Black Panther

This is one of the most reactionary piles of shit I've ever seen in my life and liberals are eating it up like its the wokest thing to ever happen to cinema.

The "bad guy" is a revolutionary that wants to start a global uprising of the poor and oppressed. The "good guy" is a nationalist that stops him with the help of a CIA agent (not kidding) - they literally give the CIA agent Wakandan tech so he can kill other Wakandans. The "good guy" only comes around to the idea of neoliberal reformism (e.g. building a "community center" for the poor in Oakland) after waging a civil war against his own people.

It's fucking awful and Marvel isn't even trying to hide the fact that the CIA and the State Dept. supervise their scripts.

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Besides i still remember very well that there was a comicbook action hero movie starring a black guy as the protagonist. Blade in the 1990's! and i remember very well being a sucess and being talked about by my classmates.
Why is it nowdays people are pretending only now there's black people being protagonists in big hollywood productions? Why is it only now all of a sudden people are triggered if there's a black person in a hollywood production?

And M.A.N.T.I.S. Why does everyone forget M.A.N.T.I.S.?

People are sheep. This anti-equality, officially "pro-equality" IDPOL, is making people forget about the real past and divide people to two camps fighting each other.

And Steel (1997), with juicy Shaq meat.

Guess you’ve never seen “gone with the Wind”
When are conservative white people going to stop being triggered by this movie

Are you serious? Not OP this movie was undeniably reactionary. The villian is a radicalized poor kid whose desire to free oppressed black people around the world is equated with imperialism and world domination. He is portrayed as an uppity arrogant ingrate. The heroes are monarchs who ignored slavery and colonialism to protect their mineral wealth, and work with the literal CIA to stop a radical from gaining power.

The worst part is as far as superhero movies go it wasnt bad, beautiful aesthetics, really fresh to see futuristic interpretations of various african cultures. But holy shit was it some sneaky fucking propaganda, I couldnt enjoy any of it after I realized the basic character set up. In a movie called Black Panther no less. Feels really bad man.



USA has more cinema other than Hollywood. Watch Robert Kramer films i.e.

I'm not talking about dropping out of society, m8. Just don't except obvious garbage to be revolutionary or good.

Pretty sure nobody in this thread is a conservative, but thanks for the obnoxious whataboutism anyway, I guess.

did you just assume my political preference

Ah, my apologies, Dubya, didn't realize you were up at this hour.

Oh well ofc i didnt i just didnt expect it to be that bad. I expected liberal reformism to be the point of it politically but did not expect the actual villian to be the closest thing onscreen to the IRL black panthers

Besides that not what ur post said

I read that in his voice

You think liberal reformists control Hollywood propaganda?

Barbra is visiting the grandkids this weekend, so I'm up a bit later than normal.


Good analysis, op. Well done!

You've seen the newest Spiderman? The villian is a proletarian construction worker who got fired from his job and now wants to give people technology to make their lives better so he steals it form a billionaire. Of course he can't do that because "breaking the law is not the way".

this but unironically

I love spiderman, but I immediately sided with the vulture. This saddens and angers me

And Tony Stark called Spiderman a working class hero at the end…

I had no idea there was a new spiderman…so spiderman has been rebooted wih 3 actors in all of my 28 years of living. Hollywood really has become even shittier and is completely out of ideas.

there's a completely separate animated spiderman film coming too

politics aside, they are bad movies

Yeah, I wouldn't give two shits, but I was on a 12 hour flight with a Chinese discount airline so I had no choice but watch whatever garbage movies they would offer me.

There is not a single Marvel movie which I genuinely like. Maybe Watchmen wasn't so bad, but that's just about it, which is pretty pathetic for the billions of dollars dumped into this franchise. I also think Marvel fans don't actually exist outside of 9gag or something.

Ever noticed how all superheros are literal billionaire playboys like Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne? Even worse, none of them even worked for their money, they all inherited it and then decided to become a vigilante. It's like, they want to tell us "see if rich kids are bored they'll do something good to the world".

