The family structure

As we have seen how divorce rates soared after the establishment of the Soviet Union, we can conclude that abolishing the family unit is complete rubbish.

Promiscuity is immoral and divorce must be kept at a minimum.

Your take?

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Yeah I mean pre-1990s Ireland is just the perfect example of social bliss.
Also Inb4 Stirner posting.

yes. everything that smells of ultralefties is rubbish

You know you see terrible mothers for having fun I see terrible fathers who are doing worse

The soviet union encouraged monogamy, families, family values and hetrosexuality?
Communism or marxism says capitalism, like in your pic related, caused the unnatural "nuclear family" and that in capitalism promiscuity is more common among the upper classes and that returning to old family units with the extended family in it will occur in socialism, as well as the returning of monogamy.

Explain to me why divorce rose as fast as rocket during the Soviet Union?

And don't tell me huge divorce rates are a sign of "progress".

Don't tell me that easily leaving a spouse is a negative. Most people are shit and you're going to have to learn that once you take your utopian Mommy & Daddy glasses off

1. Proofs
2. If it is true, then like any other leftist revolution it is because it was finally allowed to get divorced and women were able to get divorced due to being able to have a job and a living wage

So you don't care about familial stability?

It is. Resolve the problems, don't walk away. Promiscuity and hook-up culture are also part of the problem.

Also on that source you linked is NO FUCKING DATA ABOUT THE SOVIET ERA

Not perfect but it's worse now. High divorce rates go together with high rates of single mothers. Think of the children.


Multiple studies show us that children fare much worse in single parent homes whether it's on a psychological level, education, substance abuses, crime and so forth.

You still have not proven your claim that

Post the article instead of posting a link to a paywall you dumbfuck. You cant prove shit if nobody can read it.

This study examines the major causes for the extraordinary increase in the Soviet divorce rate, which has become the second highest in the world.

If you don't believe it, so be it.

This is the opinion of a brainlet virgin, let's be real

Also convenient promiscuity is only a problem for women, eh?

Sources, my man.

But if we can just cite shit:


Explain why the USA had higher divorce rates?
Not that I would give a fuck about MUH MARRIAGE

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Not at all.

Sexual revolution.

Sexual revolution.

This was meant for you.

So your point is?


no, its the opposite. People in unhappy marriages sleep around
do not benefit from a burning dumpster marriage at all and are much better off in dual parenting

Infidelity is immoral as well and must be discouraged.

Because it ensures familial stability.


It sure was.

I agree with both. It's immoral because it shows a lack of integrity and because it's damaging for the family.

Official marriage must be abolished. Persons who want to marry each other and live together may register as cooperative household owners and unofficially consider themselves married. People would not have parental rights in the first place, they must prove that they are able to raise children properly. If not, the govenment will focefully (with the consent of the child if it is able to consent, of course) take their children to a special institution where they will be raised by professionals. Children would belong to the local community or to the whole country.

What was so bad about it? What has improved since?
The average kid turned out more well-adjusted than the average kid today