Socialism in Iran

What do you know about the Tudeh Party Holla Forums?

Iran also seems to have had a lot of socialist parties and movements:

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A reply to a proponent of “Iranian Islamic socialism”
The struggle against imperialism and for workers’ power in Iran

I know very little, but they did have a communist journal called Donya/The World and Ervand Abrahamian's discusses the Tudeh Party and related organizations in A History of Modern Iran, though I'm not sure at what depth.

The Islamist actually killed off most of the communist/socialist elements in 1983.

What did they mean by this?

I wouldn't say that liberals supported Khomeini, the shah had decimated the socialist opposition before the revolution. The Islamist were allowed to be organized due to their historical loyality to the monarchy and effectively took over the Iranian revolution.

Tudeh is opportunist, NATO-infiltrated garbage.

false, the socialist groups were already a shadow of their former selves by 1983.

WSWS is a bunch of creepy Trots.

Tudeh is opportunist but you would be too in their position; they got massively fucked out of having power in Iran and the Islamic Republic is so popular with its people that even if Tudeh were allowed back into the country they'd probably be irrelevant, so they have to jump at even the worst opportunities to get back in.

No, I wouldn't be in their position because I support the Iranian revolution and the axis of resistance.

Again, the socialist groups in Iran were borderline marginal by the time the revolution happened, a shadow of their former selves. This isn't the fault of the Islamic resistance.

Really makes you think.

They should be ignored and dismissed if this is their outlook. Clinging to Tudeh is no different than clinging to CPUSA or any other number of zombie parties.

I feel like there's a pretty big logical jump between "socialist groups were marginal" and "socialist groups were actively suppressed and expelled by the new government".


I mean what I said. Was the Tudeh exiled because of this supposed NATO infiltration, or did that happen later? What of the other socialist parties?

No idea tbh, the fact that Tudeh spews NATO propaganda now makes me skeptical of them then as well, but I imagine some earnest socialists did get screwed at the time. It's not ideal but communists aren't idealists.

Also before someone brings them up: charlatans like the MEK are not representative of genuine socialist orgs in Iran.

their comments on the latest protests seemed rather antiimperialist, warning from US subversion of them

Their statements on the latest wet fart of a NATO operation in Iran were pure regime change raving. Tudeh have cemented their reputation as enemies of the Iranian people.

again, source? apparently i read something very different to what you claim

first two startpage results, the first two statements they made
I mean look at not only their bloodthirsty regime changer rhetoric, but just how HILARIOUSLY WRONG they were! The CIA protests fizzled out in less than a week and were followed by a bunch of massive pro-government rallies. What a crisis!

Oh, such popular protests.

These people are a complete joke. Again, should be totally disregarded.

The Central Committee of the Tudeh Party of Iran, in its first reaction to the people's protest against the regime, clearly indicated that under the critical conditions of the current dangerous regional tensions and Imperialism's desire to control the Persian Gulf and its oil flow, the regional reactionary forces - supported by the Trump administration and the right-wing government of Netanyahu in Israel and the Saudi criminal regime - are seeking to distinctly impact the developments in our country and to replace the current reactionary regime with another reactionary regime.

The support of these forces - i.e. US imperialism, the regional reaction, and the right-wing government of Netanyahu - for the Iranian monarchists and those political groups whose agenda is to cooperate with the most reactionary regimes of the region and to persuade the European states to impose sanctions on Iran’s economy – (thereby exacerbating the misery for the destitute and disadvantaged people of our country) and to encourage foreign states to intervene militarily in Iran, leaves no room whatsoever for any optimism regarding the future designs of such "opposition".

We have emphasised that the progressive and democratic forces of Iran must increase their presence in the protest movement of the masses - more than ever before - providing proper people-oriented slogans, offering sensible guidance and relying on the legitimate demands of the masses for abolishing the existing suppressive regime and ending the economic deprivation, oppression, injustice and plundering of the natural and human resources of the nation, while sidelining and opposing reactionary and divisive slogans. We believe we must learn from our past experiences and what happened following the 1979 revolution and not allow the heroic struggle of our people for freedom, democracy and social justice to be hijacked by a bunch of reactionary opportunists who do not believe in the people’s rights or democratic freedoms.

