Get told university is supposed to be left-wing and full of SJWs (read: not stupid people)

Seriously thinking of going postal. I am so sick of hearing fascist talking points all fucking day. And even they're not, alt-righters are so fucking annoying to be around. They literally just complain and moan 24/7, aren't open to hearing anything anyone else has to say, think they're right about everything when half of them don't even go to the lectures and make spurious speculations about the girls sex lives and what minority they're having sex with. Oh but don't tell them to shut the fuck up, that's aggressive, everyone deserves free speech!

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rly tho jus call ub andifa ::DDD

Tbh I am often blaring out leftist music and people don't give a shit.

They're probably skinny malets right? Reveal your power level mate, they won't do jackshit. And whenever politics come up in a conversation just start spewing Marx, Lenin, Mao, DeLeon, and other truths at them. They'll either start agreeing with you, or stop talking about politics while they're around you. Win-win

meant to say "manlet"

That's the problem though. It won't stop them (also I'd get kicked out) because this isn't really about what's right or wrong or rationality, its about them taking out their pathetic lives and childish attitudes on everyone else. You can't reason with them because its not about reason, its about circlejerking how life is awful because there's minorities on TV and they don't have a wife they can boss around and a house with a picket fence. And despite being completely irrational, they're the evolution of fedora tipping atheists, so naturally they can never be wrong about anything. Seriously don't think there's anything that can be done with this defective lot.

is it a prestigious university or not? i guess it's in England, based on your post??

Wait you in halls or in a flat together? In halls they can't do shit so just go full ranging ☭TANKIE☭ to trigger their balls. It would be funny at-least.

Nah SJWs are pretty fucking dumb actually, anyone that drinks the idpol koolaid that heavily usually is

SJW is a near-meaningless term. I guarantee people on Holla Forums and reddit would call most anons here SJWs simply because they are leftists.

Its not that way here bro. I mean there are obviously leftists, but most people in my halls are foreign, so not many of them really care about British politics. The girls in my dorm are lefties, but the boys don't talk to them anyway lol.

I do, but I can't bring myself down to their level. They don't even argue, they spout off peterson/alt-right buzzwords. Don't get me wrong, I'll make it clear if I'm getting pissed of with them, but then they just apologies, be good for a few days and get right back to it.

Wales. And nah, its certainly not the worst, but its not top 10.

You might not agree with it, but to call it "koolaid" is the same kind of dumb shit alt-righters do. If you read what they were saying rather than what people represent them as saying, you'd probably agree with a lot of them.

You sound like a pussy

fucking hang out with them then. Uni in Britain isn't THAT segregated right?
coming from a person from the biggest reactionary shithole in Europe, you'll probably get used to it. Well I fucking had to, Everybody my age I know is either a liberal a reactionary. Leftism is fucking dead over here, but I still hold the views I hold. You know, the more they keep saying the same shit like "but muh recsk but muh Lenin boys" the more I learn to ignore it.

I think the idea that universities, especially "elite universities" are all full of dedicated leftists and "cultural marxists" is pretty overblown by far right types who considers anyone left of Hitler to be an "SJW." I went to an "elite university," consistently ranked around 5th in the United States if not better, and the vast majority of my peers and professors were liberals, not leftists.

I guess you're having a much worse time of it if you're interacting with a bunch of right wingers, but even in the highest walled bastions of elitism there aren't that many real lefitsts. Certainly not as many as the right would have you believe.


good one mate

He means non-altrighters that the alt right calls SJWs

I was in fucking china, I thought I could show my powerlevel a bit, Ive had to repress it harder than I ever had in my life.

you met Maduro's great nephew while learning in China. Fucking tell me more

People who spout IDpol are the same as reactionaries. They just use different identity groups as their victims and perpetrators.

dont buy into the alt-right SJW strawman and dismiss them out of hand as idiots, many feminists and other activists who are described as "SJWs" (the vast majority of those I've met in person, in fact) are comrades - or are at least liberals sympathetic to leftist causes who have the potential to be radicalized

Hes a smug cunt from curacao.

China was OK, the food was nice, the capitalism wasnt.

Oh and they dont have contact obviously. They just happen to be related a few steps back and he studies in school with me. He thinks very highly of himself. Not a very impressive guy, kind of short but so are all antillians.

The main reason I don't hang out with them is because our lifestyles are kind of incompatible. I mean I talk to them a lot don't get me wrong, but I'm a British drinker, the most insidious kind and they're health conscious and a bit straight edge, which I respect. I don't really want to hang out with the alt-righters either, but they fucking follow me around everywhere and have the same non-alt-right "friends" I do (they don't hang around with them without me though. I've tried to get them to go and hang around with them without me hoping being surrounded people who aren't alt-right might sort their heads out, but they won't).

Considering how society might have ways of discriminating against certain people that aren't obvious isn't "spouting idpol".