I think liberal reformism is what they where at least aiming for. The director said this, make of it what you will.

The nemesis was meant to be more sympathetic than the typical bad guy?

Why you wanna live in Clockwork Orange?

You have to kill their parents first.

Superheros were always pro-Western propaganda, but sometimes they're woke. If anyone has more examples of these that'd be great

Youngfags ,man.

Does this count?


Spawn (1997) with Michael Jai White.

Marvel, not even once

I think it's bizarre that everyone finds a movie about "black history" and "black heritage" has a black superhero being from a made up country in africa not offensive, like an american black superhero couldn't just be from a normal neighborhood like most other superheros? He's so black he has to literally come from a fictional african-atlantis. Superman might have been from a different planet but no one is trying to use him as a source of white pride.

I'm going to reserve judgment until I've actually seen the film for myself. I've seen Hardon of Assmad's rant about it, which seemed to be his usual assortment of disingenuous butthurt mixed with the odd point that actually has merit.
The real issue isn't that the movie is a ethno-nationalist fantasy. It's that black ethno-nationalism is being declared as somehow """leftist""", when it's just the same dogfood as Holla Forums serves up with food colouring slapped all over it.

I hope this movie encourages all wakandan americans to return to their homeland.

who even called it leftits? It's a liberal circlejerk movie at best. But calling it reactionary is probably the best way to describe it. Fucking Hitler had the same fantsy of some hidden super developped society of Aryans who were hidden up in the mountains. It's hands down the worst movie Marvel has put out and they made fucking Thor.

Idk why these alt-right fags are getting mad at this. This movie almost supporting their ideals

We are getting mad because niggers can't tell fact from fiction and will probably start a race riot because they will think wakanda is real and that ypipo are preventing them from going there. This film is a threat to national security and should be banned. I don't want to be assaulted by some boon on my way to work because he thought I stripped him of his birth right of living in wakanda. Fuck boons.

Static Shock did this and it was surprisingly good as far as capeshit goes, from what I can remember

Wakandan americans have nothing to do with real subsaharan africans. They wouldn't be accepted.


The 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧whites🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 are the same. I'm Assad and I don't want to see my people droned because some amerilard saw the news on tv and can't distinguish it from reality.

btw this movie is clearly meant to prepare the way to military adventures against chinese influence in Boonistan. Imagine all the Boons flocking to die for their Wackanda, basically the foundation of black zionism.


It's trash like most capeshit politics, but liberals care more about form than essence so it is of course being marketed as super woke and progressive. More black billionaires and all that.

And I swear Marvel drove a dump truck full of money up to the NYT to promote this movie, they've been pushing multiple articles about how game-changing and woke it is for the past week.

But…… t'challa acknowledged the sins of his ancestors and decides to change the world through peaceful means; killmonger would've just made things worse because he was only ever trained to destroy governments and cause chaos.

I feel like im the only one here that actually likes "capeshit" movies.

Am I the bad guy?


What is this retarded narrative of assuming that people feel as though they're successfully representing an ethnic minority by employing people of their ethnic integrity for a movie? I sure love being reduced to my race past the point of trying to associate with a character based on their emotions or motives or intentions and what not. That's /healthy diversity/. Progressive, neo-liberal garbage.

Its the same as the comics. The bad guys are the people advocating democracy and destorying muh culture and the good guys are the based black nationalist monarchists. Pure idpol.

Nah, you're a Nazi you deserve to have what brains you have left to be smashed on the pavement.

Delet this

Marvel superhero movies are so fucking boring to me I couldn't even bring myself to watch this one even though it's bout a black guy called "Black Panther" and everybody on my timeline's been talking bout it non-stop for the past month.

The reactionaries going extra hard to criticize it cuz it's being marketed as a "black" film are way more entertaining. Looking at you, Mr. Molyneux.

Don't do this to yourself, m8.


The last pic is white nationalist, but also says white nationalism is bad.

Hmmmmm. I can think of a few suspects.
As I said, I'm reserving judgment until I've seen it.

