Taxes in ML states

So rather recently I learned that in Albania (don't know if just when Hoxha was leader or in the entire existence of the PRA) there were no taxes. Now, I'm assuming no income tax, correct me if I'm wrong, if it's regarding all taxes, but this had me wondering: what other ML states had no taxes? Also, where did the Albanian state get the money to provide free education, free healthcare, etc if there were no taxes?

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DPRK abolished taxes as well.

You don't need money in socialism because all the means of production are under public ownership, so you just plan the distribution or goods and money, you don't need to accumulate or reinvest it

Well, yeah I know there's supposed to be no money in socialism, but Albania still had a currency didn't it? The USSR had one, so I'm just assuming here

wtf I love socialism now



I didn't say money in the physical form didn't exist, I said that it can be seen as being in the money-form if it's neither exchanged nor accumulated, so it's technically not "money", it's just "currency". In the DPRK, the income of the average worker is 50/50 currency and labor vouchers

can't be seen as being in the money form*

Ahhhh, I see what you mean now

I know you're a meme ancap, but I have been wondering, if a land lord in ancapistan owned land the same size of a country, would you pay rent for living in his property and to help pay for the mercenary defense contractors?

There can be no taxes if there is no money

Somebody tell AnCaps that the DPRK has no taxes, legal weed and three quarters of the population under arms

Well, if the state is the largest employer, taxes on income are needless bureaucracy.


Soviet Union…Kinda… There was payment for water and heating, but it was very small percentage.
There is no sense for taxes when workplace is state owned an person will buy stuff sold in state owned market.

Albania, Soviet Union and other states got money for free education and healthcare from state owned enterprises.

If I recall correctly people only had to pay for ЖКХ

The hell is this?

Living-municipal economics. Basically building maintenance and services.

Clicking on English version of a page doesn't always work, lad. :^)

Yeah, but what the hell is that weird ass symbol

Cyrilic letters.

Oh wait nvm is it albanian currency. shit now I feel stupid af

Albanian currency is 'lek'

The Russian cyrillic letters: Zh (like in pleaSUre or compoSUre) , K (also an english C in those situations) and Kh (like the ch in Loch)

I see. Are you albanian by any chance?

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when the state is your employer, taxes can be deducted from the profits you create

Surplus = Profits

the absolute state of market socialists