Culture wars have derailed the Left

I know many people here can already see through the bullshit of identity politics, but I think we must see idpol as a symptom instead of the disease.

The disease itself is the Left's anti-materalist obsession with different types of culture wars. This basically boils down to the idea that we need to push the right narrative and the right lifestyle in media, in education, in political discourse, etc. From the sensitive social-democrat who sees lack of diversity in media, to the mentally deranged ☭TANKIE☭ who sees Fascism in every song or movie to the anarchist that believe a graffiti will "raise awareness", we all fight different versions of the culture wars and dedicate most of our time and energy to it.

Yeah, except that if you think about it we've fought and won the war, several fucking times, and it lead to nothing. There are socialists who receive universal praise like Gandhi and King, we have clothing with Che Guevara's face everywhere, there are movies and shows where the protagonist is trying to destroy the system, Beyonce is praising the Black Panthers in the fucking Super Bowl. There were entire periods in the past half century were virtually every good band or singer was singing left-wing ideas. Anyone who was alive in the 60s and 70s could safely assume that it's just a matter of time until the young generations became old enough to be in power that the capitalism and tyranny would be destroyed, because that's how left-leaning the kids were.

What has all this lead to? Absolutely nothing. Ideas circulating by themselves without some degree of material change in society to sustain them are worthless. If you want to truly enforce principles and ideas, you need the right social and political institutions, which require two things: an economy arrangement that allows for them, and the class that wishes them to have some degree of political power to create, preserve and expand them. I mean, Jesus, it's almost like the bearded guy who spent his entire youth chimping out at left-Hegelians was right.

But people haven't accepted how futil this endeavour is, and we're now stuck in the Groundhog Day of debating what is and isn't sending "the right massage" in pop culture, and no, the Irony Left twist of inserting a more socialist notion into this debate and talking about how Wonder Woman is Zionism and 300 is Fascism is not the way to fight this. We should remove this strategy from our arsenal almost completely and give it minor attention only. Enough of only attracting kids who want to sneer at everyone else's tastes in pop culture and think this is politics. We don't need this.

What we should focus is how to develop society's productive forces further, how to strenghten the political power of the wage-earning class engaged in the private sector, and how to cut capitalism from its predatory life-supports, like imperialism. Enough about the fucking movies.

So what should be done is: Focus on expanding public financial support for scientific and technological research, creating labor, consumer and market mechanisms through which innovative competition can still happen effectively as long as capitalism lasts; making radical unions in every productive sector tied to left-wing political parties that will help create experiments in social ownership and democratic control, and have enough presence in the electoral mainstream political arena to stop public money from going to Moderate Rebels elsewhere. Don't let the latest Occupation or Boycott divert you from this, if you want to spread the right message go on Youtube and prepare lectures about Socialist theory instead of writing about how the Left "needs" Cum Town. We need to affect material reality, everything else is futile even if tempting.

TL;DR: Read Zizek.

All politics are identity politics

It's not as if anybody on this board doesn't buy into the whole "muh poor oppressed brown people of the global south" anyway, you simply want to downplay it to get more white people on board. It won't work.

Too vague.
Utterly useless.

Only one thing ever worked: join a socialist organization, militate for the organization. Doesn't matter if it is an electoral party or a terror cell, so to speak, as long as you are concretely organizing. Abstract "focusing on" or making the 9000th youtube video on socialism will do less than one evening spent knocking on doors for a municipal election.

Mostly right otherwise, the culture wars and idpol have been dead ends at best.

Most of the youth today is voting straight left. All you have left are rotting boomers and the beginning to putrefy Gen X

Tell me when you can get UKIP back up and running btw


Why do we have so many threads about women lately

This one isnt about women though


OP, you seem like an intelligent person.

i forsee you experiencing a tremendous amount of frustration trying to explain this concept to most "socialists" and people on the left. "political awareness" in this day and age, as you said, is mostly just an excuse to sneer at others opinions and beliefs.

so while your point is valid, good fucking luck trying to get it through to anyone on the left (or even the right at this point, considering how far out of control white idpol has gotten). idpol (along with SSRIs, amphetamines, nostalgia, processed foods, and fear) is what people are kept alive on. it is the new opium of the masses. you take that away, and they will lose reference for everything. you wont be able to get through to them.

dealing with this kind of person is why i abandoned left leaning politics in the first place, but make no mistake, the right is saturated by it as well.

