Left says its IMPOSSIBLE to round up the 11 million illegals, but think they can get 350 million guns.. kind of ironic

left says its IMPOSSIBLE to round up the 11 million illegals, but think they can get 350 million guns.. kind of ironic.

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1 gun for every dead kulak

We believe in gun rights without regulation.

Who said that?
we can round up 11 million of you reactionaries to the wall if that is what you are implying.

give all the guns to illegal immigrants and train them to shoot polacks


What do the polish have to do with this?

Holla Forumsaks, Kulaks.
A play on words fag.

I think your grammer is too bad for me to understand you, Holla Forums? Whats a thread?

Of all the crap excuses to not answer to my post, you truly picked a classic. Bravo.

Its. another. pol. thinks. left. = liberal. thread.
I mean, those words don't even make a sentence, what are you saying?

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I'd love to rip you to shreds but you're not spreaking engrish?

We're not liberals. You can fuck off
>>>Holla Forums

Who, you or me? I deleted my facebook in like fucking 2009.

Oh I see. Epeck af bro, you sure troled me xd

No shit you're not liberals, youre commies, thats the opposite of being open to new behavior or opinions (liberal)

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Grammar nazis will be up against the wall as well

did we just become best friends?

And how do you plan to round up these so called "grammer" nazis?

It's simple, scatter poorly worded flyers and banners around, and shoot the ones who complain :^)

When did we say that? It's perfectly possible to round up and deport/exterminate vast numbers of people, it's happened many times before.

Communists aren't anti-gun, we're going to need them to shoot reactionaries after all.

hmm. neat. Whats a reactionary?

Now I know you're a nigger.

Congrats, you're not a nazi.

I am. now.

People who want to abolish the current social order and revert to a previous one.

Faggots like you and those who want to revert to a previous economic system.

So is this a /pol thread on /leftypol about libtards? Kind of confused. This really should go in the gaebage. All your replies as well for being so damn off topic. Autists go yummy yummy; grammar bait.

Hey hey hey, I don't like gay people either okay. So why would you hate it if america became self sustaining again? I assume its because its going to make it harder to turn america into, well.. what do you want america to be? Nato and the un need to be dissolved, I think we can agree on that. And you could live in a country thats already communist. Maybe I'm wrong here, so if I've said something unfair I apologize.

we went from the gold standard with no income tax to jew-controlled central banks in less than a century. what can possibly be more communist than that?

America was never self sustaining you idealistic cretin, and with a population of 350+ million, it just isn't possible anymore. It's an international world, like it or not.

Read Marx and Lenin and Kropotkin. You clearly don't know what communism even is.

naw you're just autistic

the abolition of private property, the state, and the value form.
which is y'know, communism.

It was self sustaining on a few different levels, but if you want to boil it down to complete self reliance, we did that for about 50 years in the colonies before trade and agriculture really picked up. No point in arguing that. Now is it possible now? I say yes, but maybe i am idealistic, irrelevant really. I'm self sustaining. I can teach my neighbors to be self sustaining unless I run out of game on a nearby island.
So whats wrong with china? Not real communism or whats the deal?

plz explain communism in terms a uneducated working class man like myself can understand

The dissolving of the central state, and the farms and factories etc turned over to those who work in them as opposed to some porky who sits at the top and collects revenue

So why havn't you moved to china?

How the fuck are banks compatible with communism at all?

It ain't communism. You can call an apple a pear but that doesn't make it so. They still have a central,government with a large amount of power, and still have for-profit trading.

As defined by Marxist theory, it ain't communism.

point five from Karl Marx's "Communist Manifesto":

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. That excerpt is merely part of a greater whole which is being excluded.

Either read the whole damn book or don't bother.

ok interesting. So has their ever been a communist nation? Even soviet russia had a central government with large amount of power, no?

explain yourself, sperg. i will respond to any arguments you make.

No, but there have been socialist nations. Socialism is what will eventually be communism.