Holy crap there are a lot of racists on leftypol. I think it’s nice to have Africans and African portrayed in a flatter light. This gives a much needed dose of humanity to them in the minds of burgers. I can’t even think of another major Hollywood movie that does this, it’s always bothered me that black people are depicted as Thugs, abbrasssive and or confrontational or magical negros there to furfill the goals of white people while having no agency of their own.
Think the people that are hysterically claiming this movie as reactionary are mostly butt mad that the back story of why Wakanda is so advanced because it was never fucked over by imperialism. This is a huge FUCK you to reactionaries that are endlessly peddling the line that the disproportionate poverty and crime black people have is inherent to their race, on top of being a fuck you to first world imperialism. Wakanda is a walking talking admonishment of white supremacy and the critics in this thread are throwing a tantrum about it.
I agree the fact that they are a Monarchy is reactionary but that’s not what is bothering these racists since Hollywood produces and seemingly endless amount of movies glorifying monarchs but I never see threads hysterically crapping on say “Game of Thrones”
8ch is controlled by Nazis and it clear to me leftypol has a ton of latent racists that pol is pushing into ever more racists rhetoric. In years past this type of pol entryism would have been flamed into the ground.
Anyway leftypol go back to listening to Chapo and sinking into obscurity with your Nazi cronies as you rail against leftist boogeymen like SJWs, BLM, liberals (not to be confused with corporate Democrats) and other people that were totally behind COINTELPRO, outsourcing, the wars in the Middle East, the destruction of unions etc.

And the little white cuck ball…

Respectability politics.

I want a movie about Jean Jacques Dessalines and he's portrayed as a great hero while he kills all the French on Saint-Domingue/Haiti.

How can one group be so autistic?

I missed Holla Forums.



But he's black… are you some kind of racist?

emotions motives and intentions are mass produced by the system and assigned to individual subjects through its all powerful marketing apparatus. There is a superhero for each marketing demographic, white guys have Thor, women have Wonder Women, but character-wise, the heroes are all the same and indistinguishable from each other. Our myths have been effectively expropriated by Disney and alienated from the life of the people. Increasingly crude, didactic and patronizing. Superheroes go around the world punching stuff and delivering barely camouflaged capitalist security state propaganda. Capeshit has some parallels with the heroic epics of pre literate societies, such as the Iliad and the Odyssey, but there is no real sense of tragedy, heroic struggle replaced by black and white moralising, order is always upheld in the end amidst whedonesque 'snark' and blatant product placement(remember that scene in captain america: the winter soldier in which our hero is shoved against a vending machine and the camera focuses on its contents for five seconds or so to showcase mars(tm) and hershey's(tm) products?). The Heroes of Greek Myth invariably came to a tragic end: Hercules committed suicide by self immolation after murdering his family in a bout of madness. On the other hand, the modern superman is a cop and a boy scout, violent and yet oblivious to violence. Elon Musk is a military contractor just like Tony Stark.

Hi pol, there’s endless movies about technologically advanced white people, nobody but yourselves is falling for this “Black Panther” is alt right since the back story of Wakanda is completely different then the bloody and slaving history of the US.
First off Wakanda isn’t an ethnic state because of black supremacy, it’s that way because Wakanda was all black People before they went into hidding from white eupopean imperialism.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

the 'reactionary backlash' was part and parcel of the viral marketing strategy from the very start. See the last jedi and the 2016 'ghostbusers' film, thinkpieces about the white male backlash preceded and preempted the actual backlash. The goal is to create an emotional relationship with the product, the spectre of the alt right is the heel to disney's face.