Whatever Sargon

ok prove me wrong faggot.

every "politically aware" person these days is focused on these issues, no matter where you are on the spectrum. either pushing for it, or reacting against it. you can find pockets of people who are beyond this mode of thinking online (rarely), but most organizations are not only saturated with these idpol zombies, but they are also run and organized by them.

i implore you to go make a video of yourself talking at one of these "rallies" about the complete and total abandonment of idpol by the political left. at best you will get autistic screeching (especially if you are white), at worst youll be chased out of there.

you simply cannot separate these people from their religion and expect them to be functional. it is all they know

Your time is tick-tick-ticking away

Quit reddit spacing

readability is for redditors

ok prove me wrong faggot. every "politically aware" person these days is focused on these issues, no matter where you are on the spectrum. either pushing for it, or reacting against it. you can find pockets of people who are beyond this mode of thinking online (rarely), but most organizations are not only saturated with these idpol zombies, but they are also run and organized by them. i implore you to go make a video of yourself talking at one of these "rallies" about the complete and total abandonment of idpol by the political left. at best you will get autistic screeching (especially if you are white), at worst youll be chased out of there. you simply cannot separate these people from their religion and expect them to be functional. it is all they know


yeah, no shit

Yeah maybe one day youll all retalize the right and left really is a scam to make people think change is happening. Its a show to keep us content and to keep us spending and working so the american machine of global dominance has gas


culture wars are unironically important
politics is downstream of culture

Culture wars didn't derail "the Left", they derailed liberals.


culture is downstream of nurture, which is downstream of material conditions

Pretty obvious shit

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Why is someone this nihilistic in a political discussion board?
Why would someone this nihilistic even discuss anything at all?



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Right and left don't exist dumbass.
It's only historical necessities, and the attempt of a dying system to maintain it's grip.

so I see we are being more accommodating to the mentally handicapped these days.


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we should filter 'idpol' for 'empathy and basic human decency towards marginalized folks', because that is really what makes the anti idpol crowd feel threatened.


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such a cringey word tbh

99% of the time criticism of 'idpol' and 'political correctness' amount to people from historically privileged groups who feel threatened because they are finally facing social pressure to recognise the humanity of marginalized people. Why shouldn't we be 'politically correct'? why shouldn't we listen and believe the very legitimate complains of our POC and queer comrades?

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having compassion for doubly exploited PoC isn't the same as wishing to genocide jews, go back >>>Holla Forums

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that's right. you won. and empirically proved that your jewish ideas don't work because: (i) humans are tribal, (ii) human nature, (iii) niggers aren't human
your conclusion should be obvious, but I have a sneaking suspicion you're not going to learn your lesson

mods should ban cryptoreactionaries like you

What if humans tribally identify with communism, what if their culture becomes more identified with collectivism and the ideas of contrarian identiariasm become outdated and the younger generations really no longer identify with this as politics or praxis

See your post is fucking stupid because the only people who agree with you are boomers

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how the fuck can I be a part of a "historically privileged group" if the last 600 years of country's history basically jsut constantly being fucked over by western countries?
My othe big problem with "idpol" is that I'm from europe and "white" and "person of colour" are the most fucking meaningless terms ever. "White" as an identity doesn't exist outside of America. Sorry for being european and eurocentric. Sorry for prioritizing liberating the working class over liberating women and minorities, but I just don't get how that's morally rotten. Like, a black porky is no better than a white one, and a female worker should be empowered just as much as a male one. But race and identity has nothing to do with class. And if the capitlist who's been explioting the blabour of my brothers and sisters happens to be gay, he's still going to the fucking guillotine.

the OP said that your 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧culture🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 has been identified with collectivism for decades and it hasn't worked at all. why don't you address that.

no one disputes that within a family unit there is sharing. the strong look after the weak because they have a genetic interest in doing so. it is your 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧attempts🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 to universalize this (while in addition, insisting there is no strong and no weak) which are utterly retarded.

the only people who agree with you are niggers, and only until the gibs run out. they don't actually care about your "ideas"

Then explain why among the British youth right nationalism has become unpopular as fuck in a matter of two to three years and UKIP is struggling

It's almost as if……….speaking on behalf of everyone is fucking retarded lol…….


Shut up Mutt

You know a lot of those "poor people in the South" are White right?
Like South Africa Brazil Argentina etc?

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You wouldn't have your political beliefs if you were as confident about their infallible truth as you think. Or maybe the internal contradictions are so hard wired you believe it all.

I Miss Baboon poster at least he had some fun with it instead of spouting bullshit

miss me yet?


