Why is everyone only focusing on the school shooters?

Honestly, we should instead focus more on why there is so many fucking millennial psychopaths, and invest in psychiatric/population research for treatments.

No we can't, that would be socialism

1. muh children
2. because psychiatry is part of the generalized system of control

What if millennials really are more fucked up than any other?

A boomer shot up 50 people in Vegas

Wrong, it’s the boomers who trashed the environment.

They probably are but contemporary psychiatry places the onus on the individual to "get better" which lies in tinkering with the bodies chemistry until the individual no longer experiences reality in the same way. If these reactions to the disenchanting and demoralizing nature of capitalism are simply viewed as variations in an individuals biochemistry then one doesn't need to look at the structural component of mental illness.

Tbh I get so annoyed seeing all these dumb fuck high schoolers protesting for more gun control around here. I can't blame them too much, this is all they know. Really that school shooting could have been avoided if that boy had a job that could get him his own apartment.
Even shitty one bedrooms routinely are over $1000 a month in south Florida.

Liberals are stuck on gun control.

Problem with that strategy is they could have delivered a sickly deathblow to the Trump/AynRand campaign by shaping the narrative around the Russia indictments if they focused.

Meanwhile Hannity has every hillbilly with a computer posting Trump's narrative of the indictments nonstop. It's a damn shame so many leftists are also focusing energy on essentially aiding Trump's narrative by promoting some edgy version of how they're both innocent. 20 years from now probably no lefty will give them mulligans. Today it's hip to. Personally I don't give a fuck. The second they took on the slightest pretense of looking guilty decided to exploit that for left wing purposes.

I tell everyone they both drink children's blood together, and the only people who will save you from their global trillion dollar kleptocracy are socialsts.

Then I paraphrase Lenin, Marx and Zizek on economics. Then show them funny socialist memes.

It's productive and efficient just like a true communist nation.

Well its not over yet.

Better buckle up because you're on the accelerationism train now.

What if we just stopped bullying them?


I don't think the answer to the question of school shooters is chemical alteration of the human psyche so that nobody is capable of this. I think the problem is in culture - what changed in culture the last decades that turned into this? Why is it that school shooters are always in the USA? How can this be reversed?

read Bifo


He is a gen Z you mouse posting idiot

The issue is capitalist alienation you faggot.

Having so many guns throughout the country is the problem. Guns are not toys but are treated like they are by Americans.
There are just as many crazy people in the US than there are In the developed world as a whole.

The fact that you dipshits ban me for posting support for gun control shows that /leftypol is just larping and bitching about capitalism but unwilling to take the steps neccesary to fight it . Just trying to live in fantasy "october revolution" ☭TANKIE☭ revisionism fantasy land.

Yes, let's outsource problems of capitalism into psychiatry so that we don't have to address the political aspect of them

We need to meme the capitalist realism book that zero books has been shilling for in his channel the past decade

If that were true Switzerland would have shootings like crazy, but they don't, the problem is how Americans express their suicidal ideation (blaze of glory), it wouldn't be a problem if everyone thought the best joy to have while killing themselves was watching tv passed out on liquor and sleeping pills.

It's called capitalism.

gee i wonder!

What happens when a crazy person attempts to shoot a fully-armed crowd? Someone pulls and kills the crazy person. One less crazy person in the world that might cause problems later. If you want a solution to the crazy problem, guns are the solution.

Because soccer moms can cry and bitch about it same for abortion and gay rights. People who don't own guns can't see why guns should exist and want them all banned, while people with guns want them to fuck off. The result is constant melodrama. More importantly, shootings are easy for the media to cover and make them a lot of ad money.

It's largely ending though, at this point Democrats' anti-gun campaigns have burned a huge hole in their base and is severely fucking up attempts to win back swing districts. They will either stop, or simply loose.

Yes they are.

internet and media

It's a moot point since we are the crest of the human population wave (in terms of doing things in the world). Either we collapse into obscurity and death or we live through this and build communism.

militarise all schools is the republican position though dumbass.