Papa Z debate

Suprised to see no threads about the fact that zizek just offered to debate Jordan Peterson

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inb4 he backs out like he did on Doug. Then again, he might show up since Doug is a coherent, intelligent guy who would undeniably wreck his shit, but Zizek is an incoherent, intelligent lunatic who would also wreck his shit, but JBP's followers would think Petey won anyway.

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because this was already posted in the other thread

I think the real point of this is not convincing any peterson cultists but getting a platform for genuine leftists beliefs to the H3h3 demographic


Please, please, please, please let this be for real!



Lmao the petersonfags won't even be able to understand zizek and then claim victory

Only Peterson can reach them. They don't call him The Fedora Whisperer for nothing.

I hate these people and I hope they die the worst possible death imaginable.

Reminder that fucking Sam Harris pushed Peterson's shit in.

Requesting link to said spoof tweet.


doug lain, the zero books guy.

you just described every internet liberal/skeptic trying to debunk socialism.

I just feel bad that he has to deal with brainlets and needs to write twice to get his message across.

Peterson's credibility will be shot after this. No chance he can win. Someone who actually understands what post modernism and marxism are will wipe the floor and expose all the flaws in Peterson's thinking.

no internet skeptic/anti-communist has ever lost credibility among their fans when they lose a debate. Sargon has gotten his ass kicked in every debate he's participated in and his subscribers don't care.

This. Debating only gives them credibility. The easiest way to "debate" them is to do what Zizek has done and mock/dismiss them without entertaining their delusions.

I've never seen Zizek debate but I have a feeling he would let most of the stupid shit Peterson says slide and just talk about coffee without milk vs. coffee without cream to make some point that no one understands instead.

Peterson is a master at bullshit. He's good at creating a vague spooky post-modern neo-marxist strawman for himself to tear down, and good at seeming smart when he speaks uninterrupted for three hours. What we need is someone who could challenge him on every little bullshit thing he says and dumb assumption he makes, force him to define his terms and make specific arguments against specific "post-modern neo-Marxist" claims.

I think this is what was so great about his "debate" with Sam Harris. Harris didn't accept Peterson's vague bullshit and the result was two hours of Peterson trying to redefine the word "truth", making him look like a total unhinged retard.

so what your suggesting is that to counter Peterson's bs we need a specific brand of nitpicky autism? My first thought is Chomsky because of his analytic background but he's probably too old for that.

Yes. Chomsky would have absolutely murdered Peterson, but like you said he's probably too old.

for obviously

tfw euphoric, not because of any phony god’s blessing, but because, I am enlightened by tibetan buddhism while tripping on a boat in nepal.

I watched him in a debate against some guy about foreign policy in the middle east a whole back (I think it was early obama era, can't remember the other guy's name), but Zizek actually held his ground really well and didn't let any bullshit slide. I was pleasantly surprised, so I have a bit of hope on this one

This was the debate. Watch and judge for yourself if he did good

can liberals leave?

This person can't be real

…how did the fuck did we end up like this? Seriously.

Horowitz is a huge moron and a retard on purpose.

Reminder that Jordan "No Marxist ever challenges me" Peterson and his team STILL haven't given Doug a new date. And it's not like Doug wants to have a debate - if you look at the sample questions Doug gave them you'll see that they aren't really confrontational.

how have i never seen this before

This was cool. This article was a much more direct call out of Peterson's cultural Marxism bullshit and elaborated on what he meant enough that it was readable. Zizek would be a good guy to rake Peterson over the coals on this one. Should be fun.