Communism = Moneyless, classless, stateless society

Kind of an oxymoron but I see what you're getting at. Nations like the USSR and NK secured power, but failed to keep their promises of giving power to the working class.

Look at examples such as Nestor Makhno's Ukraine and CNT-FAI's Catalonia. They were short lived, but they did have good practices while they existed.


My point is that you're taking that out of context of the greater whole.

Centralized banks are only socialist if the mode of production is socialist, otherwise they're still operating for profit, and therefore capitalist.

How would one define a social mode of production?

Yea, the free territory of Ukraine lasted 3 years. They definitely had some good practices…

no state can be communist, but there have been many socialist states

There are ten points to Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto, I cited the one which relates specifically to the communist demand for central banks. You are claiming this is not actually the case because it's complicated. Explain yourself.

They were destroyed by the USSR merely for existing, no fault of their's

Anarchism = Worker's literally own means of production

ML(M) = State owned means of production, state controlled by workers democratically

ok buddy, sounds par for the course when it comes to anarchism


Let's not argue in semantics, state, nation, or are these not semantics to you?
Lets not get on a tangent. Are their any communist states now? And if there is one, why not go there? If I said that its because you just want a revolution in the states for your own personal reasons would I be wrong? Is china is socialist, and socialism is the step before communism, wouldn't it be easier to take over china than the us because its hypothetically closer to communism?

The point is: show me an anarchist society that survives longer than 3 years and is capable of competing with larger capitalist states (and yes, what you want is a state, too) and you've turned me into an anarchist.

The fact that you have it in your head that anarchism involves a state shows you haven't a clue what you're talking about

The fact that you think anarchism doesn't ultimately result in a state (a weak, inefficient one) shows YOU haven't a clue what you're talking about.



I'l wait I guess, I didn't expect communists to start derailing eachother over minutia when I asked what I thought were basic questions on an ideology. Or lack their of, or whatever term you want me to use to describe your lack of respect for humans, because thats what it is. If 90% of a nation already has food, water, and hosipitals, do you really think you're going to improve their quality of life? Does that not matter? Do you know why would it matter?.. I could "save the world" if I wanted to, but i know that the rest of the world wouldn't like it so I don't. I'm I wrong? No.. Its not wrong to care about peoples feelings. I know how bad life sucks sometimes, and ends suckily, I don't want to make it anyworse for anyone.

the socialist federal government has run up 20 trillion in debts, but who enjoys the profits from the federal reserve? genuine question

What are you referring to here? America? We aren't socialist, my guy

The Right actually wants to legalize the Illegals, the left wants to keep them in limbo for the votes.

Trumps Tweet Literally makes my argument right .

Seriously, How did You lefties actually survive? You are worse who knows…

For all of the onlookers, WE never wanted to kick anybody out., Just be good and be met with open arms.

The Left is bad, stay away


What right are you talking about?
Liberals and the Democratic Party aren't leftists

ICE has been dragging people out of hospitals and waiting at schools to ambush immigrants. They also specifically target immigration rights activists as well.
The leftist position isn't to "keep them in limbo for the votes" because there is no left wing party in America. it's to stop the deportation machine.

No. The baboons have to to go!

the left makes everything so complicated, so political

You know, Trying to make a He a She..


I'l wait I guess, I didn't expect communists to start derailing eachother over minutia when I asked what I thought were basic questions on an ideology.



Dear fucking lord, how dense are you.


guns are good

We need to put a sign up somewhere

Holla Forumsacks won't read it anyways


What is Pure communism?

If You want to learn everything about Pure communism, read Animal far by George Orwill
You leftys prids Yourselves as being so educated so this and that… Buy the Physical book read it and come back here to talk about questions.

Dont be stuck up, Buy the book and actually read it.

Dont be afraid of becoming alt right, the Truth will set You free.

fuck off shill

"The truth" being baseless prejudice, the same handful of tired memes and assorted reactionary BS

What did trans issues/gender pronouns have to do with me telling you that the Democrats aren't leftist. And on that note, Leftism is about giving the working class control over society and the economy, not about using the correct pronouns or whatever other shit university liberals are constantly getting upset over.


some one who wants to Use other people Why?

