The absolute state of 8ch

The absolute state of 8ch

Funny how libertarians never seem to mind fascist and nazi autoritharism. Only the evil commies are a concern

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Liberty or Tyranny?

Plug my ears! Naughty ideas are being said!

what does this even mean and how does a board win it? never bothered to care

For a literal hour board owners get to try and throw their hat into the ring for that and then the admins pick favorites


I hide everything else about Holla Forums, so I don't see their reactionary garbage. However sometimes I go other boards such as /girltalk/ to see pictures of Nazis and anticom posting.

are they stupid?

It was once won by /leftyweebpol/

It's basically this:
But with Holla Forums boards.

Blame Murray "infinite growth in a finite system" Rothbard for single handedly co-opting the term libertarian so that it is now thought to refer exclusively to ancap by mostly burgers and exceptionally dumb Europeans.

Forgot pic

Oh it shows, /liberty/, it shows.

american "libertarians" are useful idiots

If burger "libertarians" got their eliminated state their currencies would be worthless and their property and lives forfeit

They'll spew some shit about hiring people to protect them, but when you arm a bunch of people and have something they want (which you are trying to use as payment) they're not going to work with you. Theyre going to shoot you and take it all.


i dont get the obsession with antifa that right wingers have. not only do they seem to think it is an international organization with structure, they seem to this shadow organization they’ve manufactured in their minds is behind everything. including the las vegas shooting at the time.

it feels like RW politics these days, esp. in the US amounts to little more than clinical delusion.

If ancaps got their revolution tomorrow it would just lead to socialism because they no longer have the state to prevent workers from unionizing and seizing the means of production.

assuming that they wouldnt just create a state and call it something else such as ”hired guards”, indeed.

What are those hired guards being paid in?

Seriously, without and overarching state, currency and secret services, they could just pop their employer and take all the goods

/leftpol/ removes dumb Holla Forums annoucements in their CSS


It's because they always need an external Other, it's pathological.

b-but no one would hire such mean guards again and they would starve.

Popping the employer isn't always a good idea. If they have an unusual and difficult to acquire skill, say.

or if they have a dead man switch that detonates a recreational nuke under the house.


lmao like what
the difficult to acquire skill of inherited wealth

worth it

Antifa does thwart their plans quite often. However that's only because most everyone is fairly sympathetic to antifa when they are fighting far right wingers. Fascists cannot organize anywhere without facing extreme opposition.

say hello!

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for some reason.

why do you keep linking to this shit

to foster good faith dialogue based on the principles of peaceful coexistence by ensuring two-way links between threads.
(and also so he'll put me in the screenshot.)

Dude, just fucking stop it. You made us look bad enough as it is, with your sperging

[citation needed]
they've only just put me in the screenshot.

Everyone knows it was you who spammed like a hundred pics in the last thread. Just let it go, you dumb fuck, they're laughing at you


Everyone is wrong then. That would take far too much effort for far too little chance of being put in the screenshot.
p.s. you use too many commas and it's pretty gay so cut it out.

call r/4chan for a good measure.

Can you succdems stop leaking us to their autism. We don't care

will they put me in the screenshot?

What makes you think I care about what Holla Forums cares about?

Hans Hoppe is pretty based tbh

Not this shit again, stop being butthurt for nonsenses.


not even surprised



When we getting IDs tho? Fucking hate when a stormweenie samefags to make a point yet I can't prove him wrong because of the fact he has no ID.

How bad are your editing skills brah?

i bet they support right to work, arbeit macht frei after all

"attention-hungry" is not synonymous to "quality"

Yes we need IDs, and also upvotes and downvotes too. Also more black transexual mods. Also make all slurs permabannable offenses.

I just googled "chomsky libertarian quote", sorry.