I don't even know what this means. If you're bothered by my choice of words, get over it. If you're taking issue with the fact that I'm pointing out how some groups of people will uncritically adopt certain ideologies, you're an idiot. Holla Forums is a pretty clear case of this and liberals aren't any different.
I DO read what idpol-obsessed people say, I'm not getting this from SJW ownage videos on youtube or whatever the fuck else you think it is.

why are they following you around all day if you just tell them to shut up/argue with them about their political beliefs? are you just really attractive or something? post pics lol

holy shit what the actual fuck. That's just sad.

Focussing on identity instead of the underlying causes (IE "all women are oppressed by all men" or "all blacks are oppressed by all whites") is IDpol and its retarded. Its attacking the superstructure instead of the base, which leads nowhere.

this dude's really right

Incidentally, there were several "young republicans," "college libertarians," type organizations on campus at my university, but only one socialist club which - despite its stated principles - often ended up attracting many more succdem types than actual revolutionary leftists. here's its website:

is there a similar club at your university? even if it has similar problems to mine, it could be a good venue through which to find friends who actually share your political beliefs. i mean, it'd be better than hanging with alt right fuckfaces all day.

oh oops that link probably revealed where I went to school, but it's not like I personally can be tracked down from that anyway I guess

One of them actually did tell me he was attracted to me and wanted me to trap, I told him I felt sick and never to bring it up to me again. They're following around because I helped one of them move in on the first day when I saw him and his Dad unpacking in the car and now they keep trying to use me as some sort of agony aunt.

They always apologize when I get angry with them, but they just can't help bringing politics into everything.

I'd feel sorry for them if they weren't bad people deep down.

That's not what intersectionalism says though, 90% of the time they don't even attribute it to any conscious agent, just how the system is set up and unconscious biases.

Fighting against racism or other discrimination isn't what most people here mean when they say idpol. And you and I both know that for liberals, it can go a lot further that just some innocent consideration of discrimination. Vapid bullshit like fighting for more women CEOs while single working moms starve to death or the commodification of identity to make people feel like they're being subversive and rebellious when all they're really doing is lining Porky's pockets some more. It's not something you should turn a blind eye to.

Making a few women or black or gay people CEOs or movie stars isnt going to help the masses still in poverty. Making a black man president doesnt do shit if white nationalists still have the power to lynch blacks. Simple laws that give rights to people are obviously good, but they dont change culture or the material conditions, and putting token people in certain areas doesnt do it either. The only way to liberate them is to give them real equal power to everyone, to give them economic power, and economic power is political power.

right wingers who want to dress up in women's clothing and get fucked by men? hmmmmm

But you're acting like its all or nothing and that you can't do two things at once. What are we supposed to do, tell them "don't worry the glorious revolution is coming any day now just suffer until then"? Many of them might not even be alive by the time capitalism finally croaks. Many of them fight capitalism while also considering intersectionality. Intersectionality isn't even wholly related to capitalism, its about considering who you are and how society may have given you biases against people. That could still happen in a communist society.

Other way around, he wanted to fuck me. Which honestly sickened me to the core. I've done it for some guys but honestly being whiny about trivial things, being self-absorbed and hateful isn't a turn on. Most of them are dirty as well.

dirty as in "doesn't shower properly/at all"?

That depends on what it is. I'll throw all my support behind anyone wanting to reign the police in for their unfair targetting of black people or holding a strike for more labor rights, but shit like fighting for a more diverse ruling class or identity-musical-chairs in Hollywood movies is a childish distraction at best that no serious leftist should give a fuck about.

Wow way to prove them right.

This guy gets it

What this guys says

Wanting the cops from shooting people and getting away with it is not IDpol. Bitching about the oscars being "too white" or praising shit marvel shovelware like black panther as the second coming of black jesus or discrediting the opinion of people just because of their skincolour is IDpol and is retarded as fuck, I will not stand for it and consider it to be the same as reactionairy id-pol.

Yeah. One in particular you can actually track with your nose.

That's not really what its about. I personally do support more diverse actors and media personalities because society should benefit and reflect the people who live in it, but much of it is introspective and considering how you might have to things/might NOT have to do things or have advantages or disadvantages other people do or don't.

Get out of my country, no one wants your equality bollocks here


pure retardation

When will this stop being the case for NutSacks?

Why? Do you really think a black man living in poverty working 50+ hours a week gives a single fuck about the fact that the new Marvel movie stars a black actor? How does that "benefit" him at all? He probably doesn't even have the time or money to go see a movie. Stuff like higher wages, free education or healthcare, a saner police force, those are things that'll really change this life, not the fucking skin color of hollywood actors. Get real, son.

Name a time the Tories drew in crowds like these.

Unfortunately, these are just strawmen. No-one is forcing diversity, its about reflecting on possible biases that disadvantage people of certain groups, like, I don't know, perhaps white working class English boys (

No-one is suggesting this and implying that the current capitalist system puts people competent people in positions is hilarious.

You're just arguing like a child now. "Muh actors", its not just actors, that's one example. I encourage you to go and read a book.

