Communism in USA

What do different groups think a communist revolution would actually look like?

Is it possible?

Will there be Black/Indigenous micro-states?
Will we give back all the land to native groups? Can the white and non/white proles work together to create something? Or will we all just collapse together and mostly die? Allowing socialism to actually thrive in other places.

It will probably only happen in the most left-wing states, or in the south with a subverted confederacy movement. Otherwise, it's not gonna happen in the US.

Balkanization so hard that we're sent back to the days of independent cities and vast stretches of unclaimed territory. Is what I dream about, not what is actually going to happen.

Ideally all of N.Y except N.Y.C and everything north of it split off and form the United communes of New England with the Capital in Rutland

Yeah this is honestly the only thing I can see being the case. Like we have severe breakdown and nothingness in between major population centers. Probably mass forced migration/extermination of different ethnic groups because we can't get over our fascist view on "blood" relations to each other. Thinking like post WW2 Central/eastern Europe.

And then these ethnic groups just get angrier at each other?

It is improbable, and nigh impossible. I just want to live out my American/Mesopotamian fantasies. Puebloan villages, massive ziggurats, flooding rain, nomadic tribes, it'd be the coolest shit ever if you weren't born in it.


Want pyramids in America? You can have them, and you don't even have to abandon Socialism either.

As with anything in America, the national movement of [insert any political ideology here] will approach people holding a gun and a bible draped in Old Glory, and be rewarded with unquestionable power and fame despite the contradictions within it.

Yes our zoos will be world class. WORLD class only the best for the baboons.


Please, first of all the state is named after the city and the City of New York will be part of it. The city is not entirely a bunch of labor aristocracy and bourgeoisie too many people there are also actually socialist.

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NYC will be nuked several times as will SF. There are certain things we cannot allow in a socialist world. History must be cleansed before we can move forward.

Maoist confederacy against the Yankee capitalist pig dogs

I see that a mass of people will be unemployed and get evicted from their flat. This mass then moves to more greener pastures where they set up a dual power structure. This frightens the employer and the bourgeois state so they send the national guard and black water over to try and to force them to come back and work for a unlivable wage. The Class refuse and that triggers a civil war.
Conflicts would mostly be in the slums of rural America while the cities are vacant. Assassinations will be attempted and mostly occur in suburbs and cities where CEOs live in their penthouses and mansions.

I have thought about a realistic scenario.
It will be much like the shining path in south america.

There would be people hiding in the rural areas of america, swamps, forests, mountains, deserts, etc.
occasionally they would come out to shoot and assassinate people.

People in the big cities would live normally.

People in rural areas might experience a drone strike or 5

Pathetic larpers

How completely dialectical you fucking redneck. New York City has some of the hardest bedrock in the world and is an important natural harbor that leads upstate via the Hudson River. It was developed for that reason. I would rather the city gets taken over Gotham style.

I'm really excited to see what happens with our current deadlock of neoliberals vs. nationalist-populist. If nothing changes we are going to see escalation of the very same scenario with potentially violent results. If there is a 'third thought' that breaks this deadlock - i.e. the left returns to its class-warfare roots we very well might also see violent results but with the added benefit of potential communist revolution either through gradual reformism with the end-goal being FALC or literal violent revolution. I don't think a violent communist revolution in the USA is possible without a balkanization prior to it.

Can somebody post the balkanized North-America map?

United Socialist States of America

I for one legit want to see New Afrikan turd positionists take a piece of land and declare an ethnostate while fighting white settler militias.

neoliberalism pushes people towards the far right because the neo liberals are hypocrites who are status quo capitalists and have no intention of improving the material conditions of the prole.
And with the democrats abandonment of the economic left and working class and embrace of identity politics and culture war they come off as disgusting moral elitists.

The neolibs and plutocracy will never allow an actual leftists to ever become president. They would never even let some basic bitch soc dem become president.

To tell you the truth i dont think america will have a civil war again. Everyone is too docile and fat. Even if the economy crashes worse than 1929 at most there would be riots.

What i could see happening is maybe some sort of military coup and then america descends into an illliberal state much like russia

I don't see how cities would be vacant. Even the DHS/DOD put out in their last scare video that the wars of the 21st century would take place in "mega cities" or w/e and combat will take place in densely populated urban centers

"the New Socialist Republic of Cascadia fights valiantly for independence from the Classcucked States of Burgerstan!"

America will have to be destroyed outwardly or most likely from inward. American identity must be destroyed, to even call yourself an American will sound like calling yourself a Yugoslavian or Austrian/Hungarian. The term "American" will be popular with the few remaining radical conservatives wishing to relive manifest destiny and reclaim it's past "glory" in a nostalgic dream and Historians in reference a Culture/Society long disintegrated into dozens of different sub cultures formed around a complete balkanization and collapse of power of the American Empire.

The Empire of America is incapable of reformation to any meaningful degree and a key part of this is the very culture and identity of the American people. Built upon hundreds of years of racial discrimination and holding property rights to a very high degree even from it's very start the Republic showed no content for it's poor or Black slaves and tried to model itself on a Roman Republic.