Read the book shlomo

You need to go back, you have no place here.

fuck off goy

Unga bunga

I am the one who knocks.


That shit is basically required reading for every american student in middle school and high school at this point. I read it in both my 6th grade history class and 10th grade English class, and I'd be more surprised if someone here hasn't read it at this point.
Animal Farm was Orwell's critique of the Soviet Union. Orwell was a socialist himself, even going so far as to fight for a Marxist militia in the Spanish Civil War.

Fat pigs and the revolt against the pigs, Just like its happening right now.

You can be as smart as You are, but we are witnessing this revolt right now, many dont understand and this is why its important to sit down and read a book while the world burns.

Will You be a good boy and fight somebodys war or Will You Read a book while the world burns.

I hate the left and I dont know why.

Nice dubs

Maybe you should figure that out first before coming here and trying to argue with us

I came here looking for an argument, Asking for an honest handout.

You know what I want, even if it takes 1000 years.


no gibs around here

You couldnt round up a decimal number let alone armed citizens




Let me see if I can clear things up, all of our good posters are in other threads right now so its primarily just shitposters in here. What questions do you have?

Well I have no experience with these terms, proletariat, kulak.

I'd like to understand why communism is your answer.

I'd like to try to find some common ground aswell, wouldn't you oppose backdoor corruption from groups like the bilderberg group, trilatteral commision, Skull and Bones?
I get the money is the root of all evil meme, but do communists not want money at all? no property, does that mean children can't keep their toys?

wow, bro you sure caught me.

…bu..what? Did I not frame those questions fairly enough for you? fucking niggers..

People who work for a wage and do not own the means of production. People from whom profit is extracted.
landed peasants that got liquidated in the USSR under Stalin, depending on who you ask here they either had it coming or it never happened.

To make sure workers regain the right to the fruit of their labour.


Proletariat refer to the workers, people who own no means of production to sustain themselves and must work for someone who does control a means of production, a bourgeoisie. Kulak refers to a class of wealthy landowners which existed in Pre-Soviet Russia and continued existing in fluctuation (land was seized, but they were allowed to continue to hold certain property) until Stalin issued strict constitutional reform which removed the Kulaks in both Russia and Ukraine all together. Kulak is generally used as an insult on this board.
These things would be removed with the abolishment of capitalism as they would lack the economic foundation which allows them to exist
Communists wish to eventually achieve a society in which the conditions which allow money to exist are abolished making money anachronistic and pointless, yes. Until then a transitory system is established (socialism) in which people receive compensation equal to their work, preferably through a labor voucher system (see above).
Communists oppose private property (privately held means of production). Whatever you use or have is defined as personal property.

thank you
and so there seems to be a discrepancy here

I would like to understand this more "The profits of stock, it may perhaps be thought are only a different name for the wages of a particular sort of labour, the labour of inspection and direction. They are, however, altogether different, are regulated by quite different principles, and bear no proportion to the quantity, the hardship, or the ingenuity of this supposed labour of inspection and direction. "
If anyone cares to elaborate. meanwhile il try to learn this language.

M-mercy c-comrade Rafiq, that anime stash was just to better understand the plight of the disenfranchised youth I s-swear.

That's Adam Smith ("Wealth of Nations", book 1, chapter 6), he can be indeed quite dense. The point is that profits managing property cannot be considered to be a form of wages for labour of managing the property, as this can be delegated to some clerk who earns a wage for his work, and still makes a profit for the owner of the property.

I see, so you want to do away with the proletarians and the bourgeoisie. And Kulak is an insult intersting.
Are these rose flags anti communists because rose ran a communist paper and was assassinated (by communists i think)? I don't think I've ever read a book about this part of history before.

hmm, thats a new thought for me,
You're saying that you can't give the laborer who managed the property only part of the profit for managing the property, because the land owner is taking most of it.
Why is this, solely because its not fair to the worker?

