What is the gender ratio on this board?


Pick one. This isn't anything official, just a poll done out of curiosity.

Also, general discussion on gender, feminist, LGBTQI subjects from a socialist perspective.

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20% non-male: still "better" than any subreddit claiming to be oh-so-progressive

MtTs are still males. They're just males performing in womanface.
"female" is a sexual category. No ovaries; not female.

then mark agender/assigned male you pretentious faggot


They're female. I wouldn't consider them women, but they are female.


For every male, there's 0.35 female and 2.5 girl(male)

Gender is bourgeois nonsense. Red liberals need to leave.

Not the point.

Sorry about your dick, OP

I'd say opposite. Biologically male, but for the sake of respect, women.

Low sample size.

This, Holla Forums is a gender-free board.

Are we really all that shocked?

That was roughly my estimate. Leftypol is peak brocialism and proud.

No doubt.

gender-free and queer-free

What the fuck 1 out of 10 women I know barely understand what Capitalism is, if at all. This is almost certainly bullshit, too many dudes LARPing.

Holy shit, Holla Forums. You're not even trying.

Not trying what?

vote 19 times and you create a stereotype, right? crossposters are such brainlets.


Implication incoherent: Elaborate, clarify, insect.

That is the grossest version of that picture I've ever seen.

C'mon, tell me you don't see a massive problem here.

It's more that they feel unable to handle "masculinity" in late capitalism. They become traps because they want to opt-out of their responsibilities and duties which patriarchy has placed on them.

Why do so many young men want to have feminine dicks?
I'm serious. Why are hardcore tomboys so rare? Why do men feel so uncomfortable with their genitals? Why do young men prefer to be the little girl rather than silly boys nowadays?
I have nothing against this, but it's fucked up. Probably a result of capitalist alienation and identity-based moralism, but still.
I want more tomboys, I want to date tomboys for God's sake.

I voted agender because gender is a spook. I act like more like a traditional man though because I'm too lazy to challenge my socialization.

Meant to link to

Sorry for the autism.

You are right, even though I don't like the term patriarchy tbh, because it implies we are still stuck in the 19th century when it comes to gender politics.

In which ways do you want to "challenge your socialization" ?

Right, I can't speak Vaginese, so women can't understand me.

The only gender norms that I've broken out of are the memes that males shouldn't express emotion and that they can't be nurturing. Everything else I'm too lazy to bother with.

14 girls, though. That's something, right?

especially you emily


Tznius, comrade.

"Show your tits."/"I want a lefty cutie gf," is the exact mentality comrades should oppose.

so are you a girl

Dude, I'm a biological man and said I was a transman just for the memes, and I'm definitely not the most masculine guy around. I mean, I like to listen to songs like this : youtube.com/watch?v=E4D6v71_nx0
But in the end I want to cuddle with a cute girl in bed. I'm just sad that the recent wave of idpol shit hasn't made girls more assertive in their desires for adventures with members of the opposite sex.
I believe it's okay to express your emotions, we are humans after all and life can be hard, but godammit I want to sing about this shit with qties in a cute twee pop band.

Yes. FAAB.

Rule 37

Leftist men should castrate themselves and feel repulsed by tits

Glorious dialectics comrade

I have a pretty lefty tomboy friend in my class and she said "When guys say they want a strong tomboy gf, that really just means that they themselves are strong and really just like themselves." I don't know much about love and psychology but that just made me think.


I guarantee that 90% of posters here are just cis men and any stats saying otherwise are just people fucking around, which is why polls like these are so useless.


We've done this strawpoll before. To give you an idea of how it went, the results said there's a higher percentage of male-to-female trans people on this board than actual women. Go figure.

How the fuck does this happen?

She might say the truth, but I still want a qt gf with whom I can travel far away and make music with. Is that too much to ask? ;_;

To be honest, that part makes me tick.
When you are in couple, you need to accept the bad parts of your partner, and if they start to overwhelm you, it might be the beginning of the end. If your partner is too obsessed with her own person and don't really give a fuck about you, it can be annoying very quickly.
Again, as I said, I just wish women were more assertive after all the idpol shit we went through. Dating someone doesn't mean you have to end up in couple with that person. It just means that you are testing whenever or not you are compatible with that person.
Simply put, I want stuff like pic related to happen more often IRL

Not surprising considering this is an image board.

