"Communist that get economic class struggle but not cultural classes like race sex and gender are dumb" lmao

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Idealism: not even once


yeah i sure do like using my white rights to oppress the darkies to get more WhiteCoins

At least she recognizes the class struggle

She's right.

That she is, indeed. But she's not correct.

Of course, the great struggle for true living!
Daily reminder that these people, as cringy as they are, are inconsequential, and will not affect the struggle meaningfully.


People pushing economism - i.e. "brocialists", "white socialists" - are undialectical as fuck.

The base influences the superstructure BUT the superstructure reproduces the base. Honest question: how do you propose to maintain a revolutionary economic system without a revolutionary culture?

This kind of vulgar monism on the left (namely, thinking there's only one major contradiction by which all other contradictions emerge, so in order to destroy/resolve/sublate all the "little contradictions" all you need to do is go after the big contradiction) has been proven a massive failure again and again. The USSR arguably turned revisionist partially due to things like Stalin scaling back civil liberties won for women, homosexuals, etc. and by promoting staunchly conservative ethics. Same thing will no doubt happen with a lefty-jihadi alliance: "Our women are all in niwab but hey at least we kicked whitey out!". Pathetic.

Go in the dustbin.
Nice implications, with the base "influencing" the superstructure while the superstructure reproduces the base.
Facts are that first world women and ethnic groups simply AREN'T exploited. Workers are exploited, and that is that.
ANY non-revolutionary work with gender or race is doomed to fail because the """"democratic"""" work for """"equality"""" is a wholly Capitalist idea that is a distraction from real, economic change.
We can have as many freedoms as we want, and the state will STILL protect bourgeois interests and people will still be oppressed.
That would require a culture several hundred times more rigid than anything the 1st world has to offer, because that would require something to actually revolt against.
INB4 "But revolution will be third world". Sincerely doubt double dark star Livvy is a third world revolutionary.

Women, people of colour, etc. ARE workers and many times they face oppression which can't be reduced to who controls the factories. How do you propose, again, the reproduction of a revolutionary base without the revolutionary ideology? Do you honestly believe racism, male dominance, etc. further socialist causes?

Makes no sense.

But we're giving the tweet a sympathetic reading, she's totally right about communists who are class reductionists.

t. white dude
Seriously, do the sexual division of labor and racially disproportionate imprisonment not count as exploitation above and beyond what white male proles experience? Even if there were some sort of revolution, discrimination, hate crimes and rape wouldn't just disappear overnight.


t. Jason Unruhe

fuck off with this bullshit. You aren't radical you're just a fucking dick.

What a fucking retarded way to say it. I was confused for a moment if she meant university classes or social classes. Also lol @ cultural classes, since when is "class" some Platonic form and not a very specific economic relation?

Class isn't reducible to the factory though.



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What she recognizes is a mess. Try working with her and see how her confused understanding of theory translates to everyday praxis.

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What you are doing is wrong. You encourage her error instead of correcting her, which shows that your ultimate alliance is with liberalism.

Stop feeding idiots.

Since sheltered high-school/college "radicals" haven't experienced the difference yet.


feeding what? He's a fucking asshole and I wanted to tell him that. And I genuinely feel better now that I did.

You have to ask why he's so obsessed with suicide. I bet he's had multiple suicide attempts.

Back to reddit…

all over the world you literal teenager.

This is the most retarded thing I have read all week, congrats.

Read the fucking literature, m8.

t. trot

I don't see how that assertion is wrong though.

it's nonsense, revolutionary economic system is an oxymoron



I could technically say I'm a 'queer POC' but I could also LARP as an alt right frogman, makes no difference.

the first world is no longer an industrial economy but a service/information economy.

I'm just far too irony poisoned to get into unironic identity politics. I feel tremendously isolated irl and the internet seems like a meaningless world of racial clickbait, 'woke' pro-genocide middle class ☭TANKIE☭ LARPers, and all possible varieties of meta-post-ironic racism. internet/campus idpol is nauseatingly self referential and alien to my actual cultural history. There's almost no reference to either western or non-western intellectual history, it's all about the eternal present of internet discourse. The discourse places you into one of various boxes and assigns you consumer products to cherish and bait to get angry about, but I can't help but feel hopeless. Are there people out there who aren't tumblr bots or Holla Forums spammers?

reddit is more your speed

This means nothing. Services can have value.