Also, you mean things that people who hold intersectionalist beliefs argue for all the fucking time?

….yes, I do? I'm not necessarily suggesting that representation in movies is a hugely meaningful fight that we should be focusing our energy on, but i am from new orleans and know plenty of black adults living in poverty, including several of my friends' families/parents, and they definitely care a lot more about movies having adequate black representation than they do about dismantling the state. a lot of people who work all week use movies and media to relax in their limited free time, and they often do care about seeing someone they can relate to portrayed in a positive light. this post reads like you're speaking for them becuase you "know better."

not even an ancap, I just like how everyone turns into a baboon over flags

same situation OP, I'm in a building with a bunch of UKIP fuckwits, entire CS course is filled with said UKIP fuckwits and associates such as the unironic Trump weeaboo and a shit ton of bitcoin lolberts
at least my friends in English lang are all tumblr feminists who can agree with socialist stuff much more readily than the lumpens in CS

Gee mr upper class liberal, thanks for all this reflection! Now surely my boss living in his gated community will magically care about me more and pay me a livable wage, stop buying elections and stop moving my job to the third world. Thanks, Obama!

By advocating for diversification as a goal you automatically put it over merit, because the most competent people might not always reflect society exactly.

Not an argument. This diversity bullshit also happened in leftist movements such as occupy, where organizers were shut down and told to leave because they had the wrong skin colour or sexual orientation, despite being good at their job, and replaced by incompetents via "progressive stack".

Again, he said that this is not IDpol. idpol is your forced diversity in hollywood bullshit. That is what we oppose. The fact that intersectionalists happen to also fight for one good thing in addition to one stupid thing doesnt mean they dont fight for stupid shit. To do some bad form and make an ad hitlerum, hitler was a vegetarian who campaigned against smoking, this doesnt mean everything he did is good. Just because a group happens to do some activities that overlap with ours doesnt mean we should support all their activities.

Now I will be going to bed. Stop saying that making more hollywood actors black or asian is going to change shit.

What the fuck does this even mean, your average neoliberal pro-austerity shithead could claim to believe in intersectionality. And intersectionality sucks regardless, because identity is something that should be transcended not embraced.

I never mentioned dismantling the state, though, I talked about things wages and education and healthcare. And I highly, highly doubt they care more about the flavor of the month Marvel movie than whether or not they can make ends meet.
A monarch backed by the CIA to crush a rebellion fighting for the poor and oppressed doesn't seem like a great role model to me, but I'm a leftist so what do I know?

This comrade is right, pic very related.

I was going to read your post and respond thoughtfully, but then I saw this

If you're going to strawman, then I'm not talking about it.

Maybe you should read up on it and find out before going on rants about things you don't even know what are, and then posting rants by people who also don't know what they are.

What does this even mean. You can't "transcend" your identity, your identity is who you are and it constantly evolves.

Again, you can post screencaps, but it doesn't make you right or understand intersectionality. Intersectionality isn't about blaming anything at all really, and almost all intersectionalists are marxists who don't like capitalism. Saying "stop worrying about intersectionalism and focus all the time on economics" is like saying "feminists should stop fighting for their rights or pondering questions pertinent to women and start devoting 100% of their time all the time to economics alone".

Yeah, STEM and interpol I've found are ground zero for randroids and alt-righters. I'm doing astrophysics and some guy with a laptop in front of me had a fucking Pepe with a Trump hat as his wallpaper. He's not even American.

go back to reddit

Most intersectionalists are upper middle class bourgies who want to get rid of their guild so they try to help the gays and the transsexuals and the rich blacks.

This but unironically. With women having economic and thus political power they can immediately achieve all their goals, especially considering they are >50% of the population in all western nations. The only reason womens rights got off the ground is because when women started working they gained economic power. Demands from slaves will not be heard by the masters unless the slaves threaten the masters.

most people I know are willing to believe that they might just have the means to organize and change the way movies are cast. "movie studios are bound to listen to their customers, after all, and if we threaten to boycot them they'll change simply due to a fear of missing out on our money!"

but they're so beaten down/downtrodden, so lacking in political efficacy, with the sense so deeply ingrained that the State is a massive unfeeling apparatus of oppression rather than something they can influence, that they feel completely powerless to change those other, more important things, in a systemic way.

I don't want to argue with you because I do agree that there are more important things that an organized union of people dissatisfied with the current state of things could be doing; I'm just trying to say that based on my actual knowledge and experience with the sort of people you're talking about, they DO care about representation in film, and one of the reasons they often are more willing to organize about "silly" things like that rather than wages or healthcare is because they recognize thru experience that the system is designed to keep them (and other proles) from influencing it, and they're more willing to work on a little, silly movement that they nevertheless think might actually be successful.

I don't know anything about the movie you're talking about (I assume it's Black Panther?) because I don't watch superhero movies, sorry!

dude fucking end yourself. I am not my gender or my sexual orientation or my religion or my ethnic group. What pitiful existence do you live that you define yourself and think yourself to be defined by identities?