Trans shit is a meme, they aren't actually transsexual. They are incels that decided to go another direction become the gf, however many still become fascists.

Something tells me they're going to detransition once they hit 27.

Join I.C.A.D. today.

Islamic Communism Against D3generacy. For a trap-free Holla Forums.


Well it depends, a lot are getting laid finally because of it.

I can only ever get attention from other guys so yeah, I've gone down the gay (but not trans) road.

Well who am I to judge?

Thanks for filling this out friends.

The faggot considers himself a lolbert, but tried to get the state to deport DACA kids by ratting them out to ICE on Twitter. It's safe to judge, comrade.

D.egeneracy is good so no

Pic unrelated

My Afro-British shitposting friend, I, again, have nothing against traps, but I still wonder why so many white boys want to become transsexuals nowadays.
It's a fairly recent phenomenon, and girls aren't as hardcore as boys when it comes to messing with their genitals. I believe in gender equality.
I hope it will the subject of Nagle's next book. There is definitely something to be said about this.

Leave your genitals alone, you little shit. It ain't healthy.

Doubt it just the whitebois. It's said to be pretty "normal" in eastern countries. There's even a third gender for them and all in places like India.

In the past probably more trans people decided to stay closeted and society today is (relatively speaking) more open, it's not a conspiracy.

lmao I ain't even trans but what I do with my genitals is none of your business.

Just tryna give sound advice. You only get 1 dick. Don't be like ( ( (her) ) ).

Doubtful. Many of these "transgirls" end up de-transitioning after a few years without even making an attempt to pass as female, go on 'mones, etc.

idk why but mtfs seem to be either radical (usually radical left but sometimes fascist or ancap or some other shit) or apolitical
t. mtf

[citation needed]

My god, the Reddit/Tumblr Immigrants must be purged, now.

White Western boys, then.

When did I imply that it was conspiracy?
Of course, it's better if LGBTETC+ people don't get killed for stupid reasons (e.g. Alan Turing) like in the 50s
But why do Western white millennials want so much to have a feminine dick? Answer to my question.

They aren’t being left out, it’s just biological reality that women are less politically active than men.

It's not hard to see. I've been active in anarchist circles for well over 10 years now, and can confirm about half the people calling themselves "MtF" end up detransitioning after a few years. The only ones who stick with it happen to be the ones who also make the effort to get on hormones, save up for trips to Thailand to get surgery, etc.

White western societies are the most affluent and transitioning takes money. Not to mention you're less likely to get killed if you're white and/or come from a middle class or up background.

*Sociological reality

Alienation, how am I suppose to know. Also isn’t just whites, it’s all races in the West.
t American.

these are the only ones you should have included to be more subtle, Holla Forums

Not to mention as it occured to you they might sinply be overrepresented on online spaces? Since they can't express their gender irl due to stigma isn't hard to see how they might end up becoming shut-ins who spend their days shitposting.

can confirm

You just admitted that capitalists want young millennials (especially Americans) to transition because the average rate of profit is failing

You are not supposed to know, you are supposed to ask yourself the question m8.

Statistically, most MtF transitioners are straight white guys who transition in their mid 20s-early 30s. The second largest demographic are gay black men who transition much earlier, usually as early as 17-18 (think Janet Mock).

Which says something. Straight white guys "decide" they want to be trans after they've milked their male entitlements dry, whereas gay black dudes transition almost certainly to avoid homophobia (not to mention, many of them are prostituted and dress in drag before they transition).

That Hoxha guy you see in LeftyTube comment sections made a video saying bout as much bout his own life. Says he's scared to go out while on mones'.

if they exist i want to see them

What entitlements?

Many straight white male MtFs come out of very male-dominated careers like IT or the military.


