Anglo hate thread

V.I. LENIN, Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism Peking, 1970, p. 129

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also I'm pretty sure Engels said that


that picture looks like something Latin American leftbook would unironically share

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m8 didn't you hear about the Cheddar Man shit? We're pan-africanism gang now and officially on the anti-imperialism side of the fascism line

give 'em back you fucking shits


Ulster is rightful British clay you greedy fucks

t Muke

yeah, the vanguard of capitalism you stupid Anglo fuck.

So hold on: the common folk of a nation are to blame for the actions of the bourgeoisie of that same nation? Is that why Holla Forums hates all Jewish people, because of the actions of their bourgeoisie?


imperialist socdem party leaders are not "common folk."

Only the Anglo's are fit to rule the earth, the lesser races are incapable of even rational thought.


none of ulster is british, and only 6 of the 9 counties are in northern ireland. We will be taking all of them back shortly.

You said that in the 70s and achieved only in picking off the occasional soldier or policeman, and bombing civilians for whatever ass backwards reason.

If you want another 30 years of troubles to spin your wheels and achieve nothing, have at it.

Broke: The 6 Counties are Irish
Joke: The 6 counties are English
Woke: The 6 counties are Scottish
Bespoke: The 6 counties are Northern Irish

the thing about socdems is that they are BACKSTABBING, they will lie and deceive you into thinking they are on the side of socialism and the workers, but the closer they get to power, the more "compromises" are needed to get into power, and by the time they're PM they're launching a coup in Iran like Attlee, Corbyn's hero, did.

Actually I don't think I have ever heard him say that: his hero he always brings up is Allande.Aka the bloke who died for his socialist beliefs while fighting of American imperialists. Also user, the coup in Iran (1953) was launched by Churchill, not Attlee. Nice try tho dear.


you mean that guy who put pinochet in charge of the military and didn't arm the people, continuing bourgeois parliamentarism and ended up losing all the achievements made because he didn't call the people into arms - because again he didn't bother handing them out to begin with?
"sifthing of american imperialists" by continuously getting cucked by it?
some faggots here just love shitting on Venezuela and it's often enough the same retards that uphold Allende, even though he was even a worse liberal than Maduro.


that's a kneecapping

Calm your fucking tits hotdamn.

You are ruled by a Queen, Dukes, and Spiritual Lords. Get yourself in order m8.

t. Moron
And everyone is ruled by an aristocracy in the west: the difference is ours have fancy names and that is about it. Also the Lords Spiritual are pretty anti-cap and it is mostly Blairites and tories that want to get rid of them because they oppose neoliberalism.

If you're voting PUP over PBP then you're a fucking prick

I mean I don't vote for either, but PBP are utter lads.

Agreed, I'm a member

Not vaporizing England was a mistake.
England being obliterated down the bedrock is the only positive thing that could have come out of the clusterfuck that was WW2
Hopefuly Corbyn will be able to salvage the unsalvageable

So anti-cap and pro royal theocracy? And that's good?

user you know fuck all about british history do you? The CoE supported the power of parliament throughout history because the absolutists were catholics. Also
You obviously don't know what a theocracy means do you lad? Unless you think the Archbishop of Canterbury is dying to be the Christian Ayatollah Khomeini.

You have positions in parliament that are awarded to membership of a specific state church, no?

Rowan Williams is B A S E D


In the House of Lords, yes.

"Every transaction in the developed economies of the West can be interpreted as an act of aggression against the economic losers in the worldwide game."

And you have a house of lords. Which means you have officially legislated lords that rule over you. But good job defending her majesty, subject.

Well I mean the powers of the lords aren't defined in legislation (bar a few points here and there) but I wouldn't expect you to know that tbh. Also the "lords" are mostly just randos who got their way there through buying it for favours (which makes them no different from most other bourgeois politicians) or actually through merit in an important field; like Robert Winston. But again, the lords are no different from any other bourgeois rulers; the irony being that the only ones that aren't bourgeois (I include those that are voted from the pool of hereditary peers since all of them are engaged in various family businesses that makes them no different from Branson or Sugar) are the lords spiritual.
But I bet you didn't even know most of the shit I just said because you hear about shit and don't bother to fucking look into it. I don't agree with the present state of the british political set-up to a significant degree, but saying "MUH LAIRDS" is not how you fix shit dear, you critically analyse it.


Broke: Cheddar Man was a hoax made up by Jews to get free-born white britons to accept irreversible mass immigration from Africa and miscegenation

Joke: Cheddar Man represented a step forward for modern genetic science and showed off the new capabilities in facial reconstruction and genetics that humanity now has to offer and allows us all to see a common heritage obscured by millennia of national and racial strife arising from the development of civilization

Woke: Cheddar Man was a red herring designed to keep the masses of the world from inquiring into the reptilian origins of the Anglo

tbh I find Europe's lack of industrial modernization on the whole amusing. Must be schanfraude.


America does because passenger rail was nationalized in 1970 and price/consolidation controls were done away with in 1980, allowing railroads to actually be profitable again. This caused reinvestment and modernization into intermodal containers, electronic inventory management, remote control and computerized signalling. This more or less creates a national electronic industrial management system, if a crude one. European railways did the same but vis-a-vis passenger transport, to allow for dynamic pricing based on demand (another thing American railways did first). The benefit of centralization and consolidation is a larger pool of shared resources that can subsidize each other, based on need.

A more modern example is the FAA's ongoing ATC modernization, which uses many of the same concepts but applies them to aircraft.

Britain is responsible for basically everything wrong in the world– the existence of Nazi Germany, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and even the USA itself were all British schemes.