And afterwards lost all their voting bloc and are struggling to stay afloat as internal fighting over a sudden lack of following is ripping them apart

He didn't notice UKIP is dead

Strong and Stable m8 ;v)

how long until you take this shithead off the board?


Everyone voted for Brexit to stop the Poles coming in and working for nothing. Also, EU competitive tender policy is a pain if you want to renationalize everything…

He isnt denying that hes just pointing out that like most single issue parties it died the second said objective was met

UKIP is dead lad, it's best you just admit it and stop embarrassing yourself

thought you people were all about ideas, kek


m8 you're a mutt


Did you know kek is pronounced kuk, btw

Hello fellow kekistani! xD

Actually, most voters say it was the NHS figure: aka Boris' and Gove's work, that convinced them to vote leave.
user you have it the wrong way around, from 1980-2015 the UK operated on US lines, now we are shifting away from that.
No young white men want a fucking job, a sense of purpose, community and non-shit economic conditions. That's why young working class people voted overwhelmingly labour.

I said their arguments secured the Leave vote you sperg. The lesson you should take from Brexit is that when people are given the option to vote for what they want (they will take it. None of the British parties are fit for purpose under their current leadership. See: President Trump remaking the GOP in his image.

The Toyrs HATE him!

Find Out How One Next Prime Minister Grew A Big Dick and Fucked UKIP's Voting Base Into Sexual Submission


When you destroy your homogeneous nation you don't get to argue about policy anymore, because groups see different outcomes and people get offended and blame isms.

How do you know what they want? All the same people voted for Labour mostly. Especially the youth, absolutely none of the youth likes UKIP or the Torys

So how do you know what they like? You don't know what they like. Your ideology is dead and decomposing, it's the boomers.

The Torys and UKIP are your only proof and NOBODY is voting for them fast.

Corbyn is the next PM. Put your spoon in your mouth and keep sucking in spite.

The only thing that changed is that the GOP somehow became even more pro-israel.
Epic win for the white race amirite?

Can you show us where this giant Right-Wing swing of Young white men is occuring?

You don't understand, every time you fuck up like UKIP has you fall into the narrative that you're all fucking retarded, people aren't going to suddenly forget that and start respecting you.

the culture wars that matter are all taking place in america and you've already lost. generation zyklon isn't a meme.

the boomer cuckservatives lost on every issue they cared about because they craved the respect of lefties. that's how political correctness became the zeitgeist. the tories are doing terribly because they haven't figured this out yet



Excuse me but they literally painted Corbyn as Satan and a Vampire

Yeah……………………that's why…………..


Corbyn is going to give you Public Trains and you're going to learn to love it and respect it like the bitch you are.

Great Britain was never a homogeneous nation you utter fucking dolt: heck it wasn't even a nation until 1800 and that wasn't due to an organic means like Italy and Germany: that was coordinated by the elites of three separate states. There's a reason Ireland managed to win its independence in 1921: because Ireland is not Great Britain.

Mein gott you are such an American: you have not fucking understanding of british history, politics or culture.

Making a small section of the population part of a counter-culture isn't a victory.

Boomer conservatives are some of the smuggest assholes in history. What the fuck do you mean they want the respect of lefties?

Keep stanning for gramps faggot, the boomers are your only friends left

you can test for this by looking at the "what do they think of president trump" polls and seeing how low he scores in all the euro countries with state media, because only a tiny percentage of the population will ever care about anything beyond the propaganda they're fed

Wow I'm literally shaking.

35-38%~ approval rating consistent through year one.

The youth in America do not like Trump as much as the youth in Britain admire May. Though America doesn't have a real Corbyn, so the parallels end there

That's why everyone believed the endless stories about Corbyn The Daily Mail and The Sun fed them, you absolute fucking idiot


Fixed that for you
So your biggest argument for muh Culture wars is that Politically charged Capitalist media exists and a Political stageshow exists? (Yeah if you havent realized it yet Trump and all the Neo-Cons/Libs are all buddies behind closed doors)
They literally did the same thing with corbyn


Trump's presidency is going to force Britain's electorate a further bright crimson Red. Watch.

they gave deference to your frame

And UKIP didn't, and everyone had the option to vote for UKIP

…But they didn't

Now I'm just confused, if everything you're saying is true, why did they snub UKIP into total submission, where they're now fighting it out Thunderdome Style over who runs what and where


You cheeky fucker nobody voted for UKIP and that was an option they had

Do you seriously think they care about the left's opinion on them? The reason the neoliberals did that was to obtain a cheaper work force and to facilitate free trade.