AKA They come outta the closet.

pls use poliers

Holy fuck Holla Forums not everything is about porky


That picture represents us as a board the best. I will not censor reality.

yes it is

just list it and be done with it

*Drools like a retard*


Don't disrespect my girldick.

I think you are wrong.

He is just making money with cryptos out of naive libertarian kids, what is wrong with that?

Just think about why these people would transition when they do. What is influencing them?

How is it that someone can just jump from identity to identity without thinking they need to be committed? Supermarket of identity.

Apparently so.

Just stop this is embarrasing, but before I leave let me quote from yet another cool cyberpunk text

Instead of reeing about everything like the sad transcendental miserablist that you are, why not see the emancipatory potential for communism these new avenues opened up by capital represent? Like it or not communism also means morphological freedom, and you will have to learn to live with that. Isn't that a much more marxist approach that being mad online people you don't even know are cutting their peepees?

I'm okay with xenofeminism, if that's what you are talking about, but why don't bio-women want to partake in it? Why are women more comfortable with their vaginas than young millennial boys with their wieners? I want an answer goddammit.
Personally I don't really care that much about it, but I'm pretty sure is right, and that's my problem. We are not at a technological stage where we can reconstruct sexual organs with their full original functions easily, and I'm very suspicious of the sudden "trans-acceptance" bullshit that all the American media started suddenly blabbering about around the GamerGate era. We currently don't live in communism.
Yes, the goal of Marxism is to remove the barriers the markets and the state impose upon the management of the production and consumption of goods, and so on, but again we don't live in communism, and capitalists want you to buy their goods and services, aggressively, right now.
Do whatever you want with your peepee, just don't regret it, that's all I'm saying.

so like did you pull that out of your ass or what

citation heavily needed

Choke on a dildo.

Better poll: strawpoll.me/15125330

>even though it's been true for by far most societies in all of history

except… Like you know… Bonobos…
You know… Like they're like… The closest to us… Like gentically… You know… Like… Yeah…

thanks god someone mentioned it
Those females don't have leadership in the way we have (and we want to have). They have control. The equivalent of bonobo females in human societies wouldn't be ideologues, just cunts.
I'm going to get so much hate for quoting the dairymilk, but can't be bothered to look past the first google result. Bring it on.

And your whole post is sweetie-tier cancer. No level of irony redeems it.

Posting latest status for lazy fucks

Is cute(male) a gender?

I knew it all along!

What about Bonobos? They're our closest primate relatives and they're a matriarchal species. Besides, humans being patriarchal doesn't guarantee that females in our species are by nature less interested in politics. Intelligence is also a "leadership trait", but there's no evidence to date to suggest that women are less intelligent than men.

What about Bonobos? They're our closest primate relatives and they're a matriarchal species. Besides, humans being patriarchal doesn't guarantee that females in our species are by nature less interested in politics. Intelligence is also a "leadership trait", but there's no evidence to date to suggest that women are less intelligent than men.

We're a patriarchal species, but that don't mean all leadership traits are automatically more common in guys than girls. Like I said in my other reply, academic performance and I.Q. test scores in the developed world ain't really all that different between the genders. Since women are just as intelligent as men judging by how the experts measure intelligence despite it being a "patriarchal trait" what's got you so sure they ain't as interested in politics as men "biologically"?

seeing dudes say shit like "punch a TERF" is the most cringe-worthy pathetic fucking idpol chauvinism & if you can't give props to the radical feminists for dealing with tons of shit and maintaining their gender abolitionist position u a idpol incel

Nagle is a fucking retard so don't hold out hope.

And I believe that the tranny question can be answered by abolishing capitalism 100%. I feel like this trap hysteria is the ultimate manifestation of alienation.

How often do you see that?

Also depends if they wanna abolish gender or not, imo.

No one is talking about women's ability to govern. We are talking about their inclination to participate less in politics.

There is no guarantee either that there is life elsewhere in the universe, but I still believe it's retarded to think otherwise. One can be certain about things without a guarantee. I can always be wrong about anything, but that's what I believe.

