Daily News Thread 2/17

7.2-Magnitude Earthquake Jolts State of Oaxaca, Mexico City

A 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck along the west coast of Mexico Friday afternoon, according to the U.S. Geological Survey, and two people died in a crash involving a helicopter that was surveying the damage, Mexican government officials told CNN.

Earthquake felt across parts of UK

A minor earthquake with a 4.4 magnitude has affected parts of Wales and England.

Hezbollah threatens attacks against Israeli offshore oil & gas operations

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has threatened to attack Israel’s offshore oil and gas exploration and drilling operations in yet another escalation in the two countries’ increasingly hostile war of words.

Trump Technology Aide Is Latest to Exit Turbulent White House

A senior technology aide to President Donald Trump is stepping down, the latest in a growing list of top officials to depart a turbulent White House in recent days.

FBI Says It Didn't Pursue Warning on Florida School Killer

The FBI disclosed that it failed to follow up on a detailed warning about the 19-year-old gunman who is charged with killing 17 people and wounding a dozen others at a Florida high school on Wednesday.

Turkey Carried Out Gas Attack in Afrin: over a dozen US military bases in Syria Kurds, Syrian Gov't

Medical sources told Syrian state media and an opposition monitoring group that at least six people suffered choking after Turkish shelling of a village.

Russia-Trump inquiry: Russian foreign minister dismisses FBI charges

Russia's foreign minister has dismissed as "blather" the charges levelled by the FBI special counsel against 13 Russians for election meddling.

Hezbollah: US Uses Kurdish Forces in Syria as ‘Tools’

"In the oil and gas battle, the only card [the Lebanese] have is the resistance," Nasrallah said.

Jury awards more than $37M to family of Korryn Gaines in civil case against Baltimore County

A Baltimore County jury on Friday awarded more than $37 million in damages in the civil lawsuit brought by the family of Korryn Gaines, the 23-year-old Randallstown woman who was shot and killed by county police after a six-hour standoff in 2016.

‘Avoid condoms, they’re not pleasurable,’ Duterte tells Filipinos

Outspoken Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has once again courted controversy for an off-the-cuff remark in which he advised Filipinos not to use condoms, as they aren’t “pleasurable.”

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Dude just shut the fuck up


Labour authority plans to deliver free school meals all year round

North Lanarkshire Council's scheme has been described as “the most ambitious” proposal to tackle “holiday hunger”

Gaius Publius: Obama Energy Secretary Named to Board of Utility Giant

Obama alumni taking revolving door Big Energy jobs puts paid to the idea that Dems are less beholden to corporate interests than the GOP.

County-wide walkouts spread, as West Virginia teachers demand statewide strike

Teachers confront not just the intransigence of the Republican governor and lawmakers, but also the determination of the unions to channel anger behind the Democratic Party.

Anarchist Union Reverses Firings at Port of Barcelona Through Militant Strike

Dockworkers and members of the CNT, a revolutionary anarchist union in Spain, have won a complete victory after just 1 day on strike, forcing the company to rehire 3 workers it had attempted to fire.

I unironically think porky is behind this.

in just a week the news will be full of "ASSAD'S NEW CHEMICAL ATTACK" and "SYRIAN HITLER KILLING HIS OWN PEOPLE" I can fucking guarantee it.

It's really quite disturbing how this chaos is becoming normalized. Congress won't govern and The WH is in perpetual anarchy. Where the hell is the accountability?

I also find it fucking hypocritical and pathetic that NATO and the EU is still bot doing fucking jackshit to stop the roaches from killing civilians with CHEMICAL WEAPONS FOR GOD'S SAKE. I had some roachbot on reddit (yeah I know I should stop browsing reddit)
that the civilian deaths are "colateral damage" and that "Turkey is doing this for their own security". People are justiying the murder of innocents because those innocents can no longer suit their agenda. Humans deserve extinction.

There's an election this November. Trump's planning on winning it.

Inb4 large scale strikes across the US and mass mobilisation of the proletariat.

*Deebly goncerned*

Former CIA director James Woolsey appeared of Fox News and was asked about US meddling in foreign elections when talking about "muh Russian hackers".
"Only for a very good cause", he said while the serious topic of hypocrisy was turned into a joke.


