Nepal: Two biggest communist parties merge

This is nice step forward to hopefully build a one-party Marxist-Leninist state.

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Ok cool, but please stop putting a blank line after every linebreak.


So… Trotskyites hold the secret for splitting and Maoists for uniting?

I didn't do that, I just copied the article.

Started reading up on the civil war, found this.
This makes the tsar's death look like an actual nice photo-shoot.

Pic related

Chairman of the Maoist party tells a crowd of people in a public gathering about a Conspiracy for the unpopular part of the family using CIA or Indian special forces help to remove the popular king and install the unpopular other family as King so they could rule, since the exact people who needed to die did so and they were away in another city. The killer was also right handed but the suicide bullet hole was on the left hand side temple and the investigation only lasted two weeks and did not involve any major forensic analysis

Probably for two reasons though.
1. Wasn't going to be allowed to marry a lower caste Indian Princess he met in England unless he gave up power so got mad at his Father and Family
2.Angry at his family giving away to much power and not keeping the absolute Monarchy

tldr Insane Royal kills other Royals

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monarchists will defend this

Look, if God made him king, his plan must have involved details you and I can not see.

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Great post

So does this mean that possibly the biggest breakthrough in marxist dialectics since 1924 is soon going to go the way of the dinosaur?

the idea of multiple parties somehow furthering "democracy" is bourgeois nonsense
to overcome bureaucracy you need to engage the people into the political process directly and develop structures outside of the party
just read Stalin


Yeah but you can have multi-party democracy while still banning bourgeois/imperialist/comprador/whatever parties. The DPRK has multi-party democracy, if anything it just gets people more involved. I think these Nepalese communists have a good idea.

Nepal has several Maoist parties and almost all of them are just branding.


No, I'm serious. Several of them are center-left. Only a couple actually subscribe to Maoist ideology. I've been following this shit since the civil war.

Oh wow wow just ground shattering i guess its happening?

Just have a bunch of socialist parties competing with each other in parliament, it'll work, trust me.

Agreed brother, bring back absolute monarchy it makes no difference whatsoever.

What's gonna happen now lads? We're now six countries instead of five

There's a socialist enclave between Russia and Ukraine? Is this a meme I'm unaware of?

It’s like Belarus but smaller. It’s called Transinistra and it’s nit internationally recognized as independent state from Maldova

two actually, Luhansk People's Republic and Donestk People's Republic, both run by people's soviets.

Interesting. Thank you for the information.

pretty sure those are russian puppet states

They are sovereign people's soviets who accept arms from Russia against Ukranian fascism, they're /ourguys/

Do Angola and Mozambique count as Real Socialism?

Both are social democrats, Mozambique stopped being communist after 1989

Surely you must be in jest?


We'll at the very least Juche is different then the straight up Neo-Lineralism that the Chinese sphere conforms to and is arguably at the very least leftist

Just read the DRPK thread

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Or this thread:

You can't call yourself a Marxist if you believe in order over conflict when things are looking bad