Tfw you realize Devo is literally fascist

what the fuck, I loved this shit when I was a kid.
Have nerds always been doing this "ironic" (not ironic) fascist shit?

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Is Devo the Sam Hyde of music

Nerds don't listen to that shit user, they listen to fucking Manilla Road or Cirith Ungol.

I agree Metal is nerdy but I think nerds are more represented by weebshit and the like

That's weebs, totally separate but occasionally similar.

I guess I just don't see metal nerds as being that concurrent with nerds in the traditional sense

why the fuck am i posting about something so stupid, i'll just go to bed

It aint so stupid, it's all good whats up witchu?

read their My Struggle book, it's basically like How to Bomb the US Government but written a long time ago. it's pretty funny but fashy as hell.

dude Devo is nerdy as fuck.

This has to be some Holla Forums troll.
While Devo has always been far from non-political, they have never been what any sane person could describe as even 'right-of-centre'; Let alone Fascist.
If anything they have historically taken a more far left wing position on most topics.
'Beautiful World' to take just one example is the sort of extremely cynical and even angry look at modern, vapid, capitalist consumer culture and spectacle that one can find in abundance on this board alone.

You would have better luck calling a band like 'Laibach' Fascist.
You would still be wrong of-course, but at least with Laibach there are some stylistic elements that could conceivably confuse someone.

Power Metal, Heavy Metal and Traditional Doom have lyrics about:
And much more. Just look at the artwork for Dio's Holy Diver, regarded as one of if not the best Heavy Metal albums of all time.

also there are apparently some really fucking weird and NSFW illustrations in there, idk how they got away with it

No, they are openly "ironic" fascists, google this shit, they outright admit they indulged in reactionary, nationalist, and fascist explorations, and it is very blatant. However, they are also "covert" liberal fascists who genuinely do think that "Idiocracy was a documentary," use de-evolution as a metaphor for the "increasing levels of stupidity in society," and earnestly engage in virulent anti-communism and imperialism. Devo is fucking fascist.

dang i like devo and never heard of this thanks

This is a bit sus
The name of the album was inspired by a Japanese ultra-right wing political group called the New Traditionalists. In the words of Gerald Casale, "We became the New Traditionalists, but turned it on its ear. We appropriated the idea of that, meaning we were going to provide you with new traditions to forget about the old ones."[1]

While I will certainly give you that the very idea of 'de-evolution' being responsible for the 'increasing levels of stupidity in society' is rather ridiculous.
Indulging in some exploration of 'reactionary' or even Fascist aesthetics and history is quite far removed from being an actual Fascist or reactionary.
Hell, I'm neither a monarchist nor an Orthodox Fascist - Yet at this very moment I have an Imperial German flag hanging over my bed and a wonderful example of Italian Futurism hanging up in my living room.

I don't consider anything about that inherently Fascist (beyond the source for the name obviously).
If anything it is more immediately reminiscent of the 'Great Leap Forward' then anything else.
Besides, any post-capitalist state would indeed have to create a generation of 'New Traditionalists' if it wanted to get rid of the lingering elements of 'cultural capitalism' that have become embedded in the modern human psyche.
It is also their best album.

lol DEVO was actually the first thing my mind jumped to when I first saw MDE.

no, as Holla Forums proves, ironic fascism is still fascism.

also note how close to the modern vaporwave aesthetic much of Devo's videos adhered to. roman pillars with gradient backgrounds, etc.


The Beginning Was The End

I believe in de-evolution.
But fascists are a result of it. Incapacity to adapt to more sophisticated threats.
They also are de-evolution accelerationists.
Promoting stupidity. Also war erases always the best, not the worst.

Greenie is a social darwinist, what a shock.

watchoo gonna do about it faggot.



ugh. Thanks for the book report Grandpa

Completely misunderstanding how evolution works is a facist thing? Now I understand why one Holla Forumsack got triggered so much when I tried to explain it to him long time ago on 4/sci/.

