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I know this happens to all of you, everytime a discussion with a right winger arises they throw the same shit at you every time, they have done it to me so many times that i've thought about constructing a library of responses to the many common arguments, and i thought this, why not socialize the construction of one to my comrades, so post common right wing rethoric, and other anons create a response to it, a few useful guidelines for the responses would be:

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i'll start i guess


It doesn't deal with specific arguments so maybe it doesn't fit this thread's general purpose, but this is a great site: critiques.us/index.php?title=Critiques_Of_Libertarianism

Basically, it's a categorized compilation of critiques of Libertarianism and anarcho-capitalism from a wide variety of perspectives.

I'm going to need a source on that Cantonese Pleasurescribe

Did they need to? Shits a joke already


Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai

well, OP? how do you respond to this one?

It's ironclad.

not NEARLY enough zeros

This is wrong. By responding "Oh well, capitalism kills much more" you are basically acknowledging that socialism indeed killed 100 million people. This imaginary body count is blatant propaganda and even the authors of the book openly admitted it.


since nobody is posting response ideas here is what i'd like to have detailed and sourced responses myself

Even if it was real, it would still be too low.


Kill them all so I can write "communism killed 100000000010" over it

Some comments from a Wolff vidya

Anything other than Marxist-Leninist-Pinuism is anti-intellectual garbage and belongs on the Victims Of Communism memorial webpage.



pdf related

Then that extends to the supposedly "communist countries" that made and traded stuff between their constituent nations, allies, and neighbors.

So if capitalism is any time someone trades stuff, then there is no difference between capitalism and communism that they insist failed. It's fundamentalist thinking. "God rules everything, except for the bad stuff, that's not his fault." "Capitalism is everything, except the bad stuff, which isn't its fault."


Insert links about United Fruit Company, Coca Cola Death Squads, and the litany of capitalist conspiracies, private armies, and outright assassinations here.

pdfs related

There are numerous answers for this one. Why should they "risk" anything at all? What makes a business "risk" fundamentally different from just gambling at a casino? What is so special about "risk" that it entitles them not only to what they make, but everything made by other people that "work for" them? And so on and so on.

By now this really shouldn't make me mad but

Who is the leader of the group?

Channel the anger, comrade.

You know him well.

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Peterson keeps re-tweeting this capitalist propaganda account. Isn't one of the reasons poverty appears to go down is because they keep redefining the poverty line to a lower and lower threshold?

Guy in the cap looks like his face is literally pasted on.

On topic though wasn't there a wiki of some type they did this? No idea how to find it now

Man I knew capitalism was awesome, but never realized it's better than everything else combined times infinity+1.

How would you argue against the 'horsepill'? I mean, logically it's sound, you filthy humans are greedy and disgusting, whereas the majestic horse seeks only a fulfilment of base desires. I don't think is possible to argue against, at least not while maintaining the logical highground.

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Browsing Holla Forums at work illustrates perfectly why communism is fundamentally flawed, and the only solution is to take the Horsepill and return to nature immediately.

Sounds about right.


You know what? I'm on the edge about that horsepill shtick, how about you try it and post pic with timestamp to convince me?


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and about critical theorists:

Capitalism limits this
Idk, maybe?
So was feudalism and before that slave society and before that tribal society
Socialism. Even ML ya fool.
Such as a sense of duty to society etc

Just peeked at your pastebin "rebuttal" to the historical facts regarding the mass mayhem endemic to socialist nations. It smears the stink of failed nations onto "capitalism" by simply declaring the mayhem of failed nations to be the fault of successful ones. That is, it doesn't even ATTEMPT a rational train of thought. Rather, it starts and ends with a decree of guilt. Don't you guys have any self respect?

How do you debate the point that diversity destroys social cohesion.

Diversity in what sense? I think right wingers generally wan to argue this based on race. When they found out that was bullshit they've now switched to cultural reasons.

Culture can create tensions and social incohesion, but the terms of debate are disingenuous because right wingers like to imply using these terms that because of that people shouldnt integrate/push for equality.

The point of bringing that up is not to debate fairly how we can integrate better how when it's better to try and create an environment which fosters more respect/solidarity, instead they want to create ethnostates.

This is why I dont debate the point, its agreeing to their shitty terms. If you have to though tell them theyre being ahistorical if they dont understand how cultures over the era have continuously intermingled.

yes, because that's how capitalism works you brainlet

pick any given "failed nation" and dollars to donuts the root of that "failure" can be traced back to the meddling or outright intervention by the us or its pawns