forces loyal to Damascus successfully arrived in the Afrin region on Wednesday, Syrian state media says – contradicting statements from Ankara that pro-government troops retreated under Turkish artillery fire.

New Jersey Transit’s Hidden Danger: Bad Brakes, Bare Wires, Rotten Parts

Federal inspectors found scores of New Jersey Transit train cars riddled with fire risks, faulty brakes and electrical hazards as they scrutinized the troubled railroad that brings 95,000 workers to Manhattan daily.

Florida Teachers’ Pension Fund Invested in Maker of School Massacre Gun

American Outdoor made the AR-15 used to kill 17 people at a Florida high school last week. The fund owned more than $500,000 of its stock.

US Supreme Court refuses to broaden protection for corporate whistleblowers

Whistleblowers who do not report to the Securities and Exchange Commission will not be covered by existing legislation, the US Supreme Court said. The ruling came in the case of a former employee against a real estate trust.

Netanyahu Legal Woes Worsen as Ex-Top Aide Agrees to Testify

Benjamin Netanyahu’s legal woes deepened after one of his closest confidants agreed to testify against him in a growing corruption scandal, complicating the Israeli leader’s efforts to hold on to his job.

Venezuela: Petro Presale Launches Strong

The Venezuelan cryptocurrency will be able to be used to acquire goods or services and will be exchangeable for fiduciary money and other cryptocurrencies through digital exchange houses.

Teenage girl 'was handcuffed as two NYPD detectives raped her in the back of a police van'

A 19-year-old girl who has accused two NYPD detectives of raping her in the back of a police and claims she was handcuffed during the assault.

Twitter bot purge prompts backlash

The hashtag #TwitterLockout has trended after an apparent purge of suspected malicious bots on the social network.

Vox Media to lay off around 50 staffers in latest round of industry cuts

Vox Media said Wednesday that it's laying off about 50 people, and is offering new positions to roughly a dozen other employees.

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The alt-right are doing everything in their power to smear these kids. It won't end well for them.


Citigroup Drove Puerto Rico Into Debt. Now It Will Profit From Privatization on the Island.

One of the same banks that drove the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority, or PREPA, into the red will now be paid to help auction it off to the highest bidder.

Dear CNN: It's a Terrible Look to Ambush Trump Supporters Who Accidentally Talked to Russians


Who will dominate Syria?

Bashar Al-Assad and Vladimir Putin recently declared that they have "won the war." Is the Syrian war over? What will happen to Assad?

Take Care of Yourself, Take Care of Your Friends: Some Starting Places for Drawing Digital Boundaries

The following includes some basic tips for beefing up online security in regards to your personal cell phone.

Majority of workers expect to become even poorer in 2018

A report by the Centre for Labour and Social Studies points to privatisation for causing a race to the bottom in British workplaces

Striking maintenance workers in Manchester win inflation-busting pay rise

Housing maintenance workers in Manchester have won an inflation-busting 20 per cent pay rise after standing firm through 80 days of strikes.

This fucking president.



Trump attacks Attorney General Jeff Sessions again, this time over Obama and Russian meddling


You know, I thought the whole "Blame Obama" meme was going to end after his presidency, but NOPE.

Now I'm really curious what Trump is sweating about.

I'm sorry, how can this conspiracy theory continue to persist in a solidly hazel state in a solidly hazzle US house, presidency, and surpreme court all hazel?
They could pull this off in Cali or when Black Bush was president but how does it persist now?

Being tired somehow made me write Hazel two separate ways

Hungary’s right-wing government is attempting to destroy the Georg Lukács’s archive — and his legacy.

yeah, I know, jacobin, but it's a decent article

Last year Venezuela's deficit was 2700m: it just cut 25% off its deficit from making a fucking shitcoin. Well played Maduro.

no he's fucking retarded
also, the libs love calling him """"""""commie"""""""" and I think this is some sort of defense mechanism

Where? Americans liberals?

I always found it weird that people on the right claim that Youtube censors and rigs their system against them when it's obvious Youtube doesn't do shit. Conspiracy theories videos run wild on there. If you search pizzagate, there are videos with hundreds of thousands and even millions of views.

Fuck me, that's terrible. Somebody ought to get the Goethe Society or Akademie der Künste to get that shit out of there.

Please end your own life for the safety of those around you.

…no? I was talking about Orbán. Hungarian liberals keep comparing him to Kádár for some fucking reason. And there's a bunch of pictures portraying him with Stalin and Marx and stuff. It's peak ideology

I can only hope that happens. I don't live in Budapes tho so I can't even start a protest or something. The fact that he's trying to errase the only famous 20th century Hungarian philosopher for the sake of his ego is just fucking disgusting.

I knew you were talking about Orban I just figured you were talking about American liberals refering to him as a communist. Interesting to see Hungerian liberals refering to him as a communist. Liberalism truly is a cancer.

and I either vote for FIDESZ or for stupid liberals like this. It's just depressing

And this in the nation where people think things were better under ML the most.

If schizophrenia is disordered thought, why do schizophrenics so often believe the same bullshit?

those polls are pretty inaccurate though. The "átkos" as it's usually called, is only popular amongts the elderly. And they probably only ask people who were older than 18 during Kádár's regime, elderly people are a majority. In general communism is pretty widely disliked amongst people under 45.

Tbh I have only ever spoken to one young Hungarian and he was mostly apathetic; what is gone is gone. He also made an interesting point: when he came to the west he was surprised that women wore so little, stating "I guess communism took the spirit out of us or something".

It's okay, we dislike Hungarians too. We'll run over them with tanks.

it's amazing. America spends all the time setting up bases and assassinating leaders to disrupt a countries government and winds up being undone by a couple million dollars for ads targeted to boomers and some shady tweets. This mass hysteria that followed was a fucking deal. I should start playing the lottery if this is all it takes

also why doesn't trump just kill a couple birds with one stone by passing some kind of law that bans pushing political narratives with mass fake accounts or something. This could be seen as some kind of atonement I guess while also getting rid of the ShareBlue and crew.

America has not been "undone," this is just war propaganda.