"bloodthirsty regime change rhetoric"? really?

you claim that NATO is behind them
they make statements against the NATO leadership

you claim the protests are CIA made
they warn of exactly this and want progressive forces to be aware of this and take the lead

what is your problem exactly? besides reading comprehension

and i'm not even in support of this exiled party that has not one bit of influence on any of this, but i can just say that they're LARPing at best and can't do shit to make this into a progressive movement

but your claims are just ridiculous on their own

do you believe any stupid shit you read? ANYONE who says "politico-economic crisis of the bankrupt theocratic regime of Iran is growing and deepening daily" is a regime change shill, period, the end.

there were literally CIA terrorists running amok, including MEK. do some fucking research you infantile moron.

again, if you weren't so hell bend on namecalling and would try to actually read, nobody ever denied that the CIA did that shit, but even they can't create protests out of thin air, they coopt what's already there. the tudeh described internal struggles of opposing reactionary currents that they are exploiting in their interest.

what you have not provided is that they are in favor of a NATO intervention
and they clearly stated that they oppose it

so here's a serious question: do you have some kind of mental issues that you have to work through?

yes, commies are opposed to CIA regime change ops, KYS.

oh, they said they're against NATO regime change, I GUESS WE BETTER BELIEVE EM, THAT'S THAT THEN.

take off that flag you fucking embarrassment.

and again, they openly pointed the CIA out and oppose it
contrary to your claim, for which you have not provided source, because it's not there
you have not responded to the source and quote i posted
and you are just talking out of your ass with interpretation on what you posted, but refuse to actually quote and not putting it into the context of the entire text
so if anyone says anything on their policies ever than "no because actually they are part of it"
you might as well go over to Holla Forums and join them in cryong "jew" whenever shit gets too nuanced for your little brainlet pseudo communist rhetorics

i criticize them on factual grounds:
they oppose NATO and CIA operations but they are delusional in believing they have any input on the protests to turn them away from reactionaries and form a progressive movement out of it
simply because i actually have the reading comprehension and understanding of the events
you're just some bizarro tinfoil faggot literal ☭TANKIE☭ tier bafoon shitting himself because "dem ebil CIA commies calling for revolution, how dare they"

it's just grand how you make a claim on them supporting foreign intervention and then backpaddel to "it doesn't matter what they say because i know better what they want"

1. your claim was false, as demonstrated
2. they are merely delusional in what they believe to have as influence

it's funny how you are even more retarded than them in their delusions

I said take off that flag you impostor scum.


My dad used to be a tudeh revolutionary during the revolution, I don't ask him about it and he doesn't talk much but he was supposedly a ML back then.
He's a boring liberal now though.

Really makes you think.

The Iranian government is 100x more socialist than the NATO-backed mass murder and enslavement that opportunists invite.

You better be fucking joking


I'd better be joking that the Iranian government is better than genocide? Kill yourself you stupid crypto-leftcom.

WSWS is literally self-proclaimed Trots, and /r/socialism is also Trots.


Any shit party can call itself a "socialist party." So yes, even though you are wildly distorting my argument, it is true: the Iranian government is more socialist, and does far more for socialism, than the vast majority of stupid Yankee honeypot parties, such as CPUSA for starters.

Whelp, TIL that communism is actually when you support theocratic dictatorships. So much for those means of production or whatever.

Also, we're talking about the Tudehs, not other parties, but do continue making nonarguments.

Tudeh is no different than CPUSA. I don't know why it is so bewildering to you that preventing genocide is better for socialism than helping start it. I guess you are just a bloodthirsty Yank.

Dude, pretty much all they've done is criticize the Iranian government for being an oppressive theocracy, and rightfully so. Looking at other posts and the actual articles, it's clear you haven't bothered to read them, because the Tudehs specifically warn against opportunism, especially in the case of Iran. The only argument you could give was "lol they're lying XD"

I'm half convinced that you're just here to troll at this point. Not even Unruhe is this contrarian.

wtf does this even mean? What does the Iranian government do for socialism?

No, not rightfully so. They were deceptively throwing their support behind a bunch of CIA-backed rioters.

They are fighting to destroy the USA, Israel, and Saudi Arabia, more than your shitty sect will ever accomplish.

That's nice but it has nothing to do with socialism.

This is the kind of basic bitch worldview you get from vulgar anti-imperialism. You do realize that the protests originated from Principlists who were protesting the neoliberal reforms that Rouhani and his Reformist faction are trying to implement, right? Now did Western intelligence agencies use that situation as an opportunity to cause even more unrest? Sure but to simply dismiss every Iranian that has grievances with their government as an agent of the West or some dupe is really dishonest.

holy fuck
If you were in Iran they'd be right to kill or exile you too.

every CIA covert regime change op has used handfuls of normal protestors as cover.

Stop it with this shit, nobody is talking about specific instances of unrest here, nor is anybody endorsing US backed regime change. We’re communists, and so we advocate for proletarian revolution in every country.

yeah they are you stupid shit