School shooting occurs

What then liberals?
muh European gun laws
muh rednecks don't need assault weapons
muh government won't turn tyrannical they love us

Yea I agree.

Every US citizen must be armed in this wave of AR-related violence that's not happening and now isn't the time to mention it or you'll prove that the danged libtards will stop at nothing to get their way, which includes discussing horrid tragedies that have happened, but didnt happen.

I don't vaccinate my kids nor do I let them eat anything that's not meat and I ignore my family of registered medical professionals when they tell me my kids have rickets. Chemtrails. Jews. I want mah murricuh back.

i am a liberal not a leftist cuckhold, banning guns will only take them away from legal owners. it would be like banning swords in the iron age

Look for a place called reddit.
The workers must be armed and formed into militias ready to fight against reactionary forces.


Lenins a nigger

Yea fuck those leftycucks!

Fuck them and their goal of arming the working class against porky. All the real libtards will agree that banning guns will disarm the rightful owners of them who protect the nation from terrorist libtards who create the gun violence thats not happening.

I hope to god baboon poster derails this thread.

🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧marxism🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 is a fucking joke thats killed over 140 million people

Didn't happen but should have

this board is a joke

Fuck off liberal

Yeah you just want to destroy the nuclear family, support sandniggers exploding themselves because "muh inperialism" or some shit, hate your country and your race, deny race reality and gender biotruths, and want even MORE free shit for niggers, unlike regular liberals. Fuck off libs in denial.


Anyone who has a basic understanding of human history can see that communism doesn't work and that Jews are responsible for it's re-occurring


Is .pl down or something?

just wanted to see if this place was real lmao did not disappoint

Yeah, you really trolled some libtards, epic style.

Brainlet bitch

Nothing to see here.

I understand the difference between leftist and liberal. Liberals are progressive and leftist are kike puppets

Keep thinking that

How are those white babies coming along?

why do you hate white people

Says the nazi whose ideology killed the most white people

Race is a spook

not really a nazi, but hitler was better than stalin or mao by far

Looks like being disingenuous is something your not too unaccustomed to


But I guess if your talking about the Soviet Union :^)

you should leave your room for a second, go to your dad's counter, grab his AR15 and fucking shoot yourself in the head. Seriously, just fucking off yourself. Nobody would miss you, you're a miserable useselles piece of human garbage, the exact kind of "deg.enerate subhuman" you hate. Your entire existance is a misrable excuse. You're a waste of semen and oxygen.

Holy hell, you people are fucking illiterate.

Read the fucking FAQ.

Lurk before you shit up the board, faggotron.

>Yeah you just want to destroy the nuclear family
The extended family was the norm for most of human history while the nuclear family has only been the norm for a century or so. If anything the left are the ones who are "trad" in this regard
The right are the ones who kept arming far-right Islamic fundamentalist groups and helping them to overthrow secular left-wing governments in the middle east, they even supported Bin Laden himself and praised him as a "freedom fighter". Even now the west continues to sell weapons to the Saudis who hand them over to terrorists, and when a leftist British politician recently tried to speak out against it the right-wingers immediately went full SHUT IT DOWN on him
Burgerland is responsible for causing more death and destruction than any other country on earth as well as eroding culture across the globe and replacing it with mindless consumerism, so you're right about that one at least. Nobody here "hates their race", though
Your "race realism" is based on simplistic conclusions drawn from statistics while ignoring underlying factors behind them- just a few decades ago Chinese-Americans had significantly lower average Autism Level than whites and would therefore be considered "inferior" by people like you, yet because of the drastic improvement in their material conditions they now outperform whites by a tremendous margin- every ethnicity is similarly impacted by their access to things like proper nutrition and education. And that's not even getting into the fact that Autism Level is a rather dubious method of measuring intelligence to begin with…
And even if there WAS some fundamental difference in intelligence based on ethnicity, it would make absolutely no difference- hell, many of the early leftist philosophers were themselves racist (not that its something I approve of), but its completely irrelevant to the issues. Again, even if you chuds were right in this regard, how the fuck does that lead you to the conclusion of keeping the working class (including the majority of your own "race" you claim to care about) subservient to a handful of rich psychopaths?
Communism is not "when you have big gubmint and it does stuff"

So lemme get this right… you guys think that DA JOOOZ are all part of some secret conspiracy that's controlling the world… yet you also think they're responsible for the people who want to overthrow the ruling class and give the working class control over their own communities?
Yet you guys idolize the nazis, who happily worked with wealthy Jewish bankers- the ones who actually had any real power and influence- to fund their war machine while scapegoating the Jewish working class who had no real power. Hell, they even released captured members of the Rothschild family, the "big bads" of their Jewish conspiracy idiocy. Even now both the center-right and far-right shill endlessly for Israel while slandering people who oppose Zionism like Corbyn and try to outlaw leftists from boycotting them.

You're posting pro gun rhetoric in a pro gun left wing communist cult. Congratulations.

Now get out there and help incite the violent true marxist revolution.

Leftists are pro-gun


Just another reason Holla Forums > Holla Forums. Why don't you do your research before acting like a retard?

wtf, is this some sort of bizzarro horseshoe theory or is Holla Forums really this retarded?


Oh look, its another "polyp tries to start shit and then demonstrates that they have no idea what they're talking about" episode

I know Holla Forumsyps are jumped up on ideology at the best of times, but fucking hell

even if you take guns away from americans they'll kill using with knives, if you take their knives they'll tare each other's throats with their teeth

Lol, look at this man and weep.


Id like to see someone stab 50 people to death in a row with a knife.

Clans fucking blow. Gypsy caravans are the model of the future family.

aka not nearly enough.

This is a copypasta at this point, I'm sure I've seen this exact wording before.