That debate was something.

it's an absolute nightmare but also the best thing ever


Hence, this debate with Jordan Peterson will be an absolute gaff

My gott

looks like memes are back on the menu boys

The problem here is that a simplification was needed. His first writings in The Independent was already quite simple for being Zizek. So the debate needs to have a round 2 as well. It's The law of the negation of the negation

ahaha logic. even when zizek would rip peterson to pieces in a cage fight using only logic peterson's followers would think peterson won and get angry at anyone who'd disagree with that notion. Holla Forums is completely deluded, it doesn't even matter whether peterson forms correct sentences as long as he pushes a couple buttons which trigger Holla Forums at the right spot. i'm sure peterson himself knows this very well, because unlike his audience, he isn't retarded.

that debate is pointless but zizek is probably going to enjoy it.

yeah i can already picture everyone involved talking past each other, saying "if I had more time" and nothing happening

like every other time a debate happens


It's a total waste of time, Peterson's followers will declare him the "winner" no matter what happens & I've never met a righty who actually read books or understood a guy like Zizek.
Zizek doesn't need to stain his boot by crushing this spider, so to speak.

snake oil salesman who used self help techniques from the 90s got caught up in an internet frenzy and made bank. Internet autists turned into a cult of personality around him
Though that's basically what all of the "altright" figures ended up being

Underrated post.

Wrong he was always a marxist, he was just opposed to post-Titoian Yugoslavia in its specifics.

Indeed it'll be a waste of time and the whole premise of having a winner is retarded as fuck.

Yeah but with Peterson he has unironically been accepted into the mainstream now.

lol at douglas lain in the comments

Good point
Carl even lost to muke….fucking muke!

i read that and now I feel dumber, thanks.


You cannot debate Jordan Peterson because he doesn't have a point. That's the error people make with Jordan Peterson. He makes people think that he has a point by using nice language and then attempts to bore the listener to tears. The tactic that Jordan Peterson does is plant seeds while giving a lot of ancillary information.

uh his point is to clean the lobsters out from your room

Lobsters out! We don't need Lobsters! Lobsters can go back to the zoo! Bye Bye Lobsters!

The lobster's are taking over society! We have to send them back to the sea! The 'sters must be eliminated!

I appreciate Doug's effort at trying to actually engage with them.

It wasn't much of a debate. David Horowits was constantly making an ass of himself and his only real tactic was to interrupt Julian Assange and Slavoj Zizek.

zizek and petersen are gonna makeout, then get naked and have sex

Nobody wants this.

giving his opponents way to much credit and leeway as always
still appreciate ol doug though

I wanna watch JBP's daughter and Zizek's ex wives all have sex tbh

if I were Zizek I'd suffer every bit of it. It's gonna be like shouting at a wall.

Honestly I hope he makes Peterson cry: although knowing Peterson that shouldn't be hard.

Now think about Zizek debating Quit Your Bullshit

Sorry I hurt you like this.

*No Bullshit

oh wow, I had no idea about that

Now I'm afraid I know the answer, but do you know where he stands on the drug war now?

You don't need that at all. His rhetoric is built on assumptions, bad definitions and the false guise of authority. Dismantling those isn't ntpicking, it's the most sensible and reasonable course of action.

Lest we forget:

This is what happens when the right takes a stab at intellectual legitimacy. You might have noticed that in these past few decades, the right doesn't try to argue its legitimacy, and just proclaims it instead.

Horowitz is a legitimate sociopath, he's exactly the type of person someone means when they say sociopaths are attracted to positions of power.

You forgot "was raised to popularity by unwitting socjus-addled liberals in the media who attempted to smear him in a way that was both painfully obvious and completely backfired". Like with Trump and the alt-right.

I do.

I'd argue that his rise to 'popularity' (by that I mean found in audience with nerds on the Internet) was well before "unwitting socjus-addled liberals in the media who attempted to smear him in a way that was both painfully obvious and completely backfired".

Sam Harris loves his hallucinogenic


Why is peterson orange? He's like palest motherfucker.

true if big

who needs to read a book when you can just read this post

That rise happened thanks to muh pronouns, right when the media was touchy because of le gamergate meme.It had its share of "this shitlord professor wants to KILL tr*nspersyns" peal-clutching that helped him.