Well, Adam Smith did not see a problem with that, while I agree with his analysis but personally think that's kind of a shit situation.

leftypol sectarian flags 101

Social Democrats. Basically the Labor party in the United Kingdom and people just left of Bernie Sanders. No one likes them here because they are essentially seen as liberals.
people who defend and identify with the Stalin era soviet union
Troskyists. They want a world revolution as 'opposed to socialism in a single country'.
market socialists and fans of Tito. Widely viewed as moderates, similar to the social democrats.
Anarcho communists. They don't like ☭TANKIE☭s and are butthurt about the spanish civil war.
Leninists. They want a vanguard party of professional revolutionaries to lead the revolution and then run things for a bit afterwords.
non-sectarian leftists. AKA boring people who hate banter

there used to be much more diversity of ideas and interesting people, but the board owner and volunteers got ban happy and went on a banning spree

The other user just explained the quote, but I'll take some time to explain capitalism. Profit in capitalism is generated through the exploitation of wage labor to extract surplus value and the reinvestment of that surplus into further commodity production. In other words, the capitalist, motivated by his own rational self-interest within the system of capital, pays his workers a fraction of the value of what they produce in order to acquire a greater fraction of that value for themselves, a surplus. They then reinvest that surplus into a means of production to produce commodities or into commodities themselves, which then allow him to acquire more surplus. This goes on as long as the capitalist can keep at it or until the rate of profit declines to zero. The capitalist does not actually work for the profit he accrues, he simply extracts surplus and reinvests it. He engages in no productive labour.
The rose flag is generally used by Social Democrats. The communist your thinking of is Rosa Luxemburg en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosa_Luxemburg
who was a Marxist theorist who was assassinated by the Freikorps (a paramilitary group open for hire by the government) who were hired by the largely Social Democrat government. People will joke about how ironic this is and will refer to Social Democrats as "Rosa Killers".

Smith kind of did have a problem with this, but his solution was more land-taxy if anything else

low quality bait: the thread

Thanks all, I appreciate the imput.

Head over to the theory thread when you have the time and lurk a bit to get a feel for the board. I advise starting with "Wage Labour and Capital" as a way to start with Marx as its more easily digestible then his main works like Capital.

It is thrown around as an insult yes, but to expand on they would essentially be a wealthy farmer from pre-revolutionary Russia who could hire people to do their work for them/along side them.
From google:

replace Holla Forums with /marx/

why is everyone replying to this idiot? lmao, you dissapoint me leftypol

Holla Forums:
-hates borders, the nation, nationalism and pride in your country
-denies race realism
-supports transgenderism and fag marriage
-supports sandniggers bombing themselves because that's "anti-imperialist"
-wants to abolish gender roles and deny patriarchy and the supremacy of Man
-wants to abolish the nuclear family in favor of children being raised communally like feral africans
-wants free shit for niggers
-screams about muh nazis but has no problems with invaders from Africa and the middle east

Yep totally not liberals at all even though you agree with them on everything

You posted that before and got btfo'd.

idk it seems we have you pretty scared when you think that we are collaborating with lizard people from outer space and have orgies on Mars with dead babies.

"i call it real so it is lol"
"transgenderism" as if it's a school of thought and an ideology, you are literally retarded my boy
we just don't oppose people based on identity and such, just as we don't favor them on it
you are the idpolack, you are the mentally impaired faggot
wrong, again
that never happened before the US imperialists supported islamic schools that preached doing that shit - in the fight against socialism
the PFLP for example does not pratice this
it's a tactic that marks the proxy armies of US imperialism
that's not something we do, that's already pratice of capitalism
"gender roles" are relationships between men and women getting reduced to economic interests, communism liberates people merely from the economic exploitative aspects, frees the genders to play their role absent from being cucked by a capitalist
but that's what your cuck relationships are all about, whoring your wife down to make her a free workforce in your home for your mastah
you pathetic wage cuck
wrong again

nothing is free, currently the wealth is just being horded by theft to the capitalist class, socialism is the first stage of mankind where people are receiving according to their work, not ownership and entitlement

the US imperialists are the envaders and forcing migration, only socialism opposses it not only in word but in action by giving people the right to their home and own wealth rather than imperialist war and exploitation, which is what you ignore
calling you a nazi would mean you'd actually have any understanding of imperialism and were actively pushing for it, you're just a cucked faggot bootlicker

