Are ALL of us LARPing?

obviously we're all just posting this commie stuff for the absurdity but then sometimes i post like a nazi for a bit of a giggle and someone responds like they're an actual unironic red and I suddenly wonder if it is possible they might actually be a real person. I thought this was just a post-post-post-ironic Holla Forums board. What gives, fellas?(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)




I used to larp as a nazi. To troll the sjw's that claimed that I was a nazi. Then I starting looking into it. Mien kampf is fucking amazing, if you read that book and tell me that you havn't had the same thoughts aswell.. Some of you might love it, fair amount of funny banting on capitalism. And I fucking hated learning about the holocaust every god damn year in school for months at a time. Now I know why that felt wrong. Its because it was wrong.

If I wanted to read about a book about "duh Jews", Id just go to Holla Forums

he did not wish to hate the Jews
the title of the book translates to "my struggle"
he entered politics in good faith
he was literally left with no choice after learning about the biological tendencies of the Jew

Why is everything "LARP" to redditors?

I might be a ironic LEFTIE but don't you dare call me a REDDITOR!
what are your thoughts on the jewish spiritual religion of communism, fellow based leftyanon?

t. redditor


maybe you should go back then


Is this the infamous baboon poster? I expected more lol. Big ups to the lack of baboon peoples tho

The baboons have to leave. Forever.

What do you have against baboons? They're lovely animals.


Again. If I wanted to read about how "duh Jews" control 95% of the world's wealth while also working in conjunction with lizard people. I'd go to Holla Forums

Read a fucking book cretin

I just went to this pol everyone keeps mentioning. And I gotta say, they seem far more reasonable and intelligent than you lot. You all just want to shoot reactionaries after taking over (which is actually just working for) tptb. Pol actually named names, Fu Ying, Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs, former Ambassador to the UK and Australia, Karel De Gucht, former eu trade commissioner and bilderberg member, etc.
We would be fighting the same enemy but you it seems people here are too stupid to find out who these people actually are that they claim to hate so much.

Sure thing dude.

nice try Holla Forums

I'm not trying anything, my coworker told me about this place. I've never heard of pol before now.

I just spent the last hour on there.

Generally ☭TANKIE☭s are larping edgelord teenagers that have not read anything. Good luck getting them to admit this though.
Nazbols, AnPrims, and most of the Juche flags are larping
Additionally there is a lot of sectarian imitation/shitposting that maybe qualifies as larping

t. Amerifat or amerifat cock sucker


Your problem is you're too focused on muh jews infiltrating muh white race western culture instead of the real issue which is the economic system.

Capitalism is the problem. The right defends capitalism, class collaboration, and is staunchly anti-communist. The right works in favor of the bourgeoise interests. The right aren't concerned with class oppression or the working class plight, they merely care about spooks like culture and race and religious issues.

at least i'm not christcuck

stalin literally did nothing wrong

kulaks deserved it

but he killed 100 trillion Tukhachevskys

he was honorary kulak tho


Castro did nothing wrong. Cry some more ya basement nazi piss baby.

Thats interesting. What is bourgeoise? class oppression, working class plight? I'm new to this stuff, forgive me.
I'm concerned with global governments, global banks, illegal trade, drug trade, human trafficking, state and corporate collusion, illegal immigrants, I want all taxes gone, no taxation without representation. I don't give a damn about any jews. A person is a person. I don't care if all the people destroying the west are white or jewish or from new zealand, if that individual is doing something illegal, we need to know about it.

Whats up zach


What do you consider to be 'destroying the west' exactly?

nope, not sure who that is

Simply put, they're straying from the path of God. We let ourselves be cucked again by the brits. We need to be soveirgn again, and no more proxy wars. Bringing in drugs, allowing the drug contras, using dea agents like toys and killing them when their done with them, dumbing down our schools, allowing illegal aliens in, like the one that crashed in a womans car and then proceeded to rape her, in my own town. We can be self reliant, we're just not allowed to be. I can't collect rain water here, we can't own property anymore, we just lease it from them, its been destroyed.

The west is godless, profane and (in America's case) literally demonic. Let it die.

That's pointless. You see, I'm an american now, and I've learned alot about what that means. Americans would rather die fighting for good then let evil win. Noone will ever take their guns and noone will ever stop them from rebelling from authority. Unless they've all been killed first, and they're prepared for a fight.

I'm going to bed so I hope someone else answers you, but plainly speaking no it's not the lack of God, it's money being god.


What do you mean we need to be sovereign again? What country are you from?

I live in usa now.

In your case, your nation's two parties are just puppets for lobbyists, both wealthy and corporate.