There are strong dimorphisms within lots of species, so that individuals adapt to their role. Ants have very different bodies and attitudes depending on their role in the colony. Sexual dimorphism is the most prevalent of this in gendered species, given the very different roles the two sexes play. It also affects attitude: Men are demonstrably more aggressive than women. Women tend to avoid confrontation, not because of something just cultural, but it's been stablished that testosterone makes you more edgy. Politics is not just about leadership, but more importantly confrontation. Confrontation is the deciding factor.

Why the fuck do you bring this up? Leadership is not about doing good decisions, you still need to strive and gain power.
Even holding minor political views mean contradicting someone by exclusion. I believe the reason women culturally lean less towards political opinion is because culture reflects genetic predispositions. Women tend to avoid conflict because evolutionarily staying put is the winning move a lot of times.

Having said that, even if something was cultural in origin it doesn't even mean it won't eventually have "hardware support" after millions of years.
I don't think you will ever deny that our hands, eyesight and brain adapted to our lifestyle:
There's a part of the brain dedicated to religion, language, etc.
We are the animal that grows the longest hair, just so we can style and groom it.
We lost a lot of body hair relatively fast because muh fire.

If language gets it's own part of the brain, that it's been proved to be dedicated just for that, why would you argue that it's impossible that societal structures didn't?

*for women, who need stability and protection to be pregnant raise children.

It's the reason why most women find it so difficult to come out about rape, sexual harrassment, or even very basic shit like telling a well-intentioned guy that they aren't interested at all in him. Some of my friends can't even face writing a fucking phrase, they just block them on whatsapp or something like that.

I firmly believe women are hardwired to avoid confrontation sometimes to stupid levels, while men are hardwired to lean towards confrontation sometimes to stupid levels, but you surely agree on the latter.


Oh look, someone else who doesn't fucking understand evolutionary anthropology.

out of my ass
One's obligation to provide proof is when the other guy can't google it himself.

What of all the shit I said do you want me to back up? I'm not looking everything up.
If you are genuinely interested you'll look it up yourself. If you don't find it, I'll make the effort.
If you don't, it's a self-admition you don't really care. I explained my worldview, can't care much if anyone doesn't believe me.


Well for starters, the instinct to protect their child is the foremost among mammals: this is inherently a combative position for females and males in monogamous species. If they truly were the "weaker, fairer sex" it would be an evolutionary disadvantage to pack species such as our own: having 50% of a pack that is not suited for hunting or gathering is a pretty bad thing. In wolves (which are the first example I can think of a monogamous carnivorous pack animal) both men and women hunt. Both fight and both are defensive when the time calls for it. It is true that human females are far more vulnerable during the period of pregnancy however that would not determine behaviour of a whole sex throughout development.
And besides, the concept of "muh fairer sex" is actually a very recent one brought on by second-stage industrialisation (about the 1900s) and even then didn't properly materialise in most of the population until after WWII. You think the peasant woman on a farm sat around all day and looked pretty? No they got muckey and did the dirty work. The women in the industrial cities? They worked their arses off and fought for what was theirs. An east end mother was not some non-combative weakling, they were headstrong and pretty matriarchal. Heck this attitude is still seen today in Russia: having gone from either a first stage industrial society or even a peasant society straight to the modern era without the transitioning through the various stages of development with time to iact its society. That is why the "ideal Russian woman", while being conventionally attractive, also has balls and doesn't take shit. It is a relic from Russia's accelerated socio-economic development.

Is that how you write essays? "As we can see from the data, ant are more intelligent than rates[1].
[1] Google it yourself cuck.

Ah, no citations then.

It's not a fairly new phenomenon, being trans is just more widely accepted now. In the past they'd just kill themselves instead of coming out.

I dont think you know what that means. Also

I get what you are saying and agree with the first part of your post but what about the "ideal women" in other western and developed countries that didn't experience fast socioeconomic development? Countries like the US which is a more advanced stage of capitalism have completely different views on beauty and gender roles. Also people in the US tend to be more individualistic due to bourgeois ideology (muh bootstraps). Surely differences in modes of production and material forces shaped the way different nations developed different ideals for women.