I'm embarrassed to admit I actually swallowed this talking point when I was a socdem

You know it's possible to live well simply working a job right?

you're the biggest fucking wagecuck I've ever seen. Read a book or fuck off.

Haha, youre fucking predictable.

"they all believe that there is no difference between them and Bill Gates and the only possible explanation for anyone having anything they don't have is because of evil and exploitation. If you say it's possible to live well simply working a job, they call you a 'wagecuck', which means they simply reject the idea of earning money. They think no one should ever work ever. I don't know where they think money comes from. A bunch of them ganged up on me arguing that kids should not be able to have paper routes to earn spending money. "

I really love working my trade job earning a little more then minimum and coming home dead and unable to interact with my family, don't you?

Lets try this one,
Do you think Bill Gates is in any way smarter, more creative or more industrious than you?

You can also live like shit depending on the job.
As for me, i do have a decent one, but humans have that amazing ability that allow them to see beyond their own siuation and grasp the big picture, even if they don't semms to use it often

I've never allowed myself to be that weak. Work is good for you, if you've never worked in your life, how do you know if youre capable of being worth a damn. think about it. If you have an arm, and you never use it to lift anything, it withers away. Thats what you've allowed to happen to your entire being.

like pottery.

Deluded lolbert NEET detected

I bet your definition of work is getting up and take out the trash before your mom drives you to school

So why do you don't shut the fuck up and go to your job? If it's that easy why are you even here being retarded?

How is this "Do you think Bill Gates is in any way smarter, more creative or more industrious than you?" in any way a form of me sharing an example of capitalism working well.

You haven't even referenced my point. Try answering the question.

It takes effort to thrive in a civilized world and you would rather kick and scream than grow up.

Truck driver, taxi cab driver, street sweeper.
I supply my nation fucking food, rides to work, and I keep nature from taking back the parking lots and sidewalks. You should be thankful theres people like me. Otherwise this is what you get this.

Not him, but what's implied is:
"No Bill gates is not more creative or industrious than me, he got where he is because of the innovation of others and good connections."

Until you suffer a medical emergency, and you end up in debt peonage for the rest of your short life.

AMERICA fuck yeah

stop larping, you've never heal either of those jobs

Nigger, when I respond to one of your post I'm not automatically responding to everything you wrote in the thread. In the post I quoted you clearly implied you view Bill Gates as an example of a guy who got rich by his own work. Other than that you just threw a barrage of strawman arguments, and that doesn't warrant much more than a reaction image and meme arrows.

The fuck would I know? I didn't start with the same as he did.

I'm doing fine, thanks. I'm not the user who called you a wagecuck. I just meant that your Bill Gates example is shit.

Very good. note I'm not saying bill gates is great, or that capitalism is great.
The point is that you get what you deserve. Or atleast thats how it should be.
You don't deserve to live just as well as everyone else when you havn't done anything to deserve it. Maybe if you could steal something of value like him you wouldn't be smoking butts off the ground and living in communes.

You people need to get off the internet and read a book.

yes i have, i had nightmares about accidentally running people over when I was a truck driver. That one was the most responsibility. And I'm about to start doing that again.
Street sweeping was nice because it taught me about being a boss to the laborers. taxi cab driving is hard dangerous work, I loved meeting the people I met there.

Fuck off, Holla Forums.

Well, what is it? Do you get what you deserve, or don't you? Because in the second case, you might want to see society reformed.