My "identity" as myself as a individual is not the same thing as my idenitity as a white person, or a male, or an american, or so on and so forth. I don't personally feel some kind of connection with other white people because they're white like me, or because they're american, an so on, but when you base a large part of how you view yourself on these categorizations, you might come to belief those kinds of things. And that can be pretty dangerous. That's I mean and what those images mean when they say talk about trascending identity. Obviously you will always have your identity as your own unique individual but the the basing of your person on these arbitrary categorizations is not something that should be encouraged.

Can't crush anything when you don't even leave your own bedroom.

wow you really hurt my feelings. truly you are an expert, experienced troll, you must have been doing this for ages to have developed this kind of skill - have you been around since 2006 or something? an old hand from /i/? pools closed LOL

oh wait, or maybe you're 17 years old lol

Hahaha based how is your tenure as treasurer of your local collegiate young republicans going?

wow makes u think

how to btfo commies
1. search commie memes
2. select pinko memes
3. type "new reply"
4. cummies btfro

I've felt that sense of defeatism too but it's something everyone has to get past, because the reality is that we can and must change the system if we want any hope whatsoever of having a better future. You're dooming yourself to a lifetime of misery otherwise. I think more and more people are coming to that realization.


Alt-right ARE SJW, stop making the look like a valid opposition to leftist SWJ, they're just a mirror of the same garbage, the other side of the same stupid coin.
The sooner people realize this the better.

How do you define yourself if not by identity????

I'm not defending that perspective, simply trying to explain where some of the (politically uninvolved) poor black people I know are coming from when they organize to encourage more black representation in popular movies but fail to march for a higher minimum wage.

Even better

wait so I was correct with my estimate in ???
wow hit the nail on the head am i rite LMAO

OK, now I'm definitely not talking to you.

Not what intersectionalism says. Go read up on it, that's all I have to say to you.

No-one is saying that, they're saying its a complex web of all those things and others. They don't base themselves on their categorization, that's a large part of what they're trying to get away from. But they're saying you can't come into contact with being in one of these groups and not have it bleed into you in some way. Finding out where it possibly did and working out if it clouds your views on other people is what intersectionality was created for. No-one aside from the absolute bottom of the barrel is saying these thing are all that make you you or that you should align yourself along these lines, of which there are hundred or thousands for one person.

You sound like Sargon. Have you actually read anything about intersectionality?

By being unique

he deleted it but he said that he was 17 lol

I screened it lol

By his actions?.
He could define himself by his job, which is a choice he made.
Its a perfectly valid way to define yourslf


that doesn't answer anything, everyone is "unique" to their own experience.

All of those are identities though.

I am the unique one.

Only way you’ll crush us is if you sit on us, thicco

Now this is true projection right here

Epic memes bro! XDDD

Soon you'll have a healthcare system like America. So don't ever get more than a common cold.

so am I.

Where do you think you are?




This but unironically.


You’re too spooked identity to be a unique one. Sorry :/

lmao even if communism killed 500 million bajillion innocent kulaks like you claim, I'd still support it. If you don't purge, you end up dead. The shooting pic is unironically what real communism will look like.

god, I really really hope you're under 18. because if not, I don't understand how you could so fail to have developed critical thinking skills, or how you could fail to have a thirst for knowledge and a love of learning that leads you to read and debate all sorts of different perspectives and opinions. if your understanding of leftism is exclusively gleaned from Holla Forums memes, that's just pathetic.

Nothing against Mason, but god damn you're gonna have to go deeper than that

That's like saying you know everything about Western Philosophy just because you read Will Durant

A person's understanding of political ideologies is inversely proportional to the amount of Holla Forums memes they have saved to their hard drive.

Please do then. If you don't agree, fine, I don't agree with absolutely everything about it. But I read about before having an opinion.

t. soyboy

I find it amusing you Holla Forumsyps are so fixated on that video.

You seem to have a bit of projection going on.

Yes! Based God Emperor Trump owning trust-fund shitlibs by reducing taxes on trustifarians!

Mason meaning James Mason? uh, ok, that doesn't contradict anything about my post. consuming poorly written entry-level neo-nazi shit that does nothing but confirm your worldview isn't the sort of reading that actually helps you expand your political consciousness or understanding.

lmao in you're dreams, virgin

I figured he meant Paul Mason, tbh. James makes more sense.

More like the O. I. M. Laffin curve

Good God speak like a human being man I honestly feel sorry for you I really do imagine talking in nothing but buzzwords

There is no proof either. They love that shit, just like how Cruz was antifa. Because antifa will kill people randomly for no reason, or reasons that they were born with. You choose to be a nazi, which is why I don't feel any empathy for them.

t. virgin



imagine truly being incapable of communicating about politics without resorting to using a "meme" per sentance at least. and the horrible thing is that you need to do that bc that's what your entire understanding of politics and political stances is based on - people posting memes on Holla Forums. the reason you write that way is because you literally lack the vocabulary and comprehension of these things beyond the memes.


