Bruh look at this dude

bruh look at this dude..

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Oh dearey me.

Is this a bad thing?

i think you're looking for /r/politics

Bernie already acknowledged Russia interfered in the election. It's not his fault they favored him over Hillary. What do they want him to say?



are you stupid or willfully ignorant?

What? Bernie acknowledged it… Why don't you?

Holla Forums can't acknowledge it, because they're gay for Trump.

They can't imagine any other factors contributing to Donald Trump's election besides his awesome platform, 11d thinking and incredible charisma.

It's just weird that even Holla Forums won't accept reality because they're too contrarian and edgy

The absolute fucking state of neolibs.

"Mass media was a mistake." – Johannes Gutenberg

This is the worst Red Scare ever.

They're not even targeting socialists. They're targeting anyone who isn't a neoliberal.




There were a bunch of times she showed herself to be utterly out of touch with the reality on the ground, but this made the top 5.

He is, but not to the extent that the ruling class would prefer. He (at least rhetorically) has protectionist leanings in some areas, which frightens the shit out of a lot of multinationals.
Look at the date…

Just another reason to wish the USSR won the Cold War

Why should I trust the CIA about anything

Trump is a communist if who given absolute power will usher in a socialist utopia

He's already working on universal healthcare

Ya cuz Trump and Putin never met, and election interference didn't predominantly help his campaign

Hey commies!! The best way to foster socioeconomic equality is to kick the DNC in the ballz and give Trump and Putin infinite mulligans. The more militaristic totalitarian right wingers in power the closer we are to a socialist utopia.

BTW tell all your liberal friends not to vote, and be sure to hashtag #TrumpMilitaryParadeNow

Reminder that Bernie is controlled opposition and any "leftist" that supports him is either retarded or a capitalist/imperialist in denial. He betrayed you when he shilled for Hillary. He betrayed you when he didn't even attempt to start an opposition movement once Trump was elected. And he's betraying you now by taking the Democrats bullshit like a good little cuck.

wtf else was he supposed to do? In reality, Hillary would have been better than Trump for many practical reasons, Supreme Court judges, DACA, etc. Yes she's a piece of shit neolib but, in reality, not on an obscure useless chinese imageboard, Hillary was better than Trump. Sorry if that doesn't fit your edgy agenda.
Just because the Democrats are pushing something doesn't make it not real. Grow up.

If this was true, I'd support Hillary.

bernie bros should host parades thanking Russia to trigger the libs

Hillary being better than Trump is the problem.

At least Trump might destroy America. What would Hillary have done?

if he wasn't such an insufferable democrat piece of shit i'd join in smearing the democrats as antisemitic over this (calling the socialist a moscow puppet is typical antisemitism)

I understand the sentiment, but let's be real. Trump isn't going to destroy America. What has happened because of Trump though is ultimately permanent conservative Supreme Court. That's a real consequence of Trump winning. Voting for the lesser of two evils is a thing for a reason.

all that talk about "russia" is smokescreening the fact that a bourgeoise democracy is never a democracy for the people to begin with, it is already "meddled" by the US capitalist class itself and crying about foreign intelligence "obscuring" it is utter bullshit
even if they attempted to or were successful in it, the idea that capitalism would be "fair" otherwise is liberal nonsense and should stay out of here


So Russia posted memes on facebook and that counts are "subverting the election and the fundamentals of democracy"…..meanwhile Clinton pretty much had the whole media in her back pocket and spent well over 1 billion dollars for her campaign. This is complete bullshit.

Support him in his war against Western imperialism.

The fucking Democrats aren't even good xenophobes.

Call me when the US apologizes for all the socialist presidents they offed in elections around the world during the 20th century

So Russophobia is allowed on this board now? That's nice.

Can someone explain for non-burgers what is happening in this thread?

Every "liberal" media outlet has been going non-stop about Russia for the last year and a half for a variety of ideological reasons. Up to this point it's been aimed squarely at Trump and his cohorts, but recently they've been attacking anyone to the left of them accusing them or collusion with Russia including Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders.