Well trump wants to build a reinforced border wall so…
Its almost as if rambling about wanting those spics and niggas out of the country makes people not like you
Conservatives and Liberals who live in all white gated communities have always done this

Well actually UKIP only ran 1/3 the candidates in 2017 compared to 2015 but yeah.

had david cameron not put the referendum in his 2015 manifesto, ukip would have won dozens of seats because they were offering an alternative to the lib/lab/con. no one voted for them in 2017 because the question was obviously "do you want tories or labour to implement brexit?" with no room for nuance

trump isn't a cuckservative you mong


You're right about the Lib/Lab/Con similarity in the Cameron-Clegg-Miliband Era, but UKIP winning dozens of seats? Nah.
There are a few reasons for this: First is their tiny membership. They have neither the capital nor the manpower to do anything really. Second is the fundamental nature of the british FPTP electoral system (tbh nothing more needs to be said there). This was the nature of change in 2015: it was mostly the paties scrapping for lib dem seats, the tories were better at this and thus won. The fourth is that UKIP support was far too decentralised; they only ever won two seats at any one time because of defecting MPs and even then one of them lost their seat in 2015. Compare this to a relatively small party that did fucking dick in 2015: the SNP and you see they have none of these issues: large membership (they are by far the largest party in Scotland), they had localised areas of support already, capital from scottish businessmen and had gamed the FPTP system before. So nah, bad take.
This is so fucking hilariously wrong I don't know where to start.

90% of idpol is enabling the lumpenproletariat.

Culture wars is just a way to antagonize actual workers.

Also everyone forgot Cameron wanted an EU referendum until like 6 months after he got elected.

corbyn's economic policies are rooted in a time when england was a homogenous white nation and they didn't even work then. trying to implement them when you've got a massive coloured minority (plus gays, women etc) demanding an overshare of the gibs and somehow 1980s-style haringey council political correctness is the media zeitgeist is like darling 'arold plus islam, it's just palpably absurd

You might as well be a libdem m8

M8 your a fool of yourself

The reason the UKs social Systems collapsed was because of the Capitalist and Conservatives needed to chip away the UKs model at the start of the 80s
Well women and gays and some Minorities already existed back when the UK was "Pure and Homogeneous" so????

look at how reluctant the tory vote was in 2010, and ukip's 2009/14 EU election performances. the national and constituency polling (ashcroft et al) and their performance in local council elections was real. i would say their upper bound was about 60 seats, all of which were winnable, but the tories offered the referendum and labl/lib did not so it all became academic.

This is about voters, not posturing

you people love to talk about boomers dying off. how about that generational labour vote eh? "me and me mam and me dad and me gran"
also top kek at all this ukip debate while the socialist workers party literally gets like 18 votes each time they stand.


Lots of Boomers have class consciousness its just that much more of them are Liberals and conservatives

Pic related

here (You) go:

overnight created tens of millions of anti-semites by saying he'd move the american embassy to jerusalem. not an accident
building a wall, ending the diversity lottery, ending chain migration, killing daca. american jew media admits (in the form of kvetching) that this will seriously delay making America minority White
note that the only time the jew-media supported him since his election was when he fired a missile at a syrian airfield. if you look closely it is his cabinet agitating for this. no one said draining the swamp would be easy.
his base absolutely hates kushner, cohn, mnuchin and street shitter nikki halen

Hmm, where have I heard this before?

explain why every single word the President has spoken and every action the President has taken has been met with outrage by the media and both political parties, with the sole exception being that one time he fired a missile at an abandoned syrian airfield

thats a tough one.
im gonna stick around for a bit and see if anyone can answer that.

Anyone else tired of seeing this dumb nazi poster on the top of every thread?

So why did he fucking appoint those people to his cabinet then? IF you're against the Illuminati NWO, why appoint Goldman fucking Sachs CEOs to run the economy?

Don't you realize Trump is just Obama for white people? The same empty "hope and change" rhetoric.. the same broken promises. And you will just blame everything on the Dems, just like the Obama fanatics blamed all of his failures on the Republicans.

Explain why he fired those missiles in the first place, if he was really against the neocon wars. Why is he ramping up tensions against DPRK? Iran? Both countries opposed to Israel.

How do you explain pic related? Why did the "based god emperor" pardon Jewish supremacist capitalists convicted on very serious fraud charges?

I thought I logged off of Twitter, where the fuck am I?

pls give source to the image