Maybe but one of them is a choice the other isn't.
People should be able to define themselves, be whatever they wanna be.
Not trapped in some identity they don't necessary have affinities with.

And tbh with you, i'd rather hang out with someone identifying himself by his actions/opinions then by his ethnicity or gender, doesn't matter if they like being of x ethnicity or y gender.
Defining yourself by something you have no control over is pretty retarded imo.
Its a primitive way of thinking. A dog, cat or any other animal will never be a plumber, mechanic, physicist, they'll always do what every other dog, cat do..
Do they even have aspiration to be anything other then what their biological function tells them to? I can't answer that but as far as we know its highly unlikely.

How much do you expect from a person who literally believes le soy meme

Give us your definition for it then.

I'll check, thanks.

The fact that caught on after baked Alaska got btfo and ended up screaming for milk still boggles me

My favorite part of being a ML is hating white people, tbh

You seem like a confident and well-adjusted young man. Regale us with tales of all the wonderful things you have going on in your life

meant for >>2406065

Yeah, I remember when Lenin tweeted "tbh fuck white peepo fam" and then killed the Romonovs with his bare circumsized jewdick while praising Allah.

Also that line in that paragraph Marx wrote about capitalism where he said Traps are gay.

Did this thread get linked on Holla Forums or something? Is that where people are coming from? Or is it just one kid who somehow found his way here, got triggered beyond belief at the mildly positive reference to "SJWs" in the OP, and is now having a fucking fit because he can't deal with reading/participating in any forum that isn't a right wing echochamber.


wew I know you lot can't into memes but can you at least follow them?

Imagine being so pathetic that your sense of social worth is based around memes

I am no longer Marxist Leninist.

Screenshot your post and look at it in 15 years.

Your ideology is all about maintaining the status quo.



Oxford Dictionary: "The interconnected nature of social categorizations such as race, class, and gender as they apply to a given individual or group, regarded as creating overlapping and interdependent systems of discrimination or disadvantage."

I'm only 17 tho brah I can't think that far ahead.

Imagine being so pathetic that you actually think spamming ideology-ball memes constitutes an own

nice try at memeing lefty this just proves leftist memes are too wordy. who's gonna read all that huh?

Around the same time baked got btfo, dum dum. It couldn’t have been more than 3-4months after

lol how long have you been involved in imageboard culture mr. meme master? i've been doing this since early 2007 and i've seen more memes come and go than you would believe - and guess what? once you actually get old enough to have adult responsibilities you will look back on this post and feel very silly.


Imagine having 1 image in your reaction folder.

I was born in 2001 senpai

Every single one of those is incorrect and is just regurgitating the same 60+ year old McCarthyist propaganda dressed up as an internet meme for gen Z babby fascists.

Imagine actually getting triggered over me using this picture repeatedly

t. American virgin

Could be one of my dorm members lol. Its possible, they always ask if it was me whenever they see a lefty post on 4chan.

If you are 17, then that image goes for you too. You have no idea how capitalism works.


Explains a lot tbh

Your insults boil down to "you don't know enough about memes" and "you don't have enough memes." Just pointing that out. You might want to think about it.

My favourite part about Cuba, besides the cigars and cheap rum, is how red pilled Cubans are about what you imagine to be such a great thing.

He's literally never been out in the real world, of course he's a memecuck

I bet you mean Cubans in general and not Cubans that have left Cuba. You're definitely not making an argument that would go the other way if you talked about "blacks" as a Russian in the early 20th century and that relies entirely on a shitty sample.

I'm not going to stop anytime soon, so if any of you limp-wristed useful soygoy idiots want to have a discussion in good faith, as so many of you seem to be trying to shit on me for not doing, I'll be happy to oblige anytime you want to start.

I'm not sure if you typed that right.
I'm referring to both expats and residents.

t. soyboy

Nope. Every 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧good faith🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 discussion with reactionaries boils down to reactionaries asking leftists questions that would be better answered by reading.

Love these threads.



Cuba is doing about as well if not better than a lot of capitalist Caribbean countries, also doing it with a hostile superpower 90 miles away.

Good, free entertainment.

When is the last time you've been?
Its doing better than Haiti, but demographics can speak for something there.

Liberal and right wing are the same thing

Needle-nose pliars are not made in such proportions as to extract this bait. Its a write-off.


The funniest thing is, you've not even made an argument. No-one can debate you because you've not said anything that can be debated, you just called people a "soygoy" and then started spamming memes.








So what happened to a "good faith debate"?

They really aren't.



Post wrists

is this university st andrews, per chance?