No one gives a fuck about Russia except DNC liberals, but this is the latest episode in this absurd crusade they're on. Most of these posts are ironic.

How does 4000$ spent on insultingly stupid meme-ads counts as disruption of democracy while campaign costs exceed millions of dollars?

thanks user.

Jill Stein? The fuck do they have against Jill Stein she's like the least influental politicain in the US

she was at this gala thing organized by RT in 2015 and there is a photo of her from that night, sitting near Putin and Flynn… so you know, she's obviously a russian spy

now that's just fucking stupid.

She had the raw nerve to run against Hillary from the left and she's one of the most influential proponents of creating a popular front style party to challenge the Democrats from the left.

They're trying to build this narrative that anyone who threatens the neolib-neocon establishment is a foreign agent.

Meanwhile Muller(R) just indicted 13 russian dudes.

Why are you scared or something?

How about oligarch phobia.. cuz Russia sure as shit ain't socialist.

Hopefully lefties one day can build narratives based on reality and forthcoming information.

YES - Russia meddled in the U.S. election

YES - America has meddled in Russian elections

YES - They predominately helped Trump

YES - They played Bernie, Jill and Hillary against each other

NO - Hillary wasn't a great candidate to begin with.

YES - The Trump Russia controversy, fear and demoralizing effects help the socialist cause (Remember the Romanovsand Rasputin)

For the people in the back of the class

Putin is worth 400 billion dollars
Trump is worth around 10 billion dollars
They're both porky oligarchs
No Russia is no longer communist

Two last things:

1) You need to build narratives based in reality. Ignoring actually reading the indictment, and unfolding information gives neoliberals and neoconservatives a much stronger advantage.

2) Defending Trump isn't making lefty policies more popular

nice try shill

They're roping Stien into this too. Everything that isn't Hilary was "helped" by Russia. That's the narrative and everyone on the left has to eat it. Obviously this is completely delusional (even IF Russia did buy ads, so does other countries that do business in America like Israel, Germany or Mexico) and it's not going to do anything other than sink Democrats in swing districts. Which brings up another issue: the NRA is supposedly roped into this because Russia "helped" them too (citing anonymous sources of course). If the DNC leadership pushes this hard, Manchin and Hietkamp will absolutely loose to their Republican challengers meaning the GOP control over Congress gets much stronger. It also means the GOP will hold onto both AZ seats, and holds a chance of picking up an NM seat.

On some level I want to beilive this is all a Republican inside job to destroy the Dems, but really deep down I know Dems are unironically this stupid and willing to destroy their own party for Queen Hilary. As a result, Trump will have a fully stacked Republican government for all eight years, the crown jewel being the 2020 Gerrymandering which will destroy Democrats through at least 2030 (at least with their current platform). There's nothing but pure, unabridged porkyism here.

This is where you're wrong. All the Trump-Russia controversy has created is the Mueller investigation, which will have only one plausible outcome: Mueller exonerating the President while demanding new censorship and security measures. This is where Dianne Fienstien's long standing suggestion of requiring journalists to be licensed is played. Mueller himself is no stranger to this, he himself did the same thing after the 9/11 investigation which he led as the FBI Director. His suggestions became the Patriot Act, which among other things created our current electronic border surveillance system which Trump wishes to augment with a physical barrier.

This doesn't demoralize people, in the end Russia and China will get blamed for "hacking" our most sacred institutions: our free and fair elections and our private enterprises. The country will unify against the perceived external threat, and anyone who dares suggest that freedoms should not be comprised for security would be isolated as a sympathizer or a traitor. Same shit that happened during the original Palmer Raids, which led to the creation of the FBI in the first place. Republicans are the best suited for this job, since Democrats in general are weakened by demands for peace or (in Sanders' or Stien's cases) accusations of collaboration.

I don't share your optimism.

So that makes all this groundless scare- and warmongering cloaked in racist anti-Russian stereotypes all right? Get a grip

But there is no news there. We've known about troll farms since summer 2015. It's just trotted out today as a "revelation" by neoliberals and neocons alike for political convenience. The left does not need to give even an inch of narrative ground to these ghouls. Opposing the irrational Russophobia being bandied about by all sides =/= support for Trump.

