How would relationships work under communism? Would mogonomy be promoted or will polygamy become more common...

How would relationships work under communism? Would mogonomy be promoted or will polygamy become more common? I imagine having children is a benefit, no?

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Then the state will assign the remaining men girlfriends.

There's already a thread on this topic.

Please don't spam this nonsense. Most of us simply don't care.

Not if they're girls.


Picture applies: state-appointed trap bfs for everyone who can't get pussy.

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Polygamy. Monogamous patriarchal family units despite common misconception ain't been the norm worldwide throughout human history.

t. Granddad had 2 wives and something like 15-20 kids that were raised by a whole village

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All the soy-believers will be liquidated. The inner party will all fuck thousands of earnest commie roasties. Proles will be as moral as the media tells them to be.

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No. Monogamy is the evolutionary trait that distinguishes humans from 'boons. Any socialist who has a rudimentary knowledge of evolutionary processes will denounce the idea that humanity should choose to devolve.

unironically this
t-t. l-leftist

wtf i'm a leninist now


As they have for the last few thousand years I reckon.
Either or really, depends on the couple.

What about voluntary celibates?

Monogamous most likely. What would change would be the raising of children, which would be done in a more communal way and not be treated as the "burden" of the parent

anarcho-incel is the way forward

upping that with technocracy and robo waifus.

Finn girlfriend sounds great tbh. Especially the third part.

You have to eat the fermented fish shit they make up there though.

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Pretty sure that's Swedes user.


ahh who can tell the difference? countries with under 10m people are pretty much irrelevant

depends on if its state communism or real cummunism
under state communism, for it to be logically consistent you would be appointed a breeding partner when the democratically elected 1 party government saw fit, love is not socially necessary and is frowned upon

under real communism you could do whatever

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Honestly Dark Souls is probably the most fun coop game, and you can easily make it a drinking game (or a sex thing I guess)

No reason why the Party can't have a designated shadchan who matches up comrades. I, for one, would like to see Bordigaists, Adorno-readers, and other armchairs get matched with insurrectionist anarchists and Maoists.

I wonder under your scheme what happens to queer individuals?

Who said these relationships are all heterosexual?

I'm gay but I'd definitely hang out with that finnish girl if she does video games.

יש לי משהו לשדח לך, חיהל'ה :)

Really makes me think

Sexual relationships would in theory have more meaning, because money is out of the picture.

well isn't that counter-revolutionary

incels are a byproduct of liberal capitalism

nah the dick gets in the way of making kids.

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What's wrong with being a volcel?

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All I ever get from those threads is that humam sexuality is a fuck. Any state or Party solution, insofar as it is primarily concerned with its own reproduction across time, will only contribute to this opression.

So what is the solution? Perhaps to say fuck you to reproductive futurism, as Lee Edelman would have us do, and let a hundred genders bloom in the manner of the xenofeminists.

Broke: having sex

Joke: Never having sex, but jerking it to porn

Woke: Encasing your genitals in a small concrete block

Why have a million genders when you could just have four?

Pic related: the four genders

Guys. I have the solution to transgender rights movements and tradcuck binary gender movements.

try 0 genders

Read origin of the family you theoryless baboon

Anyone else here for the abolition of marriage as a legal entity? Free associations of people are surely better at creating solidarity no?

You don't have to be a virgin to be a loser though, all the sex I've had is bad and I haven't had any in over a year and a half and I'm kinda okay with it now.


The good news is under socialism, if you wanna be a single dad you can because the work day is like 4 hours and you've got enough to never worry about providing your kids.

that isn't true though

People have been celibate before, they can be celibate again. It's not that big of a deal.

Why not? Under the early days of socialism many social experiments are going to happen with or without state intervention, as a statist I just want to make sure everyone has enough so they can maintain the lifestyles they prefer.

That was under Christianity though, I don't see celibacy becoming the ideal once again for as long as we're living under secular liberalism with its cult of Chad and Stacy.

yes, we currently live under socialism which is why i fuck endless roasties in full knowledge of their life being a barren hole

fam it's not about fixing broken people, it's allowing broken people the tools to make sure their children don't repeat their same mistakes and create a society that's more humane, this is my agenda as a communist and I suspect it isn't unique.

Sexual liberation was no liberation at all to be honest. Birth control is a prison. Those who have sex with it knowing their partner is free of disease, have a great shame in their heart. The costs of raising a child forces that shame upon them. For true sexual liberation, we must lower the costs of raising a child by so much that it is non-existent. And for that to truly happen, capitalism must fall.

this is how you guarantee a brood of race-mixing communists. i see why you advocate for this, from an individual mongrel perspective, but this is literally why your opposition exists.

no Whites believe this

What's the worse prison, poverty, or family planning? I fail to see the other options while we're in capitalism.

Family planning is all fine and dandy. But that's family planning. It's not the same as being economically and socially confined to having one, maybe two children at most.

Fair point, it's something we'll have too learn how to calculate for