I'm not so versed in leftism, so sorry if I sound like a retard, but what is Corbyns manifesto likened to...

I'm not so versed in leftism, so sorry if I sound like a retard, but what is Corbyns manifesto likened to? Is it also democratic socialism? Thanks.

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Its social democracy, don't let anyone tell you different.
Its not socialism.

he's essentially going to grind away the neoliberal crap that's been caked on over the years. which is good, and makes way for more leftist candidates to gain power.

Its like an, old labour, generic socdem program and pretty light at that. Buy hey there might be a move towards implementing worker control and coops instead of nationalisation and operation for-profit like back in the day so there's that.

user that shift happened already:
I would look into the "Alternative Models of Ownership conference": it almost broke my "no fap to porn" lent.

why do you insist on calling social democracy socialism, pleasing your idealism doesnt change the material reality.

I'd rather call Jezza a social democrat, but the more radical, 1920's-1930's type socdem. So the better kind. But there are multiple more radical elements in Labour right now and Corbyn will encourage that side of the party. Hopefully he'll also establish Blairite purge units.

Appreciate it lads, was honing in on socdem myself, so it's good to know I align well.

To be fair to Jezza he's probably a socailist at heart but when push comes to shove we'll find out whether he is kerensky or lenin.

Yeah tbf lad you can magic that waway over night

Soviets could magic that waway over in 70 years.
Also, MoP in worker's hands doesn't create socialism, read Eclipse and Re-emergance of the Communist movement by Dauve with Martin.

it's likened to more mass migration, more terrorism, more grooming gangs, more fun, so it should be right up your alley my leftist friend

Ecks-dee Lofties BTFO!

You'll get BTFO when the muslims take over. Let's see how much Muhammed and Mtumbu value leftist ideals like gay marriage and social liberalism. Oh wait, they won't. They'll just behead you for being an infidel. Dumb cunt.

Wow such intriguing, complex and thoughtful arguments. Really won me over lad.
Also Mtumbu isn't even a name: it's a place lad.

I'll never understand how british conservatives can actually believe that immigrants will be able to overthrow the constitutional and secular state to create some sort of sharia regime, despite muslims in the UK being only 5% or less of the population.

Imagine actually being this retarded.

They don't: they support Sharia law.

Can someone confirm this shit? I tried googling it but the only shit i found was breitbart and infowars garbage.
I wouldn't be surprised though. They share a lot in common in social policy.

just knob off. Because fucking 3 million people will somehow completely overwrite the constitution of a secular state. Stop being this delusional



No alcohol, no smoking, no partying, no gambling. It would benefit many of them greatly, actually.

stop you'll shatter his fantasy and he'll become an even more useless piece of human garbage. Let him stay in the dark, posts like this are fucking hilarious

oh my it's almost like Sharia law is a reactionary thing. Hmmmm it's almost like islamists and aut righters are literally the saem when it comes to social issues hmmmmmm. Nah, it's the damn degenerate lefties for sure

meant for

I already checked the telegraph, but they didn't link to the actual speech in which she said that. I would like to see if she was taken out of context.


I can't either, it is possible it was a close-shop event: this was back when she was Home Sec. Also I look this up and I find loads of stuff from Infowars and PJW screeching about Theresa May: is quite funny tbh.

We don't care about gay marriage retard.

must have been close-shop for sure. Nobody would publicly shoot himself in the foot like this. Right?

Pretty much this.
Even in countries that are "Over-run" with muslims like sweden/france, muslims don't have any actual power outside of their little sharia torture chamber Neighbourhoods.

They are still getting away with their personal torture chambers though. That shouldn't be acceptable no matter where you are in the political spectrum.

Conservatives would.

I mean that's kinda obvious. But the same could be said for any group, it's just muslims reinforces the current narrative.

They can't really do that with any other minority in the UK

Well it used to be commonplace with Catholics for like 3 centuries, but nowadays mostly true tbh. It is quite common to hear in the right that "Muh Sikhs and Hindus are good brits but moslems aren't".
However the issue of ghettoisation in predominantly muslim neighbourhoods is an issue: a woman does not walk along Curry Mile at night alone.

The common denominator is ghettoisation, though. Take any group of people and subject them to that kind of oppresion and you'd see the same result. A woman does not walk along any alleyway alone.

Sorry, too tired to open the can of worms that is muslim culture.

FYI that user is wrong, sort of, it's mid way between social democracy and democratic socialism, it's not outright stating classes must be abolished but it's certainly at least entryism and crypto-Marxism (don't tell the Blairites I said that)

Also the Tories legalised gay marriage, dumb fuck.

I'll stick with socdem honestly so it triggers less centrists and rightwingers with the dreaded "socialist" word. I need to read up more on socialism first.

Fair enough, there's lots of great book recommendations in the FAQs etc.

If you're a terminal brainlet like me you might enjoy this book as an introduction


Alternatively the Das Kapital manga.

Cheers. It's a good thing my father is an ansynd, really helped me understand a lot more about leftism and critique of british conservatism.

Oh I agree, one of the kindest, considerate and diligent people I have ever met was a pretty pious muslim.


Thanks for the thread guys, night.