I have an answer for that, but I am pissed right now I will answer tomorrow.

I clicked genderqueer assigned female

So much for the anti idpol left



xir reporting

There are only two sexes.
You could identify as a fucking rock, it is stupid, but hell, the world is full of special people.
I'm ok with that.
I'm always surrounded by dicks.

We know.


gender is spooky ghost shit. here's the objectively superior strawpoll.
thank me later.

Hell yeah this is the one!

More like men are more autistic than women

really makes you think

You may be memeing, but that is actually true.

Holla Forums hates trans politics, ftm trans, mtf trans who don't pass, and artificial vaginas.

They love "white" and maybe asian passable trannies or traps.

Is transgenderism bourgeois decadence? Is it a symptom of liberal society?

So much for the tolerant left.

Free on Tuesdays for burrito madness ladies, total Chad here 10/10 jaw line and 6'3 240 ALL DICK, get at me

Are you liberal enough to support quotas? The thread

Yes. I bet there would be less of them under communism. Their politics get way the fuck too much attention, I feel it is a distraction–another example of the "end of history" mindset liberals have.

You Chimpanzees' bud, nice try tho trying to use revisionism to forward a idea.

Tranasgenderism is a real pathology
Every "unique and independent" upper/middle class teen apropiating a pathology just to feel special is the sign of decadence, a society with no values or morals
So yes, it is

They are welcome to come.

Why are you brining up tomboys? Tomboys are women who "act masculine".

The worst thing about leftypol is seeying too many idiots with no self idology, just antipol mentallity
How can someone be that stupid?

Tell her she if fucking wrong because I want a strong tomboy GF and im a weakling dude who hates himself.


Dude that looks comfy as fuck. Hottub commiecon when

The thread died before op even posted it.
Mods please delete.


Get this cryptolib shit out of my face


what the fuck

Yes, fags or as I like to call them FASCISTS would not be allowed in a socialist state.


This is what makes me think transgenderism is just some kind of sexual fetish. Why is it always men who wan't to be cute girls?

It's because mtf transexuals are unhappy with their lives and think things will be fixed in some other system.

There is absolutely no reason to let transsexuals in a socialist state

If you support this shit you're supporting bourgeois decadence!(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

Shoudnt let in women in either then. MTF are stronger than natural women

bourgeois decadence is when progressive porkies raise their kids to be transexual presumably for social standing
otherwise it's a symptom of extreme alienation caused by late stage capitalism(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

Gender is a dead meme

I agree, banning women while also banning homosexuality will produce the perfect communist society where sex is left behind; the ultimate evolution of men.

The true brotherhood. No. Girls. Allowed.

It's not gay if he's a better girl than girls.

If Holla Forums was blocked by the Nerve Center I have a good idea that the results won't be so skewed

Whatcha mean?

I really dont get why Leftypol always autisticly screech about trans people whenever they come up. Get over it, children, some people are trans.


It's because celebrating a mental illness is irresponsible and hypocritical. Also, since when has individual thoughts or rights ever mattered. What are you, libertarians? Get those people some psychiatric help and stop being such pussies.

transition is "help"

See that's the point. Why does the patient get to decide they're sane or not? Why is that illness separate from others? It was removed from the DSM because of fear and political persecution. Very irresponsible to abandon those people for self gain.

That whole thing could have been written by a right wing reactionary and i couldn't have told the difference.
If you think being Trans is a mental illness, you're about as anti-scientific as it gets. Next you should say homosexuality is a mental illness too, and that global warming is a hoax.

Body Dysphoria is real. Problem is that gender dysphoria can't be treated, except with surgical intervention.



What? When? Why am I just hearing this now?

Anti-scientific is always a good one. How about depression and suicide statistics for trans people. Of course that's the chicken and egg problem where it's very simple to blame bullying for the mental health problems rather than examine the issue too closely. Nobody wants to be called bad names for examining too closely.

A lot of trans become suicidal post op, but I guess you haven't researched that too closely. You can't sew a dick back on, but the chemical problems in someones brains causing them to want their dick chopped off could be remedied with medicine.

