How does socialism address the incel problem...

How does socialism address the incel problem? How will incels be able to seize the means of reproduction under socialism? The way I see it, roasties will still only want to date Chad instead of the incel under any system which means that the incel problem will remain unsolved. So what will happen to these men?

State-sponsored resocialisation in the short term, recreation of cohesive community units through the reintroduction of stable employment long term.
This is an unironic answer

we have this thread every day and nothing good has ever came out of any of them.

This. No joke.

Under socialism, makeup, designer clothing and other weird stuff women are into will be banned.
If all women walk around without makeup and flashy clothing, they can no longer deceive males and therefore wil have to date accoding to their assigned beauty ranking assigned at birth from 1 to 10


Socialism isn't about getting your dick wet. Stop obsessing over pussy.

Human alienation from each other is an important problem though. It is caused by capitalism and causes stress and mental problems in vast swats of the working class. It is a problem that should be solved.

nobody owes you sex, fuck off

We will return to one man one wife. If sexual relationships are not socialized literally nothing is. As long as the sexual free market persists so does capitalism.

only transhumanist tech can provide a real solution for beta anons and it can only be fully employed for doing good things to humans under socialism/communism.

The problem isn't about sex, that's the dumb narrative incel losers have made up. It's about failing young men going lonely without a loving community to fix them up. They lack the natural social relations to carry them forward in life and, following the logic of the commodified sex, end up mistakenly making women the object of this frustration.

I highly doubt that if they got their dicks wet they'd be much happier. Most of them probably wouldn't even enjoy it, and perceive it as unnatural and perverse. The actualized fantasy would only confront them with their own inadequacy.

Alienation is caused by the capitalist mode of production, not by choosy sexual partners. It has nothing to do with being "owed" sex.

Abolishment of the nuclear family.

100% this. I say it every time these shitty /pol9k/ threads come up, healthy individuals, healthy relationships between individuals and their possibility are being destroyed by liberal capitalism by design. Only radical change to the the structure of society, by ensuring stable, secure employment, housing and cohesive communities will heal the broken incels and prevent more from being broken.

Provision of adequate mental healthcare would clear up many of the supposed "InCels" on the internet; many of them are obviously suffering from some form or other of mental illness or dysfunction, likely exacerbated by excessive internet use, especially the use of communities for self-proclaimed incels.

Also, we have some variety of this thread semi-regularly, and it consistently brings the people I mention above out in force.

Incels will be forcibly transformed into cutie traps to be used by the community as needed.

Incels get laid and society gets a readily available slut. Everybody wins

Since they are all reactionaries they will get the bullet or hard labor.


Asocial people could get 3 weeks of community service rather than a prison sentence as punishment for rape. They could but I don't know if people would be okay with that

Maybe under a non-capitalist system they'll both have more time and drive to work on themselves, and lower their unrealistic anime fueled standards.

That's not fucking just in the least.

Its got nothing to do with sex. Its about human compassion and relationships.



most soyboys are too old and balding to make good tgirls