So the same definition I was using, cool. I'm not seeing how that promotes getting away from an identity based on categorizations. Not to mention a lot of these categorizations can be completely arbitrary and have much different consequences depending on the context. A lot of these categorizations aren't equal, either. Class is more often than not going to be much greater determinant in a person's quality of life than their gender, for instance. Should my interests as a prole come before my interests as a disabled person? I would think so.
And even if I take into account all these categorizations simultaneously, there's still nothing stopping me from falling victim to thinking that I should share interests with other people that fit the same criteria, even if that isn't always the case. People are more than just the sum of their social categorizations, and even taking into account all of them isn't going to always tell you what experiences a person has had or what their beliefs are.


Predictable. 1947 was Haiti's last reparations payment to France. The US did not even recognize them until 1865. Majority white countries were still are kinda butthurt that a successful slave rebellion happened, which of course lead to meddling, that guess what even Obama continued (look at that he's acting in class interest). That could have something to do with it.


wow thats a low-energy edit user. I hope thats not your OC.
do you ever tire of perpetuating the stereotype that you just recycle stale right wing memes, while simultaneously disparaging Holla Forums's use of memes?









t. doesn't understand biology

nice inference


Have to admit, I chuckled a little.

Zimbabwe has been an agricultural powerhouse



Excuse me, but I'm making reddit spacing into a hip new thing for the cool kids

first of all, no its not my oc
second, its comical that you care so much

He's a Holla Forumsyp. That's all he can process.



You're looking at it too analytically. Its not meant to reinforce that because you're disabled, you should put your interests of being disabled above being working class or an elderly person. Its about recognizing that being a women, and being working class, and being disabled can result in a different kind of oppression someone who is a working class women would experience. Its not saying that's who you are, its saying that oppressive systems are cumulative.

And its not even really supposed to be an accusatory philosophy, its meant for an individual to sit down and introspect whether there are things they do they've overlooked that could marginalize people.

10 years of youtube propaganda is starting to take effect



Woof, my using that pic really triggered you, huh?



wtf is this thread?

Yup, it definitely triggered you.

Shitposting wars

Holla Forumsyp thought he could own le soyboys, but got mocked to hell and back instead and is now getting red, mad, and nude over not getting the reaction he wants

ur mom lol



Exhibit A of Holla Forumsyp's immense anal fissuring.



I don't debate Zionists

oy vey! I've been found out! Watch how I recoil



Someone posted an image that made a polyp mad, now he just keeps posting it for some reason. It’s amusing

I'm very proud of what I accomplished today. Seeing a Holla Forumsyp sperg out is a majestic sight





The Based™ God Emperor Trump is only doing it as part of his plan, goys. Its Tetragrammaton-D chess.

Everyone is an sjw to some people on the right. Let’s be real

damn user I thought you and the namefaggot were the samefaggot all along. ya got me dawg

ayyy some of you ☭TANKIE☭'s are alright. We'll make you zonderkommandos

And that would be what, exactly? Anyone "can" experience a different kind of oppression (whatever that means) for millions of different reasons, it's an utterly trivial thing to point out.
How is it not? How is saying that me experiencing certain things based on certain categories I fit into NOT a statement about who I am as a person?


Have you faggots ever taken the time to stop and think; maybe your 'oppression' is just a part of the natural order which has always existed? Do you ever consider just living in and embracing the realities of life?



Not memes


To your left is the wall
To your right is the gulag
In front of you is a guillotine
Pick one





Excellent choice


Holly shit user this is amazing you are one of the best trolls i seen recently on this shit board. Never seen so much leftist buthurt in a single thread. I honnestly want you to join our righ wing forum at

l o l


thank you, lad. I might even feel obliged to offer you the same, rather than Zyklon B or mystery gas #1


Just suffocate me with your farts fam 👌😂


This is amazing


Why must the right always BTFO themselves?

Thanks for culturally enriching us by making this a meme I guess. Who says Holla Forums migrants don't contribute to society?


gibemedat reading list



b e a u t i f u l

Good lord





who are you even trying to troll with these

He's out of control

I don't think I've ever seen a Holla Forumsyp sperg out this hard, and that's saying something. He's so desperate to get the reaction he wants, it's beautiful.

The beautiful thing about these is that he seriously seems to think that he's owning everybody.

Holy shit.
He's trying so hard...
But hasn't got far...
And in the end, he doesn't really matter...

Watch, he's gonna post the pic as soon as he sees this.

Oh wow, I've never seen these ones before
try harder m8, you almost made me laugh

watch out you guys, this guy's seen the hotdiggetydemon animal crossing video. he's onto us


Oooh there he goes!
This is like watching a monkey playing with a stick at the zoo.
where is baboon poster... when we need him/her /it?

Man I thought baboon poster was bad enough, but this spamming autist takes the cake.

I think he's getting off on the attention at this point. He's probably so attention-starved IRL that this is probably the closest thing he has to positive reinforcement. Fuck, I actually just made myself feel sorry for him



No, really. This is beyond shitposting. If you're as young as you say you are, and this is how you're spending your night, then I actually, genuinely feel sorry for you. Fucking turn off the computer. Watch a movie. Phone a friend. Ask somebody out. Crib some cigarettes from your old man. Do some multiplayer. Write your grandma. Find a hobby.