Dysphoria is patronizing at best and abandonment at worst.

What is patronizing about classifying those people as gender dysphoric?


Suicide statistics' are higher among most queer people, and whilst yes trans peoples suicide statistics are unusually high, assuming that its the fault of transition as opposed to other societal factors is simply inaccurate.

It's patronizing because the APA knows those people have something wrong with them. If they didn't, then everyone would be trans. But the APA cant say that for political reasons (aka losing all your funding) So they enable these people for their own survival, and that's where it gets into abandonment.



A thirteen year old article from the guardian is not substantial evidence.
Also, the article states that a fifth of those that DONT receive treatment actually commit suicide. Read the article you link next time, instead of just typing "transition dont work" into google and selecting the title that suits your argument.

There has been some serious work on the psychology of transexualism, if you look up Ray Blanchard and Michael Bailey you can see for yourself. In both cases there was a pretty serious backlash against them by activists from the lgbt community and elsewhere. A lot of criticism that their work was insufficiently supportive of trans people. The sort of fluffy definition given by the APA is bullshit but that's partially a product of backlash from trans activists who didn't want a more rigorous definition and feared anything that wasn't "trans people are exactly perfect just different" would support more bigotry. The APA is also largely in the pocket of pharma who make not huge, but substantial profits on hormone treatments and have something to gain if transgenderism is seen as a biological condition only treatable through expensive medical intervention.

Sort of an unholy alliance between business interests and activists who don't see a problem in taking the same angle as the gay community and claiming its biologically based regardless of evidence.

Rapists killing themselves is a good thing. If what you actually meant was LGBT persons, then that is sad.
If transition is effective, then as notes, the suicide rate should drop after treatment. If the suicidality of these patients is not reduced then the treatment is not effective. The modern version of the hippocratic oath has things to say about the medical profession providing ineffective treatments. Furthermore, I can see you're already getting set up to claim that society is the problem. If the treatment does not cause society to see those administered it as women, then that is a failure of treatment. If woman is purely a social construct then treatment is not required.

Better than anything you've presented. Present studies on post-transition suicide rates.

It's funny how you're saying all this stuff that has been thoroughly disproven.

Just look how thoroughly.

In what universe does "queer" translate to rapist? Are you retarded or just cant read?
Maybe you missed my point. Suicide rates amongst ALL lgbt groups are considerably higher, for all groups worldwide. Just because you transition doesn't mean you stop being trans. Just because trans people are the only groups to receive direct medical treatment, doesn't mean that treatment will prevent mental illnesses that are somewhat unrelated, such as depression.
You clearly lack any real knowledge on mental health issues, which is kinda key to the topic at hand.

This one, where "queer" is an ideology intent on forcing unwanted sexual activity on others.
No, you are obfuscating. The linked document does not demonstrate that transition treatment reduces suicidality in transgendered individuals. Linking to a document that deliberately obscures the data on transgender individuals be including it within a larger set and REEEEEEing about what a bad and ill-informed person am I for not agreeing with you is neither persuasive or an argument.

Where do I sign up?

As lulzy as this video is 50 minutes is more than I think I'm willing to watch. So far contrapoints hasn't really done any sort of refutation of the theory. They mostly seem to be angry at the suggestion that some male to female transexuals attracted to women have a sexual paraphilia and are lying about their true motivations for transitioning. Which sure, yah I get that would be insulting but they haven't disproved it. Also they're angry at a part of a book where the author suggests homosexual transsexuals are more attractive than straight transsexuals. Can you can tell me where they start disproving the theory? I'll skip to that part.

Link me to any study, that isn't created by a right wing/TERF researcher, that actually backs up the claims your making. When you're looking for one, chances are you'll realise there's actually a major lack of data on this topic, because trans people are such a small minority, studys of a decent sample size are pretty rare.

