Daily News Thread 2/20

Syria war: Pro-government forces enter Kurdish-held Afrin

Syrian pro-government forces have entered the Kurdish-held area of Afrin to confront what state media called "aggression by the Turkish regime".

Russia admits dozens of Russian casualties in Syria battle

Russia's foreign ministry has confirmed that "several dozen" Russian citizens - not regular soldiers - were killed or wounded in a recent battle in Syria.

Mueller Charges Ex-Skadden Lawyer With Lying in Russia Inquiry

An attorney who worked for a prominent law firm was charged with making false statements to federal authorities as part of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe of Russian collusion in the 2016 presidential election.

S. Korean official in charge of cryptocurrency crackdown found dead

A government minister involved in Seoul’s regulatory crackdown on digital currencies was found dead at his home on Sunday, reportedly from a heart attack.

Mexico’s Obrador Backs Private Oil Contracts, Top Adviser Says

Two years after vowing to cancel them if elected, Mexico’s leftist presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador appears to be having a change of heart about the oil industry reforms of 2013 that opened the country’s energy sector to private investment.

Police Name Netanyahu Aides, Bezeq Officials in Graft Probe

Israeli investigators identified seven people linked to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the country’s largest telecommunications company who have been arrested in a new probe of alleged influence-trading that’s moved close to the Israeli leader.

Italians Find Way Around Election Poll Ban With ‘Horse Races’

Italians have hit on a way around a ban on publishing polls in the two weeks before March 4 general elections: turn them into horse races.

Anti-fascists clash with police as far-right demonstrators take to Italian streets

Italian far-right demonstrators were met with opposition from their anti-fascist counterparts in several Italian cities over the weekend amid heightened tensions in the run-up to national elections.

Why is the US Navy ramping up its presence in the Black Sea?

The US Navy is sending two guided-missile destroyers to the Black Sea as Washington is significantly ramping up its presence in the region. The two warships will be carrying out maritime security operations in the Black Sea waters, which is surrounded by key countries such as Russia, Turkey and Ukraine.

Police say student shoots self in Ohio middle school, no one else hurt

Police in Ohio say a 7th-grader apparently brought a gun to school and shot himself inside a bathroom.

Dramatic moment teacher body slams student captured on camera

A teacher has been fired from a North Carolina school for body slamming a 12-year-old student in an assault captured on video and posted to Facebook.

WHO warns of soaring rates of measles in Europe

Europe has seen a big surge in measles cases in 2017, which the World Health Organization says is a tragedy after a record low of 5,273 cases in 2016.

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Immigration Plans Stuck in Congressional Limbo as Deadlines Loom

The anticlimactic failure of U.S. immigration legislation last week sent senators scrambling for fallback options to avoid the deportation of young people who arrived in the country as children.

Newcomer Euroskeptic, anti-migrant party jumps to 2nd spot in Dutch polls

The support for the Forum for Democracy (FVD) has increased more than 8 percent since last year’s election in the Netherlands, with the new party that wants an EU membership referendum now sharing second spot in the polls.


Do Russiagate Skeptics Go Too Far?

A Russiagate debate.

The Gun Violence the Media Shows Us and the State Violence They Don’t


The university system is failing the poor

New guidance from a body that supposedly seeks to widen participation seems to be disregarding the security and safety of its poorest students, writes BETHANY PICKERING

Seattle Solidarity Network Beats Thieving Temp Agency Who Calls In Army of Cops

The following report comes from the Seattle Solidarity Network, an autonomous grouping of workers and tenants which uses direct action to fight collectively at workplaces and against landlords. Here, they go up against a huge temp agency, which quickly fell back on their own backup, the police.

Wth were russian citizens doing there?

they were pro-assad mercenaries

Shit is really heating up on that front. Manafort is going to flip soon and we're going to get even more crazy.

I read an article not too long ago explaining why Trump was so incredibly salty last weekend. Mueller's recent indictments have crushed his delusions about his "amazing" electoral victory.

And the Republicans want to give these people guns.


But why would they be referred to as "citizens"? That doesn't make much sense to me

… because they were citizens of the Russian Federation?

considering they supposedly went rogue and were killed while trying to attack americans, Russia is probably trying to keep distance and say they were citizens and nothing more. Not a good look when private mil contractors from your country are attacking americans.


Mein gott. The only limit to the burguers are themselves.

We should have dunked the nerds when we had the chance.

I disagree with the author's call to action. We need organized violence not this retarded seige tier lone wolf attacks. Retarded liberals being retarded liberals as always.



What article?




Trump now has to live with the fact that he didn't win the presidency because he was a good candidate.


Manafort will jump ship and Kushner will turn on Trump as well
Trump won't ever face charges since most of the "muh Russia" is bullshit, but he'll be forced to step down under major pressure from his cabinet and congress probably over corruption and finance shit. Pence will then take the lead

In the face of Mueller's recent indictments, I'm not ruling anything out.

He never won the presidency because he was a good candidate, but because the other candidate was so god-awful.

