What is it with China? Is it socialist or on the way to socialism? Or a capitalist imperialist Hellhole?

What is it with China? Is it socialist or on the way to socialism? Or a capitalist imperialist Hellhole?

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Authoritarian capitalism.

Please consult pic related.

Socialist in 20 years

As far as I can tell, they're doing pretty much what socialists ought to do in their situation. Capitalism isn't over yet, when it starts breaking then you transition. Gotta get that capitalist development. Also, by intruding foreign markets they could potentially spread socialism at some point.

Don't think that's actually what they're doing though.

It's capitalist but not imperialist

China is a capitalist state that recognizes the value of Marxist theory in some respects. Rather than paying lip-service to Marxist Leninist conceptions of state ownership, they embrace most aspects of liberal capitalism to enrich the Chinese bourgeoisie and promote Chinese economic dominance.

China is nutional socialist for the few not the many.

State capitalist economy which uses Marxist theory to avoid the pitfalls of capitalist contradictions. Marxists are the best capitalists. It's better than neoliberal capitalism because at least its somewhat scientifically planned, but it still has problems.

Unironically might be last hope for human civlization due to its eco-fascism

Fuck off

It's imperialist, but their imperialism is a bit better than Western imperialism because it's orientated towards development while Western imperialism stifles it.

Western imperialism extracts raw materials, produces manufactured goods and exports them back into the Global South under a higher price than it would have been if these countries produced it themselves (unequal exchange), but they can't because they don't have a diverse economy, infrastructure and a horrible productivity. This also leads to more undemocratic authoritarian capitalist regimes, because an economy only reliant on one branch concentrates the key to power into the hands of a few oligarchs with no interest in development.

China doesn't do any of this shit, check out their investments in Kongo, the Silk Road Project, etc.

China is just an honest USSR. They recognized that red capitalism is easier with foreign capital.

Alright we can't just all post under the tank flag.

I would argue that the tank flag is not very meaningful, because Marcyists and MLMs have such different comprehensions of socialism

Capitalism hellhole

They've had plenty of retarded foreign policy but that's not imperialism

MLMs aren't ☭TANKIE☭, most of them seem to be against the suppression of the Hungarian "revolution".

Yeah, MLM is full on anti-tankie, their rethoric is almost identical to anarchists who've read too much post-colonial theory.

They support mass purges and think Stalin was great. That's pretty fucking ☭TANKIE☭

The term "tankie" developed after Stalin's death

w e w

Highly deformed social-imperialist workers' state.

My analysis pisses literally everyone off, including most other Trots, but it is still the only correct interpretation of the PRC's unique characteristics.

I'd rather have Pooschev than Hungarian reactionaries

How do you respond to these points:

Not disagreeing though.

Mmh, to each their own I guess

The very fact that there is a leadership consciously ignoring the profit motive in order to "avoid the pitfalls of capitalist contradiction", as you say, indicates that something qualitatively more advanced than simple capitalism is happening here.

Plenty of capitalists understand the contradictions and know objectively that their actions will result in a bad outcome down the road; however, they are still required, by the laws of profit and accumulation to pay no heed to this analysis. Whatever leads to a maximization of profit is what a capitalist HAS to do in order to maintain their position.

The only way state officials can bypass or ignore these principles is if they are not obeying the profit motive; that is, if they are not capitalists (or more accurately, not entirely capitalists).


China is doing permanent pollution. China is polluted. Siberia is almost fully polluted. Belarus is getting polluted. Ukraine is getting polluted. Africa is half polluted.

Posadism with pollution replacing nukes.

China is the most green great power in the world, by far.

China is trying to be green, but they have a long way to go.

I am a little bit curious why would t@ankie defend Dengist China which has fought war against Soviet Union, invaded Vietnam and supported Taliban against the Soviets?

China is implementing some green politics on it's own territory because they are one step from full posadism. They don't care about ecology in nations that they colonize.

No, they already are. Of course they have a long way to go - so does all of humanity. I've been to China, never I have seen a country with this many wind generators, solar panels, and hydroenergy. It's also the first country in the history of industrial civlization which managed to clear up the smog in a city. It currently builds completely green cities.

Never forget that every fith person on the planet is Chinese.

I'm not defending these policies, I am just saying that pragmatically, they are doing a good job for the enviroment right now. I'm not a Dengist.

China will save the world. The only thing I wonder is if you faggots will pretend you never held these opinions or become left-coms when it does.

Please explain the Xi-Posadism connection, I thought that was a meme ideology

How wants to raid /liberty/?

China is just an example that centralized planning is effective in terms of economic development. However it is capitalist and not a model that should be adopted because it strays from the meaning behind socialism, which is in essence supposed to give power to the people. China instead is creating a system where a few elite party officials and billionares have control over the entire system and the working class is left as obedient dogs. China's growth is slowing every single year…..if it doesnt start to focus on wealth inequality and a means of incorporating democracy into its system, it is doomed to devolve into an aristocracy.

the entire hungarian "revolution" at the end revelead itself just as a plot by kruschev to overtrow stalinists in the magyar party and put his men in power.
for this reason, fascists' apologist, no matter what ideological scent they are, are very funny in being anti-tanky while applauding the theatre of the tank master

There is no official connection. Its my personal concern with what China is doing in Russia, Belarus,Ukraine and Africa.

I know that Prague Spring was btfo in 2013 and 2018 when Czechs elected pro Russian ex communist.Are there are any profs about Hungary?

it's nazcapbol

china defenders should be given swirlies

whut, lots of cities did this.

the only people who honestly think china is socialist are neocons and ☭TANKIE☭s

The United Kingdom is closer to socialism than China.

Do we just ignore their colonizing and imperializing?

Classic thread.

My 2 cents, China ultimately is a capitalist society, but proletarian power is significantly more pronounced and their political system is more conducive to organized dissent. Also, it is much more like a meritocracy than any other capitalist country and that is good.

yeah we ignore shit that doesn't exist.

kill yourself.

How do you work that out?

There is inequality but when you fuck up as a millionaire, you are being stripped off your privileges and even might be gulag'ed. That never happens in the West. There is more class consciousness amongst the Chinese population, and the bureaucracy does act upon its will, unless they are corrupt (which definitely they sometimes are).

Wtf is wrong with (Some) Tanks?

China is red capitalism, any contrasting view is objectively false.

we should un-critically condemn china every time

anarkiddie outing himself as an anti-intellectual once again.





Why does China love apartheid?


China understands the importance of a clean society. fun must be discouraged.
First the Chiggers, now the Uighurs

it's probably much lower among the younger generations
for people who grew up under mao, yeah they probably care about class. but deng and his successors have all explicitly disavowed class struggle

The west did this by moving the factories to China.

China is imperializing, though.

In any case, how are Xi Jingping's Governance of China volumes?

Honestly very nice infrastructure but super bad everything else.


China is not socialist but they support North Korea which is cool

What is Africa?

US/NATO propaganda


Fug left yugo flag

Yugoflags are funny, they always make Leftcom-ish criticisms of socialist states but advocate for literal socialized capitalism themselves. What a cognitive dissonance.

Is the CPC officially marxist capistalists?

t. American college teenager who likes the Soviet national anthem

God, no.
Not really.
I wish
Meh, it's alright.

There is no contradiction in that. Marxism is not an ideology. Many CEOs actually read Marx.

I didn't even imply that though

reported for imperialism


they are eternally in the first stage of socialism

Imagine if Bukharin were an entire country, that's China

You're giving Bukharin too much credit tbh

What if China has reached post socialism?

Prolonged NEP, m8.

The're not socialist but the're not capitalist ether