If your ideological convictions are indiscernible from the shitposts of Russian bots you deserve to have your election meddled in

Considering how much of a shit fit trump throws on twitter anytime news comes out about the russia investigation how do you conclude this? All the leaks we've had confirm Trump is pretty scared and doesn't know what to do, and anyone targeted by Mueller are taking plea deals and singing like soot covered canaries. Unlike Nixon or Reagan, Trump has no friends. He bullied his way into office and burned every bridge he came across, I really don't see any establishment or "deep state" people covering him once it becomes even the least bit inconvenient. We've already had low levels like Chris Christie endorsing him and then turning a 180 once he got a peek inside the administration.

I don't see this happening either, both Holla Forums and Holla Forums are pretty insistent that it's all a lie to cover for Hillary. Remember this is a country that was lied to about WMD in Afghanistan and found out that Saudi Arabia was behind 9/11 and we all just kinda shrugged. I think the average US voter will be tired of all this shit the past 2 years and it wouldn't suprise me if we just returned to the normal neoliberal vs neoconserative hellhole we've been in the past few decades. It'd be real easy for Romney or Booker to win and the DNC and GOP go back to their opposition but don't actually do anything style of governing.

Yeah, for what basically amounts to professional shitposting. Show me that they had any quantifiable impact on the results of the presidential election and I'll start to care.

Jill Stein took away Hillary votes in swing states.

That's impossible to quantify. But are you saying propaganda isn't a thing and doesn't work?



>mfw "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible…"

I talked to a liberal the other day just for clarification on what it is Russia would have wanted out of a trump presidency. Supposedly it all has to do with Crimea, and the thinking goes that trump would have cut a deal with them. Is there anything to that theory or is it just more bullshit?


Well there was some dodgy stuff about some of his staffers and Ukraine, but honestly Putin doesn't need a deal: Crimea is his and its people (at-least the majority or an apathetic plurality) are okay with that. People tend to forget that out of the Ukraine Crisis, Russia actually lost: beforehand it had all of Ukraine under its wing, now all it has is Crimea and half of Luhansk and Donetsk: add to that that Mariupol's rocket facilities are now fucking rekt Putin comes out at a net loss from Maidan. Hardly much of a gain for either the EU or the US tho: Ukraine is determined to chart a course towards fascism.


How is this bad for the EU or US?

Well Poland and Ukraine are going to butt heads within the next five years: be it over Ukraine fucking over the indigenous polish minority in Lwów/Lviv/Lvov or over Poland dicking over Ukrainian economic migrants. But yeah, in Ukraine is it not only acceptable but encouraged to worship men responsable for killing hundreds of thousands of Poles, Jews and Ukrainians who also collaborated with the Nazis, but it is illegal to sing the internationale.

Didn't answer your question: for the US it won't mean shit. For Europe it means Ukraine is bound for an inevitable and massive conflict: even if Poland tries to leave and all that Ukraine's worship of anti-semites will cause a major rift sooner or later.

How does any Green voter look at how fucking entitled the neolibs are to their vote and not start plotting acts of violence?

I have people in my family who consider me a trump supporter because I voted for her. I have had to explain to people more times than I can count that the democrats could work to change first past the post voting, but they never will because they know it’s better to scapegoat people further left than them. The fact I even have to point out that the blame lies with people in power pisses me off.i swear Liberalism is a disease.

Gary Johnson got 3x as many votes as Stein did in all of those states.

Christ, the neoliberal noise machine is going all out lately. They're scared.


People who voted for Jill Stein wouldn't have voted for Hillary regardless.

As if they're any different from the DNC.


This might be the worst thing I've seen yet this year.

The US government and mainstream media did enough of that on their own

Max Boot is a massive neocon shill.

The fact that he's lecturing ANYONE on democracy just goes to show how massively degraded our media has become.

funny how you can usually tell who isn't worth listening to just by a picture

Here's a link to the article, by the way.

*tips fedora*

More importantly he betrayed his voters when the chickenshit wouldn't challenge widespread voter suppression and compelling evidence for election fraud.

cmon now