I now understand why we need a vanguard party

For a long time I strongly agreed with Bakunin who said that a vanguard party will basically become Stalinism - which then happened 50 or so years later.

But now I realise that everyday life in capitalism makes it impossible for "the masses" to be directly involved in preparing the revolution because they use too much time to survive (work, relaxation after work). They will come out and fight when the time is right, but you do need a party of revolutionaries that work on "making the revolution happen" 24/7.

When everyone hates you, you're Stalin.

Is it a bad thing?

yes because it is just about having power and not about developing the society towards communism


Dosent exist
Read Hoxha
Read Lenin
Read Stalin

Why does everyone continue to spout such absolutely baseless memery?

because reading is hard and shit just happens because it does

Reading might be hard, but is being observant harder?

It's amazing just how so many people have no interface with observable material reality, specially when they brag about being materialists themselves.

Imagine being embroiled with the idea of an economy so fragile it has to be enforced on people with a bullet, can't stand up to an opposing idea and literally results in the worst possible genocidal starvation and collapse the world has ever seen.

I didnt know that Lenin/Stalin told the clowds not to rain over Russia and Ukraine

Can you actually give me the details of how the soviet goverments policies caused the Agricultural collapse in Ukraine?

Why imagine, capitalism is happening right now

I thought it was because they banned private commerce taking away the incentive for the farmers to produce more wheat than needed to feed themselves
a bad harvest happened, the great depression happening in the West causing capitalist economies to falter meant Stalin had to sell more grain at lower costs in order to keep his industrialization project on time and the NKVD just being generally inhuman and robotic in their seizure of the grain quotas
why do you keep denying the Holodomor and Soviet famines? its widely accepted by the academic community at large that it was caused by purposeful negligence of the Soviet state to cull the populations of the rural Ukrainians, Kazakhs and Russians who still held pro-White army and pro-Imperial stances

Because it didnt happen
It occured because of the before mentioned droughts mixed with the fact that even when the soviet government offered to buy food at a price off of the farmers they outright refused
Because of their refusal the Army was forced to go in and begin taking control of land

In retaliation to this Ukrainian saboteurs began burning their own wheat supplies and euthanizing their own animals in an attempt to sabotage the agricultural model
An attempt which succeded as the Sabotage mixed with the drought and the damage left over from the civil war caused collapse

in my history books they're not saboteurs just pissed off farmers who would rather burn their wheat than have it forcefully taken by the Soviet authorities
forced collectivization was a model applied by the state from the beginning
dekulakization was when the land was seized and redistributed
you're not mentioning the raising of the grain quotas due to the Great Depression and the hash winters of 1931 and 1932 that killed most of the crops that year
the NKVD seized grain from farmers silo's and redistributed it to the cities or sold it to the west leaving the peasants to starve

Kulaks deserved worse

they were jellied and eaten by the peasants in some cases

lol what? First time I've heard that. Source?


This is good though. Stalin was good, and we need a vanguard party so we can be like Stalin.



There will be a time when the only way for a non-native speaker to understand English will be slow deciphering with a dictionary of homophones.

because that is what happened in the russian empire, germany, austria, yugoslavia, cuba etc.

in some cases they were sucesffull and in some they were defeated

the vanguard party agitates among the masses, but the masses cannot be called upon to participate in the revolution just at any time - capitalism has to come to a boiling point and then the vanguard party guides the anger of the masses towards a revolution

Have you ever seen a modern revolution? Normal people don't have the luxury to not pick a side. It disrupts every aspect of life unless it's a velvet coup or something.