Not even that user, but you literally said "Do you think Bill Gates is in any way smarter, more creative or more industrious than you?" then he countered by saying that Bill Gates is none of those things because he profited off others OS and utilized other peoples contacts.

First, you come here, calling people weak because they don't lift, when only one of your jobs might require lifting things. Then you claim communists don't want to work when in fact communists want everyone to work in socialism because it allows production to be more productive (obviously), allows people to have more free time so they can self-improve, and allows people to become self-sustaining without depending on another to work for them. None of your points have been actual arguments, none of your points actually argue against socialist theory. I'm going to sound like a broken record here, but read a book. Even if its just for the point of arguing against us, go to the theory thread and read at least one book by Marx. Try Wage Labour first.

Fuck off wanker, get a job or you'll die from starvation and malnutrition.

Don't bother. Holla Forumsyps are a bunch of deluded cultists who will filter out any contrary information you present to them so they can conveniently lump together anybody who disagrees with them on anything. They're basically failed abortions.


I never called anyone weak for not lifting. I called them weak because these fucks just don't want to work and its clear been made clear by these ignorant assumptions relating to working.

You don't get out of the house much, do you

I was a taxi cab driver. I've probably met and spoke deeply with strangers more in a day than you will in your whole life.

So you have no excuse for being as utterly ignorant as you are? Woof.

Just because you have a retarded view of leftists that you picked up from your mutt friends on r/T_D does not make that true.

no u? Look at the posts above. If any of these punks had worked a real job they would of said so.

They did, you dumbfuck.

You're basically just here to act like a cunt, fuck off.

holy fuck

one person, in "trades"
Nice proofs
And yes, and then no.

If they didn't, it's because people have better things to do than impress someone who lacks all intellectual honesty and just wants to come shout at what he imagines leftists to be.

What alternitive are you proposing? That I wax poetic on marxism?

Nah, yeah. You're a dumb motherfucker. Fuck yourself with a cactus, smooth brain.

That you fuck off and stop acting like a 12 year old, shithead.


Imagine this guy actually driving your cab. I'd bail the fuck out.

So you snarked at people knowing dan well their posts wouldn't convince you because hey, we 're on the Internet. And we're supposed to beleive you when you say you're a hard working person that have every right to tell the lazy commies to take a job.
In other word you come to argue in bad faith, congrats on wasting everyone's time i guess.

How could you without knowing the first thing about Marxism? You've started believing in straw men

haha thanks

He probably believes the Fox News/talk radio/Breitbart definition of "left-wing"

fox news is faux news

I doubt he is even that coherent honestly. More like a 14 y/o who gets all his knowledge from youtube and pretends to have worked jobs to own the libs.

Responding in anything else but made up stories about everyone you disagree with would be a start. Reading the thread for the arguments already presented would be a bonus.
If you actually knew what marxism was to a degree you could meaningfully disagree with it, that would be another bonus.

Otherwise, kindly fuck off back to your cuck fetish board.

You know what glad hands are? You know what a qualcomm is?

How about a skiff? do you know what that is deary?


How long do you wanna bet it'll be before he starts bitching about "safe spaces"? I give it 10 more posts.

Not if it's irrelevant to somebody's profession, jackass.

Not that I would expect you to on a Malaysian tapestry alignment rack, but the assumption here is that I state my work and you state your work and we trust each other because neither of us can prove anything. Out of all the things you could have decided to act like, you decide to act like a faggot.

Nah, i think it's just bait.

Sorry, I'm from Eastern Europe and English is not my first language. Is this some kind of a boat?

Na, its just a type of secret underground facility that stores information. I'm in one. No big deal. Vague proof i know, but how would I know about glad hands and qualcomms if I never drove trucks?

I'll have to think for a while, serious responses to my shitposting leave me confused.


Nice trips though

In the trade I used to work in I ran CAD on a CNC HAAS as well as manual Bridgeports. I'm currently in maintenance now for things which are better not said on a communist board which might be watched.

That was sarcasm user, at least i think so.