(that Swedish study that claims trans women are suicidal rapists has already been disproven, btw)

Ok I watched more of the video, contrapoints literally said jk I'm not going to talk about the evidence against the theory. Go read this paper, then started talking about their own sexual history which started with early fantasies about womens essence, getting diagnosed with ocd for obsessively styling their own hair and in later life a series of crossdressing relationships where women would feminize and dress him like a girl sometimes with s&m aspects. Rarely with much heterosexual penetration which he found distasteful when he did do it "like getting the poison out". And in his own words what he found satisfying about it was being treated as feminine. He transitioned in his late 20s when he realized he was growing into the body of an older man and this was intensely distressing to him.

Sooo given contrapoints main sexual activities are cross-dressing and feminization autogynephilia seems like a pretty good description of him at least don't you think?

Also this is who wrote the paper arguing against autogynephilia. You can't make this shit up.


Lol so you would genuinely say that people at a gay pride parade are raping you with their sight? Grow up.

Ah yes, good old AdolfHitlerTribune with the true facts.

That's sex you silly fuck


Translation: I'm going to claim any study I don't like was made by TERFs or bigots.

More like pic related. Also, gay != queer, as was made plain to you. If you can't follow a simple conversation, you've no place trying to call others infantile.

Furthermore, medical access to transition treatment is predicated on a positive claim: that it's provision reduces instances of suicide in the target population. You are refusing to provide proof of this claim when challenged. That implies the claim is false.

If you cant find a single study from a non biased source, then you have no evidence, and therefore no argument.
Also one trans woman saying "we should try to challenge that" is not proof of the retarded ass shit your spewing.

Read here:

Here is an article that can effectively explain what im trying to say. Indisputable evidence is impossible to produce, as an effective medical experiment would be deeply immoral. Trans people and Trans activists say transition helps, and whilst that isn't inherently proof, its better than any evidence the opposition to transition can provide.


It doesn't provide the number, you idiot. It quotes a specific numeric risk of suicide before transition and then simply asserts that transition reduces the risk. I don't care what "Trans people and Trans activists" claim any more than I care about the opinions of people with Cotard Delusion about their being alive. Provide the numbers requested. It's not difficult: there is a population who have not received treatment and have a suicide risk that you have provided. There is a population who have received treatment and have a suicide risk you will not provide. If your next post is not to provide the risk statistic you have been asked for, then the only reasonable conclusion to draw is that you are refusing to do so because it demonstrates the utter inefficacy of the treatment you are advocating for.

You aren't understanding what im saying at all, its pretty fucking difficult too find any figures on this subject. I haven't provided the exact statistics requested because it is extremely difficult to find any reliable data. Seriously look it up yourself, you will undoubtedly struggle to find any good data on this topic.

Maybe because I'm phoneposting at the moment that's making it harder (i cant open PDFS), but because you're such a genius, find any statistics that can back up your position. Spoiler, you cant.

Page 1410. I'm not interested in listening to your excuses. You have not provided information to contradict this document. Ergo it is correct and you are not.

Your document doesn't refute tankposter's claim. See:

I'll read it when i get to my PC. Though somehow i doubt its going to be as decisive as you have portrayed it.

You seem to have forgotten the earlier point: access to medication and surgery is predicated on efficacy in reducing suicidality of the treated population. The paper admits, in the sections you've quoted, that there's no evidence these treatments work in that manner.

Her main problem with Blanchard wasn't that the distinction between autogynephilic and homosexual transsexuals doesn't describe well enough how their lives lead them to transitioning, but the way he assumed that being trans remains a fetish/part of homosexuality for trans people even after transitioning. For her, this was somewhat disproved by her and other people's anecdotal experiences.

I get this, but how does that make tankposter incorrect?

The easy explanation for this would be that the auto-gynephilic fantasy was being acted out through the persons transition and living as a woman rather than remaining a fantasy. Which tends to be the case for most fantasies, once you actually start acting out a lot of the original mental fantasizing vanishes.

For a video that's supposed to be debunking the theory Contrapoints ends up agreeing with most of the key points of the theory and even says the alternative theories are mostly nice sounding nonsense.

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Tankposter is arguing for the efficacy of treatments on the basis of reducing sucidality, dolt.