Top-notch reasoning.

de-evolution as Devo interprets it is just genetic "degeneracy," a key concept for fascists.

People actually thought Devo was fascist when they were first starting out too.

Get off of the computer, Dad

So many ancient old farts on this board. wtf

Kek, that sounds pretty good, I will read this book now.

good luck

Isn't Devo supposed to be an ironic band?
But like everything done ironically they became sincere I imagine.
That should be our issue in this discussion, where does the irony of devo begins and were does it end?

How about…. No

here. took way longer to download and split to fit 8ch limit than to find tbqh.

the rest.

I've never heard anyone say metal was nerdy before, but it seems like that is the general consensus here. i guess im kind of a nerd and i do enjoy metal, but ive never thought that this is a trend.

google "church of the subgenius"

this is straight up Subgenius stuff. which was itself a satire of 80s insanity, but overall a scathing critique of Christianity and capitalism

One of the big jokes of DEVO was that there is a project to intentionally interfere with human evolution, that there was a shadowy 1% that benefited from subjugating man. Looking at the fundies, cults, the capitalists and their homeboys Thatcher and Reagan, it's pretty easy to see why it'd be a fun idea to play with at their time. Typically, anti-authoritarianism is left wing, even if the character they play is that of the shadow org that ones to make the world and humanity a worse place for their personal gain.

One of the beliefs in the Church of the Subgenius is that there's basically three kinds of people, the Pinks / Humans (basically normies), the Subgeniuses (weird people who will be rescued by alien spaceships), and the Men in Black (elites / 1%, but with tons of mythology around them, including alleged connection to the elder gods) . the MIB desire to subjugate humans through what's called the CONSPIRACY, which stands for Cliques Of Normals Secretly Planning Insidious Rituals Aimed at Controlling You. The CoS was planned as a competition to the "conspiracy" which encourages slacking off as life's soul objective. CoS also claims that it knows of a secret herb that, when smoked, counters the normie brainwashing tactics, helps you slack more, get in line with your ethnic forefathers (which rather than being cavemen from tribe A or tribe B were actually Atlantians).

As you can tell, it's inspired by Discordianism… it satirizes a lot of cults and conspiracy theories and fundamentalists in its Holy Text as well as tons of aspects of capitalist culture. Once a year a bunch of people involved with CoS rent out a campground that permits nudity and drug use. Then CoS itself would ironically label itself an explicitly capitalist religion, in contrast to megachurches and Scientology, which they would critique as being dishonest religions

DEVO through its stage acts / music videos would try to use the symbolism of Church of Subgenius at times to critique the faults they saw in greater society. Super nerdy shit but they're punk in their own right.

20 years before alt-right there was the USENET group alt.slack which encouraged rants, trolling, flame wars, tons of drug-influenced posting or at other times people getting pissed off about the neolibs and just overall "normy" culture. But of course they would mock and insult all the far-right activity and stupidity of America at the time.

pretty leftist subculture, even if they were anti-PC. not racist, not calling out racemixing, etc

…or as it was succinctly put in the OP, they engaged in "ironic" fascism. the fact is that they are ALSO overt liberal fascoid imperialists.

how the hell is ironic fascism liberal?

what are you even talking about?

None of this has anything to do with fascism. Read a book.

Metal is super nerdy. A good part of the genre is basically rock'n roll influenced by classical music and lord of the rings.

So? Who gives a fuck. Their first album was GOAT.
Should I ignore a masterpiece because the creators are not leftist?
This is why I don't come here anymore

This is pure bullshit.

whew buddy

Jihad Jerry was a criticism of US Foreign Policy under the Bush Administration, their single, Army Girls Gone Wild, was about Abu Ghraib
OP seems to have a basic misunderstanding of how satire works. Also Jihad Jerry wasn't shitty, it was pretty good, as far as latter day DEVO goes.

what you posted proves what I said though.

it was anti-iranian satire dressed up as anti-"Bush" satire, typical of liberalism.

Please explain to me how calling white supremacists "subhumans" is fascist.

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