Communism failed in every country imaginable

No i wont read book leftynagger. Give me one sentence or argument why should anyone ever implement communism or follow this most retarded nugger thier ideology.


read mao

it didnt fail, it succeeded. for most of the 1900s, two of the three most powerful countries were socialist

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Which one? If you tell me russia or china i will have to stop you there.

China will outlive the US

I don't think I've ever seen someone discrediting EVERY attempt at socialism in all the time I've been here, the thing is that there are lots of different an opposing ideologies on this board and everyone has different examples of model states; MLs see the USSR (until Gorbachev) as a prime example, Hoxhaists/Anti-revisionists like Albania and the USSR pre-Kruschev, anarchists think that the Free Territory and CNTFAI were socialist and that everything else was just state capitalism. Add all those ideologies together, and in the end there's someone who's bound to discredit everything.

America disproves Capitalism is a more reasonable opinion.

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2. all involved mass murder of innocent people, so NO


china will outlive US just becasue china isnt melting pot of races. Thats the only reason.

There is no "gotcha" one sentence answer. Stop being a retarded brainletand FUCKING READ.

Im automatically ignoring every post where you retards suggest me to read a book. How about you read mein kampf? How about you read protocols of zion? How about you read how jews created communism?

we're telling you to read history books, you're telling us to read fiction, whats your fucking damage

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literally school shooter manifesto-tier
czarist propaganda.
that just proves that jews are smarter than you user.

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Yeah becasue torturing and killing czar family is absolutely awesome right?

yeah it was, you're starting to learn user.

Then scuttle back to Holla Forums and circlejerk about how you BTFO those darn leftists

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Until an external capitalist force destroyed it by merely existing.

I dont see how his daughers were bad people. Or how it is justified to literally killing whole family for hours before they cry to finally kill them.

nigga have you ever heard of the cia

Ever heard of the KGB?
You know mccarthy was right on the money when it came to spotting communists….


McCarthy was a paranoid squawking parrot

Respond to this you illiterate faggot. Or will you keep beliving in your nigger tier propaganda? You know damn well communists knew how to manipulate informations. Are you okay with this you wasted negro?

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As if nazism is any better. Two tenets:
2. All white people are special snowflakes

That's fucking it. All you've got is hitlers ramblings which is school shooter manifesto tier, and a shitload of garbage infographs with not one fucking source between them.

thats not a whataboutism retard. To claim that the downfall of 20th century socialist experiments had nothing to do with America's militant anti-communist foreign policy as did is asinine and wrong.

The KGB wishes they were half as efficient at spying on and assassinating people as America is

During the revolution it will be open season on adult virgins

Nice now answer my question. Are you okay with torturing and killing czar family.

So you will die first? Nice to know.

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No respond to the point. Mein kampf was edgy teenager tier, and pol inforgraphs are garbage


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Glad those children were as bad as murderers just becasue they were caught in political war. Im really glad they died.

Projecting your insecurities on me? The only people i will shoot up are retarded commies.

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Peterson is jew manifested he tries to repress rightwingers becase he know damn well if they glorious uprising its over.


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if communism failed how come the US is shitting their pants because north korea is about to nuke them with lord soros (pbuh) sponsored nukes?

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Google J. Posadas


if you can explain your entire ideology in a single sentence, your ideology is shit, you are shit, read a fucking book for once in your life

I just find it hilarious that when literature is brought up, the Holla Forumsack can only name Hitler's school shooter manifesto and conspiracy theory tracts. They can't even bring up Evola, or the Doctrine of Fascism, or Solzhenitsyn, or any right-wing theorists (such as they are). They are allergic to facts and knowledge and their theory is Chick Tracts and memes.

It's downright ironic how these people managed to co-opt the "rational skeptic" label.