This might not deserve its own thread, and the mods can remove this if its needed...

This might not deserve its own thread, and the mods can remove this if its needed, but honestly where the hell are these people coming from?

maybe leftypol got mentioned on a leftist subreddit

tumblr, twitter, plebbit, facebook

Liberal fuckwits are everywhere

Is that you commonwealth user?

i'm a burger political science student, been coming here for like 2 years
I post under all sorts of flags, perhaps I should pick one and stick to it

If you see liberal scum like that simply report them and they will get banned. I can't possibly watch every thread all the time. sorry for no ##Board Volunteer flag, mobile posting on my way to work

It just makes me wonder what kind of broken people write stuff like that
That didn't arise in mind of poor person, but very alienated bourg kid.

Fucking hell, now I need new trip

Sounds like a bunch of Holla Forumsyps projecting while trying to troll

Sorry, was excited for a second. We used to have a really good poster who used the GOP flag and wrote a whole socialist "commonwealth" manifesto. Ignore that this post doesn't have the flag, I had used the screenshot function.

There was a r/The_Donald user that posted a comment in a r/communism thread about a week ago that read:

Twitter. Certain people are very obviously sucking up the the SJWs.

r/triggeredism have thought that for years.



Obama is a goddamn nigger, desu.

We got a big influx of people from reddit during the whole catgirl Anime Farm debacle.

The reactionary mods of r/socialism et al hate us and send shitposters our way whenever they can. /leftpol/ is a reddit honeypot

/leftpol/ is dying, Holla Forums is coming back

those are some obnoxious voices

Funny, I think the same about r/socialism

The real world, where people actually have empathy. I wouldn't expect a bunch of philosophy undergrads and suburban basement-dwellers to understand though


pretty sure raping children is the exact sort of patriarchal BS these comments are railing against but okay

Half the userbase on leftypol are cryptoreactionaries that want women PoC and LGBT to disappear from the face of the earth entirely

.t redditor

"What if the child consents tho?" Is a right wing ancap meme. Same for all the GOP old farts posing as good christian men while engaging in sex trafficking.

The point is leftism is not defined by being the mirror opposite to the right.

Not an argument


I dont need a counter argument to an unsourced slur


post a pic of pic of your reddit ban then you baby, im sure they banned you because you were *not* a reactionary

I was banned several years back for disagreeing with the mods, after which I repeatedly got deaththreats.