Jews, immigrants, and all that other nonsense are just a red herring made to distract people like you from the real problems. Wealth inequality, starvation, a lack of healthcare.

An illegal didn't rape that woman, a horrible person did. No different from white or black rapists born and raised in your borders. Does this mean you have to treat other illegals, including children and families the same way as you would treat your example?

I'd like to address the first things you said separately, first of all, and no offense, but Its funny all these "horrible people" that keep committing crimes in my town are all the same nationality. ms-13 killed a black teen in my town over an eighth of weed. I gave a taxi cab ride to an illegal that was drunk driving without a license when his truck broke down. My guitar was stolen by an illegal out of my home, he through the thousand dollar guitar over my balcony on the way out, and snapped the neck, sold it to a pawn shop for 80 bucks.

Now, wealth inequality isn't a problem, were very wealthy here, were not starving, and I made sure to get a job with health insurance because I want to take care of my family. I don't get anything for free.

You probably think your really clever right now. Let me tell you something, youre not.

But I didn't treat him, and if someone is here illegally, they're breaking the law, no? Life is harsh, life is full of hell, I'd never set out to make it harder for anyone, but me and my family take precedence over self described conquerors and invaders. Is that Not clever to you?

We're gommies. Howard Scott is also one but edgier.

Material conditions bro. If they're here illegally that means that don't have the same shit you've got.
I think this is missing the point. The problem is CAPITALISM itself.

Nice spooks.

ironic, seeing how m-ls are the only people to literally do anything or to have achieved anything of importance irl, as opposed to x fringe ideology/fraction you discovered on wikipedia

"Material conditions bro. If they're here illegally that means that don't have the same shit you've got."

What exactly is this supposed to mean, I really don't even understand it. Are you saying that they don't have the same stuff i have? And? What does that have to do with anything? Is that even an supposed to be argument to anything i said?

And capitalism isn't a problem for me and my family. It makes it easier for me to feed them. I could hunt and grow our food but this is easier and healthier. Something may of lead to my guitar being stolen by an illegal, now that was a problem, and I think that thing is socialism. Do you any of you disagree with that? Do any of you not think that the left here doesn't just use immigrants for votes? If you know that, and it doesn't harm communism to acknowledge it, then why deny it. If socialism (a self-described gateway drug to communism, as many of you have espoused tonight) wasn't injected in our culture I seriously doubt there would be weak minded men shooting up gun free zones. I doubt that there would be weak minded men here at all.

And yes, this is my country now, I can say that, I'm a legal immigrant (not from south america thankyou), if your going to sneak in here and blatenly disregard our laws by doing so (not to mention the drugs, murders and rapes), well I'm sorry, You have to go back… And your lucky the door knob doesn't hit you on the way out at this point. The only way it could get worse was if one of them killed one of my family members. You want me to close my eyes and thank them like the cucks in europe do when their daughters are killed? Is that what you would do? Do you people not value being related to someone at all? Do you people want it to be like some future horror movie where theres no loyalty to their family, ratting on them for the slightest wrong think? Or do you want the kids immediately taken and raised by the state? I can see through your fake airs of superiority, you think just because you walk around in a suit and wear glasses we're just going to assume you're an intellectual? Not anymore.

I stepped into dog shit today, is that real capitalism?

Are Americans really this retarded


Oh please, you faggets admit this when theres no "fascist" to be seen.

Jesus Christ nigger

This entire board would be nothing but that if it were allowed


That's how you get nu-Holla Forums

Atleast pol doesn't ban people for saying completely sane things like what happens here. You have to post like 6 blacked threads in a row before they do anything. Which is good. They're not just silencing their critics because its scary no no speak.

Yeah, we don't want even one black thread, thanks

end yourself.

And on top of that, check the ban log. Only two posters total are banned, most bans are either jokes or don't last long.

two different people there bub

So that proves another one of my points. We usually don't antagonize and spread disinformation and division amongst our enemies like you do. Do you admit it?

I have a feeling you never browsed Holla Forums

Nobody's obligated to put up with your childish bullshit, you cunt. That's reality.

Legitimately LOL'd. Thanks for that.

Read Marx

I have read Mein Kampf and it's spooky garbo.

If that's reality then get me the fuck out

tu quoque

Im an online commie mostly because some shitheads were telling obvious bullshit about commie times in my country. Seeing the same stupid arguments directed at other countries showed me that Stalin, Mao or Kims actually did nothing wrong.


Physical violence against you is differrent than limiting free speech.

your speech isn't worth protecting.

No, it's really not.

That would be liberal. All liberals go to gulags.