Duterte is a man of our time, existing on the same level of hysterical hyperreal spectacle as Trump, Berlusconi, Trudeau, Putin and Macron. Guess this is just how things are nowadays, there is no going back.

Fuck it.
Makes my blood boil, the smug fuck.
Put them up against the wall. Actually no, just nuke the US, its fucking time.
Do it Kim.

Tankies claim another.

The thing I really don't get is the CIA has done nothing but harm the United States positions since its inception. How are they still allowed to do this?

These levels of bloodthirst are pure trot famlam



Do, Abdul, sink the black gold machine.

How is it that all but one of those are false? Whoever made that could have at least used the one's where Stalin could be credited.

This is from that article but an article a few days older; archive.is/thkzp

It's not his fault he had to shoot a child in the process of shooting his mother to death. He did everything possible that could avoid this situation, such as smiling at the kid and trying to get him away from his mother so he could splatter her brains more cleanly, but the crazy cunt actually wanted her young child to stay by her side for some fucking reason so he had no choice but to shoot the little shit.



That guy should be killed. What a fucking monster.

I seem to recall reactionaries making a big deal about this.

Virgin here, is sex with a condom really not pleasurable for guys?
Or is he referring to girls?
Maybe both?!

Duterte is right

t. knower

It is still really good, just a little less really good. Both genders.

It feels okay. Not as good, but I think the better part of the experience is feeling her body next to mine. I would just fap with an onahole if it weren't for that.

Sex is less pleasurable with a condom, at least for me, still good though

You can buy fancy Japanese condoms made from space material, I've used them twice and I'd say they're about 50% less obtrusive than regular durex type condoms

It kills my boner a bit honestly. It’s much better without a condom but I don’t really sleep around tbh I don’t worry about it as much as when I was single

user please
I haven't had sex since march

26 y/o here. You?


W-we're going to make it one day, man.

…jesus fucking christ

This would make me seriously question my beliefs if i was still a liberal who was oh oh so pro-(bourgeois) democracy back in the day.

Condoms aren't as pleasurable for the wearer. Nothing like fucking it raw but it's a pain in the ass (heh) to set up

What makes it hard to set up??
Guys have to put lube inside of the condom??

No ignore this user. You may need some lube on the outside depending, but it isn't uncomfortable or painful. Some advice: getting a SUCC beforehand helps.

So you have to lube the penis instead of putting lube inside of the condom? I am so confused, what's a SUCC?

Virgin from above here but a SUCC is a blowjob, I'm assuming.

You put lube outside the condom (if needed tbh) on the bit that goes in the vagina.
Also a Succ is: Uck, Brain, head, a blowie, oral sex ect.
And finally one thing user: you circumcised or not? That will slightly affect how you put on a condom.

Well, I'm talking about going in raw. And this is kinda related to anal… which I can only do


Nice to see that the CNT is still around and getting shit done.

But turkey is one of the allies syris is part of the axis of evil. War crimes only are bad when axis do it because they are evil. When america commits war crimes its cute and fun like abu ghraib. Thats why america has always remained sanction free and axis powers get blacklisted and convicted in court.


Fuck yeah lets get ready for round 35 of the anarkid vs ☭TANKIE☭ slapfight that has metastasized into the cancer that's killing the board.


Not thirty yet, but might as well be full blown wizard status. I think that boat has sailed for me.

Women, scientists, blacks, and now students and teachers. Why are you not in the streets, Holla Forums?

Because enough of my co-workers are more right wing than liberals that every single one of them has said unless they're sick won't walk out making me perhaps the only person who would be doing it

Oh wow it's the nu left resurgent. Call me when workers are rising up (and not over liberal bullshit like gun control.)

Aren't we suppose to have a monopoly on academia or something like that?

No we call them students or pupils…
t. Britbong.
Also speaking of which, there are major strikes across Universities across the UK (Not just lecturers, but TAs and support staff including cleaners). One of our lecturers said the longest strike he has had in his 30 year carrer was 2 days: this one is 14.

I'm certain when the revolution happens, Holla Forums will be the last to know.

You're a fucking idiot if you willingly dismiss the teachers and students as "nu-left".

Dude what the fuck are you talking about. Condoms are comfy as fuck, its like something is hugging your dick.


I hope this year tbh. I blame my self esteem issues causes by 10+ years of suicide-wanting bullying.