Why did Trotsky deserve to be murdered for being wrong about marxism

Why did Trotsky deserve to be murdered for being wrong about marxism.
serious answers only, please.

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Trotsky got killed because USSR was trying to improve its international relations, which is hard to do with Trotsky yelling.

He wasn't wrong he was the only one that was right.

He betrayed literally everyone

He wasn't "murdered", it was self defense. He went full autistic on his aid, who used an ice pick to defend himself. Afterwards the Americans and their imperialist Trotskyite lackeys framed it as murder.


This has some truth in it. His criticism of USSR and Stalin are pretty valuable.
From Britannica.

no counter-revolutionary will be spared

This but unironically.

A real revolutionary would've praised the USSR in public and criticized it in private.
Trotsky was an angry autist.

you have prove it was by Stalins order or that it was an agent?
of course you don't, but when did anti-MLs ever need facts to base their slander on

Trotsky was a retard and got himself killed.

I never understood the hatred towards Trots tbh. His criticisms towards the Soviet Union and fascism are still valuable. Although, he undeniably did some shit that pissed someone off enough to get him killed.
Stalin was a dick so its no surprise the fate of Trotsky ended the way it did

Where does this idea come from that socialists and socialist countries can't criticise each other publicly? It reeks of cowardice and conspiratorial secrecy.

it comes from Parenti autism

I like how papa Parenti is striking fear into the hearts of Trots now.

Trotsky had a correct criticism of the bureaucratization of the party, but the methods he employed to pursue regime change in the USSR were excessive, for example collaborating with Japan and Nazi Germany. Later, collaborating with Franco to destroy the Stalin-influenced Spanish Republican government from the inside, etc.


Trotsky was actually far more of a purist than Stalin. Trotsky understood socialism to be the global struggle between the bourgeois and proletarian classes, Stalin thought it had something to with lots of factories.

yet another example of "Critical support means you're not allowed to criticize"

The revolution is fickle, it rests on constant mobilization of the people in the struggle against capital. This Trotsky autism did nothing but fuel the cold war anti-communist propaganda.
I'm not really saying you can't make criticism, but it should be done with the notion in mind that the reactionaries WILL use it to justify their bullshit.



Holy shit kys you fucking moron. Trotsky was one of the only people asking for the SPD and KPD to unite temporarily to stop fascism from winning in Germany while Stalin was urging the KPD to stick to the social fascism theory and resist a popular front.

shut up, trot cancer

He was obviously liquidated because Stalin feared he would continue to foment plots in the USSR like he had done previously.

Stalin was paranoid that Trotsky would return and do a X100 better job than he did. Kys.

I have no real hatred of Trotsky, I do hate Trotskyists though.


broke: trotsky was innocent and good and didn't deserve to be murdered
joke: trotsky was bad and deserved to be eliminated for the good of the USSR
woke: trotsky should have been allowed to live so that newspaper selling cults would be denied a martyr
bespoke: the labour party should change their logo from a rose to a pickaxe

Trotsky did more for communism than 99% of ☭TANKIE☭s tbqh


Stalin has removed more bourgs than any Trotskyist could dream of

class war is ruthless
talk shit
get shot

You do know that Hitler wasn't elected, right? It would have changed dogshit. Marxism-Leninism is about popular fronts when they make sense, like in Spain, but it did not make sense in Germany.

Everybody who whines about how the KPD should have let themselves be cucked by the SPD for "left unity" is a closet opportunist and would have accelerated the Nazis even more. And guess what, the KPD ended up cucking the SPD in 1946.

I guess he said some stuff which is correct in theory but his accusation of bureaucracy is not precise, it's baseless. The notorious "bureaucracy" emerged in revisionism, when they introduced more market allocation, contrary to what 95% of the left believes you actually need less people to manage a central plan than you need to manage a market.

Also nobody ever bothers to give a proper Marxist definition of what a bureaucrat is, for Trots, anarchists, etc. "bureaucracy" is almost a religious term.

True, but Trotsky handled the Red Army very well in the revolutionary period, better than Stalin did in Poland.

i like some of trotzky's ideas. i too think that achieving communism might be a permanent struggle against the forces of evil, chaos and destruction, with many defeats and victories. that is, even when we might have reached full socialism or communism in the future there will still be forces that will seek to undermine, destroy and revert it back to tyranny of few over many.
however, trotsky himself worked with capitalists against the ussr for reasons i can't fathom at all, so i'm negatively biased towards him. same goes for trotskyists - they often work against other leftists and leftist parties and have a strong tendency to turn into neoliberals over time.

pic related was posted on krautchan by a Holla Forumstard, it seems like complete bullshit. can someone debunk and supply sources for the alleged quotes?

Literally a fascist fake. Attributed either to the newspaper of the Russian Fascist Party (en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nash_Put'_(newspaper)), Rasputin's former secretary or Russian SS collaborators.

This page features some possible sources, although it is in Russian: wiki.istmat.info/миф:мы_должны_превратить_россию_в_пустыню

Obviously Trotsky had never said such a thing. Holla Forumsacks are simply regurgitating the fantasies of nazis from 80 years ago.

How can anyone think that pic is real? It reads like some fucking comic book supervillain.

thanks, thought so. i don't speak russian though.

If it wasn't for Lenin I would think all revolutionaries must have a thick head of hair.

Trotskyism is Stalinism without Stalin.

Quick rundown:

Alexander Smirnov's 2002 book "Cossack atamans" (Казачьи атаманы) quotes "Nash put'", the propaganda outlet of the emigree Russian Fascist Party, as having published Trotsky's alleged quote. It isn't otherwise sourced, the book doesn't even point out what issue it was found in.

The memoirs of Aron Simanovich, Rasputin's personal secretary, are frequently cited as the source for the quote. This appears to be false. V. Khatyushin (anti-Soviet journalist) cites Simanovich's memoirs in an article of his, but the quote is not sourced. The actual memoirs do not have the quote, and as of now the article (hatushin.ru/publitsistika/40-otkrojte-glaza.html) has had the quote excluded from it.

V. Stepin in his book "The Essence of Zionism" again falsely quotes Simanovich's memoirs through "Russkoye Slovo", the newspaper of the Russian Imperial Union-Order, a monarchist emigree organization. N.I. Sakhnovsky, the editor of "Russkoye Slovo", fought as a Nazi collaborator in the Walloon Legion among with other RIU-O members - obviously unbiased.

Of course, even if Aron Simanovich's memoirs had this quote, he's hardly a reliable source in the first place. He was a Jewish con-man who worked as Rasputin's secretary and emigrated shortly after the February Revolution, only to be eventually killed in Auschwitz. He was not involved in politics and his memoirs are believed to be mostly fictional, self-congratulatory and not trustworthy.

Two other authors attribute the quote to Trotsky's article "The Counter-Revolution
at Its Last Gasp". The article is easily Googled and does not have the quote.

The claim is that Trotsky said it in a private conversation with other Bolshevik party members, however there's no known record of such a conversation and no information of any kind about who let the quote out. It also seems way too flowery and deranged to having been said in a casual conversation.

All known mentions erroneously point to Simanovich's untrustworthy memoirs and obviously biased Russian reactionary sources.

So its not real if the source can't be sourced? Your logict pretty much means the first source for any piece of information is always fake.

No first source for the quote exists at all. It appears exclusively in reactionary propaganda that cites a nonexistent passage.

Because Stalin had an autistic fit of rage one day and decided that Trotsky had to die, for being wrong about marxism. Despite Stalin being more of a capitalist than a communist.