Welp, I tried.

It's almost like he's going to keep autistically spamming images no matter what we post

It's fun to use their own meme against them.

all i see are stolen lefty memes posted by you??

Considering that
pretty clearly lays out just how small his world is, yeah.

So why then were they literally funded by them?

Consider reading a book before coming back.


I'm genuinely curious, why do you call yourself Naziposter?


Oh hell yes we got Neo-monarchist-or-something-pretending-to-be-a-nazi namefag's attention.


really jogs the nog


nah man, alt right have the "poorly thought out shooting spree" market cornered.

Who attacks medics?

haha well done brave nigger. now into the oven you go

>>>Holla Forums

Tell me, how many manhours did it take to produce one Tiger I, and how does compare to a T-34? (Let alone the cost of a V2 or a StG-44)
Answer: About ~5-10,000 for a T-34, and several hundred thousand for a Tiger I

Because I'm a National-Socialist. What else?

Says the the Amerimutt, who supports the ideology that destroyed Europe.

Did you know that the nazis planned to destroy Paris and St Petersburg? Or that they razed Warsaw?
Or that that they burned countless of libraries, museums, universities, etc. when they invaded Poland?
Or enslaved and killed millions of White Europeans?
National-socialism = White-genocide

You are the most confusing individual on this board.

I think he's just nazbol

i was kidding

ok schlomo yah got me.


You. You may stay.


You wouldn't get a good score.

So you deny the the deaths and slavery of millions of Poles, Russians, Ukrainians, and also hundreds of thousands of Dutch, Scandinavians, French, British - and later - even Italians?
You deny how they obliterated Warsaw, and starved Leningrad?
You deny how they burned priceless artworks including works of artists such as Raphael, or hauled away the entire Amber Room?
You deny the terror bombing, the orchestrated famines, the millions of white German sons and fathers send to die on the Eastern Front for the fortunes of people like Krupp and other industrialists?

With "white nationalists" like you, who needs enemies?

And look who won. The only metric that matters.


makes u think

Well this thread has gone to complete shit

Get crackin' then, because you're doing a pretty shitty job thus far.

pic related is goals tbh

Blame the ban evading Holla Forumscuck in the thread.

Also just so you know: No, I don't care about the holocaust Or 'holohoax' or whatever you want to call it. I don't care if it's 6 gorillion or 0.
Btw, if you do actually get around to dealing with this, consider this: If the holocaust didn't happen, why did so many White Europeans have to die?

Actually, it sound more like everyday Holla Forums.

As opposed to National "Socialists" who go on and on about how the Reich tried to "save" Europe, when instead they ravaged it?
Or all those "anti-establishment" characters now sucking off Trump and his jewish family, and jewish friends (including Netanyahu), and supporting his zionist policies, or tax cuts that primarily benefit jewish bankers?
No. I won't stop until you actually start being consistent, and stop with the 'jewish' Gish Galloping as stated in those pics.

Great. I'll be waiting then. Will you make a separate thread?

ITT: butthurt right wingers

it's one twelve year old



So when are you going to debunk the actual anuddah shoah during WW2?

I don't think he knows you and I are separate people.

Funny how there are more right-wingers in this very thread than in entire nu-Holla Forums

Its only one mentally ill faggot that's ban evading.

So, what does that have to do with anything? Considering it's such an obvious "lie" it should be possible to debunk it right?
So what about Oradour massacre (or others) for example? Or the destruction of Warsaw? Or the Nero decree? Or the art theft? Or the bombing of Rotterdam and other European cities? Or Czech and Eastern European slavery?
Admit it, you never intended to 'debunk' anything. You're just like the slimy 'jews' Goebels and Hitler describe


[[[things besides stolen lefty memes]]]

So what is an acceptable source to you? (I already posted evidence not from Wikipedia, including a detailed study on forced labor)
Are all encyclopedias out? All history books? All (peer-reviewed) studies? Newspapers?
Just admit you're not unlike those slimy kikes Hitler talked about.

[[[having a brain]]]

Here it is again, that typical jewish diversion tactic.
We're not talking about the Soviets or their crimes. We're talking about the Reich.
So answer these questions: What parts do you consider to be a lie (for example, in the study I posted), and what would be acceptable sources and methodologies to you?
Stop being a kike, and stop changing the subject.


Can't even argue.
Dodging the fucking question like neo man.


Epic. But you're still not addressing the main point.

I'm still on-topic several posts later. I haven't switched subjects. The snippet I posted is from the PDF, and the name of the study you can find on the image itself. If you don't trust the source, look up the name.
If you disagree with the methodology or the authors, let me know and I'll find another one.


