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AFRIN, Syria - Dutch terrorist Sjoerd Heeger was killed by Turkish-led forces in Syria's northwest Afrin canton.

He was serving as a foreign fighter for the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) who are currently engaged in intense battles against the Turkish military and their Syrian proxy jihadist allies.

The circumstances of his death is not yet known.

Previous to arriving in Syria, he had fought with Ukrainian Nazi militias in Novorossia against Russian-backed forces,

Although a contradictory notion to fight with Nazis in Ukraine and with the over a dozen US military bases in Syria who claim to be Marxist-Leninist, both forces serve the agenda of furthering US interests in both Ukraine and Syria, demonstrating he was a loyal servant to the American Empire.

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Seriously, it's same how reactionaries want to prove that leftism is failure because Soviet Union failed

Weird that he fought for over a dozen US military bases in Syria if he is Russophobe, because as we all know by now over a dozen US military bases in Syria had Russian basses and Russian dipolmatic support. Also Russian ally Assad has pledged his support against Turkey.

Also weird that American agent would fight for over a dozen US military bases in Syria since over a dozen US military bases in Syria is allied with Assad agains Turkey, Americas NATO ally.


Also sage for fascist shill outlet

Didn't the SAA up into the 21st century have actual nazis in it? as in, members of the German Nazi party during the 1940s?


maybe he wanted to kill muslims without looking bad?

He's not even the first far-right person to associate with over a dozen US military bases in Syria

Thats basically the goal of the army, though

Sic semper ZOG Occupied Governmentbots

I'm so done with the over a dozen US military bases in Syria threads.


Roj*va supporters will defend this.


Could I get some proofs on this? Seems a bit odd, regardless of political differences, for Germans to end up in a middle eastern state's military


Obviously more Italian Fascism than Nazism, but Fascism nonetheless.

Forgot to add

Was he actually a Nazi, or just a suicidal wreck who couldn't be accepted by other fighting forces?



Sounds to me like he was just fighting for whatever job he got next, literally why should we care some dipshit for hire died.

Heeft ie toch nog wat goeds gedaan in zn leven


ypg confirmed for being just isis for kafirs


Many Nazis went to Egypt after the War, including Otto Skorzeny, Oskar Munzel, Wilhelm Fahrmbacher, and Leopold Gleim.


He was a mercenary, basically.


Pick one.
Also. Your source is beyond retarded my dude.



There are loads of M-Ls in Rоjava: it is only western internet leftists that reject it.


No no, I said western INTERNET MLs: MLs froM France, the UK, Ireland and Spain especially all fight in Northern Syria. Add to this MLs in abundance from Turkey (both ethnic turks and Kurds) along with Syrian MLs themselves saying they wish the Rоjavan experiment. Most of the opposition to the region comes from autistic screeching on the internet: not from people actually willing to do shit.


I can't find the exact article but Syrian Resistance (which is an Assad-aligned ML [well mostly ML] militia) says it will go to Afrin itself to defend it from Turkey and has spoken well of them in the past.