It's a whole lot of nothing
but politicians rarely get charged or touched, they resign or step down.
If they did it would be over financials, not Russians though

Why do lefty anons expend so much energy defending Trump and Putin?

I see utility as a lefty in slandering them and endorsing conspiracies. Otherwise, I wouldn't be making this post. The more people are upset with right wing politicians the more likely people are to develop true lefty sentiments.

However, I've noticed a few lefties in here whom constantly do damage control for Trump and Putin. Sometimes shitposting for hours and hours and hours in a futile attempt to undo the bad coverage he receives. This seems unproductive. Wouldn't that time and effort be better spent distributing Zizek propaganda?

Personally I smell fed or /r/The_Donald canvassers when I see someone going above and beyond to vindicate those billionaire kulaks.

I could be wrong though.

How exactly does fixing Donald Trump and Putin's image advance socialist causes?

No one here likes Trump
Some people "defend" Putin but that's more about debunking US propaganda and recognizing that Russia sometimes plays a progressive geopolitical role

wait so Assad is entering Afrin to stop the Turkish advance? i have to assume he's taking the opportunity to murder over a dozen US military bases in Syria in the area as well, right? or is he really helping them bc he views them as the lesser of two evils?


It seems as if this is mostly just the FvD cannibalizing the PVV's electorate

This was a happy read.

Hello FBI

Internationally, I really don't want to see US-Russian relations decline to the point where we all accidentally nuke each other
Domestically, a lot of the evidence seen so far has made it obvious that, yes, they probably broke the law but they never really did anything that normal people care about. It's small potatoes compared to what the administration is doing to medicaid and other programs. I and a lot of other people just hate how the MSM have developed this psychosis that drives them to just air round-the-clock Russia news, since that's air time they could be using to expose how the country is actually being destroyed.

Fuck, we need Trump as president so the US keeps doing stupid foreign policy descions. the last thing we need is the US ruled by someone competent.

Donald Trump is destroying America, though.

seriously can someone answer this? does anyone know? I understood that Assad was strongly anti-YPG/self-determination/self-governance in over a dozen US military bases in Syria, and the over a dozen US military bases in Syria was likewise anti-Assad.

I would rather America get better instead of leaving.

They're fighting a common enemy now, but once the Syrian army establishes a solid presence in the region it's over for over a dozen US military bases in Syria.

Bullshit. Trump will never step down willingly. The GOP and his staff are too chicken shit to make him.

Even if Trump is removed from office (unlikely considering the GOP rules the Senate), Pence will have at best two years of impotent power before he's voted out in 2020, provided he isn't wrapped up in this mess as well.


hahahahaha oh wow

Would that all journalists had a single neck, and I had my hands around it.

The specefics of the deal isnt yet released. However it is clear that if turkey controls afrin they have a massive supply corridor which will make it much harder for assad to advance against the FSA. In adition to the tactical advantage the kurds probably made a territorial deal with assad over the control of afrin, I'm guessing afrin might be under assad and kurdish joint control from here on.

Oh man being a mobster in South Korea must be the easiest shit, if they're not dropping dead they're throwing themselves in front of trains. I bet addies would take right the fuck off in SK if they haven't already. Oh man, that's the future of the first world right there.


the 12 bases in Syria is being fucked over by their allies to the surprise of no one, not even themselves.

This is literally what the ☭TANKIE☭s said would happen. They don't hate r*java because it's not orthodox ML. Tgey dislike it because it's unlikely to work in the long run due to American involvement and will likely further disturb the already chaotic middle east in the process for America's benefit.

can't even call this damage control, the shitposting by anarkiddies that lost their mind over being proven wrong again is just hilarious
they've given up and pretend that us being right is somehow bad for us

Destroying America's reputation among western liberals, maybe

Assad and the over a dozen US military bases in Syria don’t hate each other as much as ☭TANKIE☭s think.

Lmao the Kurds knew this shit was temporary and an alliance of convenience, which is what literally every R*java supporter was saying of US backing since the beginning. It was the tanks who were insisting that they were totally best friends and Kurds were NATO puppets. Now you guys are trying to say that you knew this would happen even though a couple months ago you were saying that the Kurds and US had some kind of unbreakable alliance.

You know that over 50% of fucking Democrats approve of W now?
What the fuck do you think is happening?
How the fuck do you think this will ever end positively?


Oh noooo that sucks..

Golly it's a real shame those Kurds are being forced into a situation where they either get to be slaughtered like cattle by Ottoman Fascism or they have to surrender to the warm embrace of Ba'athist fascism

"Bad becomes good when worse happens" - Norwegian proverb

Trump has secured the legacy of all of his predecessors. This is why Obama was so chill when he left office. He'll be remembered as a saint compared to that idiot.

nobody is denying that they "said" this
you got to be a fucking retarded person to actually believe that the US sees it that way though
that's the entire issue you bootlicking trumpcuck brainlet
keep shifting your goalposts, you are still a fucking moron and it's obvious to everyone