[[[learning about things]]]
[[[doing something outside of embarrassing yourself on leftypol]]]

oh, user

just fucking stop

Considering you're not actually going to address the subject actuall White slavery To no surprise, what about the destruction of Warsaw? I guess you're going to claim that didn't happen either?
This time it's a Polish source

More diversion. We're not talking about the (Soviet) Katyn massacre. (Which btw I haven't even denied)
We're talking about Warsaw.
Again, stop being a slimy kike and stop changing the subject. Do you deny that the nazis destroyed Warsaw, yes or no?


Talk about kikery.

Rolled 1 + 3 (1d2)
That pic describes perfectly what fighting anti communists is like.

That's because they're masters at projection. Read Rafiq


What constitutes "leftist music"?

u have to go back


Why be such a pussy about it? If you don't like them then don't hang out and avoid talking to them. No one is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to socialize with people you don't like. If you put out hostile vibes even mindless apes like them will pick up on it and leave you alone.
What you're doing now is the equivalent of complaining about wetness taking a swim.


Oh bitch, bitch, bitch.

OP if they really bother you that much then fucking approach them about it and tell them to shut the fuck up or go to the administration and request a move to leftist dorm, worst case scenario you get a few SJW's you can at least bang best case scenario you get /ourguys./

Intersectionalism is all about how arbatrary bullshit catagories are oppressed by other arbatrary bullshit catagories. Its funny how in the list of "oppressions" of intersectionalists, wealth or class is almost never present, its always race or sexuality or other meaningless american bullshit.

But suit yourself, and fuck off this board.

why did the mod have to remove his posts, i want to see this idiocy

It is time for left wing school shooters

Most schools are prole

how is this thread not anchored

Why do idiots like the word "arbitrary" so much?

rephrase, its is time for Occupy Wall Street, AR15 Edition: Up Against The Wall Street

fancy way to say random

So these people actually believe that everything which isn't (superficially) a set of other things therefor has no value or meaning?

This is some rational skeptic level of ideology.

The mods on this board are half-assing it.

come again?

This. These types would just not shut the fuck up so I just decided to do my own ☭TANKIE☭ thing out in the open. I trigger both anarcho-leftcoms and fascists really hard, it's kind of hilarious.

That's funny, because pretty much the first thing mentioned in the definition is class.

Let this thread die, dammit

the madman

I guess you think that phytoestrogens are the same as estrogen despite one is only found in plants right


Sexual insecurities breed right wingers. This shouldn't be surprising to you.

Sounds like they have a fetish.

Why are so many posts deleted in this thread? Nobody can even read the thread anymore because one half of the conversation is destroyed.

Typical commie Jew faggots can't handle the bantz and have to delete everything. This thread is no better than a typical reddit politics thread. Nice work.

Good luck with your useless and gay Jewish board, though!


W-what do you mean, user? Both have the word "estrogen" in them! I am very scientific.


maybe they get deleted for spamming lies that are obvious to anyone that ever took even just half a minute to look it up?
Stalin participated in and lead from the start battles when Hitler was still an unsuccessful postcard motive artist hobo that got cucked out of his imaginary relationship by militaries

Hold your horse, Hitler actually fought on the frontline in WW1 while Stalin has never lead from the front.

And while he's on campaign, he was responsible for some severe disasters leading to the lost Soviet-Polish war.

Neither led from the front tho.
Georgy Zhukov was a the badass.

Lies, during the civil war he was a field commander at Tsaritsyn and during the Polish campaign, and before that led an uprising to seize the manganese mines in the Caucasus during the 1905 rebellions. Not to mention a lot of hands-on experience robbing trains, ships and banks (aided in the latter thanks to his poetry). Man's a fucking legend.

Fuck off cunt, Feminists and SJWs aren't comrades, stop thinking with your dick


I thought it was only WW2 we were referencing to.
But yeah this.

This was an intentional fashion choice on the part of Hitler. His plain brown uniform was intentionally an understated and utilitarian costume to make him seem closer to the common german, especially when presented in contrast with the ostentatious garb worn by other leaders in the nazi hierarchy such as Goering and Himmler.


wow this never happens

Didn't quite catch that. Care to Repeat?

the fuck happened to this board

I think they are just referring to social liberals and succdems who are opened up to radicalization/leftist ideas
but if you SJW in the alt-retarded boogeyman sense of blue haired feminist who hates white then yes I agree they are stupid people

top kek!
Just because SJWs have taken over most leftist spaces, don't think that you can have Holla Forums too



I hate fat people.
I don't want to live on this world anymore.
The Snowflakes took over all the leftist spaces and this is unbearable.

Holla Forums is literally the only leftist space I know of that hasn't been hijacked by SJWs yet. I tried the reddit leftist spaces and they're all like pic-related. My college had groups for supposed leftists but it was all liberal SJWs talking about how hating white men is more important than universal healthcare


My impression is that universities today are more infested with shitty idpol than antyhing else tbh. Blame them for hijacking the term

even if you do something as simple as complain about mansplaining regularly you are a cancerous crypto-reactionary who needs to be purged.