Imagine a world so rightwards that the only political choices are ehtnonationalism for different races.
After this we need to make an effort to fight black nationalism on the same level as we do with white nationalism. I'm disgusted at the thought of blacks becoming annoying and dumb as aut rights.
Things go deeper than this, in the world of cartoons where morality is black and white we're the villains because we want what is good for us and we will fight for it. I always sympathize more with villains in cartoons, they're people who has been hurt, has received the short end of the stick but know true justice doesn't exist in the current conditions of the world. And cartoons always make villains more human, heros are always single but villains are often married and them up with their spouses or in general have a deeper family life than the heroes, heros are always immaculate with very superficial imperfections while villains can be creepy pathetic or even content with their own defects. Heroes are a fantasy and villains are common people because the current ideology hates reality and the common man.


There’s no immigration into Wakanda because it’s litterally black Atlantis and it’s existence wasn’t known. And they originally hid themselves because of white imperialism that destroyed the rest of Africa.


How is the literal backstory behind wakanda bait?

This is Leftist Politically Incorrect, not Reddit. Go back to whatever fucking sewer you emerged from. And I say this as someone who is half-black.

For once I agree with Alex Jones.

Nah, the Alt-Right blacklash is so peripheral and it’s definitely not part of any marketing strategy. It’s hilarious the alt right thinks so though, the entertainment market doesn’t revolve 100% around straight white males anymore and hasn’t for quite sometime.
Black Panther is popular and fresh because it turns away from the only formula of only appealing to white young men.

It should have been African-American Panther, you fucking racists.

Back to reddit

Holy fucking shit. My fucking sides

hey guys, going to the showing a cinema cafe later, hopefully gonna meet me some thick baddies. wish me luck

Blade 2 was better

We all know it

We all feel it

It had a Mos Def track on it, this doesn't

Whoever did this you're my Holla Forumsmrade
I so hapy to see Holla Forumsmmunists around here

Wakanda is jucheist confirmed

Lol kys

no, the DPRK actually assists revolutionaries around the world. Hezbollah fighters have trained in the DPRK and received weapons from them, same with the Vietnamese resistance and various African fighting forces.
Kim Jong Un would literally fight T'Challa if he was real.

A TON of people are saying Killmonger was right though

yeah but the movie makes him a demented sadist for no reason.

I'm loving how superficial woke liberalism is now a prominent movie genre. We deserve this.

Seems a bridge too far. The ill effects of black nationalism so far are capeshit movies and hoteps, not nearly as detrimental on a material level as white nationalism.It can be safely ignored most like - though the occasional rhetorical nod to it being stupid is justified.

bill hicks nails it again

Ditto. At this point I wouldn't even watch a Red Son adaptation, the genre is just too stale. Not to mention that with the move towards never-ending "verses" I feel like I'm watching embodied reproductive cycles of capital before my own eyes.

any time, true believer

But we're still at risk of it winning over black's social conscience.

the problem is not hotep black nationalism, which imo seems more and more like a quaint and endearing phenomenon, but the co-optation of everything by capitalism. At least hoteps/NOI/black hebrews represent some sort of counterculture independent from corporate america.

God damn it

This movie is a reactionary piece of shit because it implies that black people can accomplish anything on their own.

That is all this movie will be remembered for. It naturally has to push a standard narrative, or take a standard narrative and dress it up in blackness, because that is its thing, and it is only doing one thing.(USER WAS JETTISONED INTO THE NEGATIVE ZONE FOR THIS POST)

recommend some of his comics.

I'll be honest, i just saw the movie today and i really dont see much of an issue.
Firstly, most of the people in this thread clearly haven't seen the movie. Wakanda isn't at all portrayed as an ethnostate, that's just made up, its an obscure African nation that's meant to be ultra poor, of course there isn't much immigration to it.
Secondly, Killmonger isn't some socialist revolutionary looking to overthrow the government and institute a revolutionary government, he's a black supremacist (he says he want's black people to rule over all other races directly in the movie) that wants to install himself as king.

If this movie has infuriated you this much, you need to ask yourself why. The Thor movies have a kingdom, no one complains here. Tony Stark is a literal fuckin capitalist that helps the US government kill middle easterners, no one complains here. This movie, which is a non-serious comedy with nothing all that controversial, is lambasted as reactionary garbage.

Everyone in this thread is over-reacting to pretty much nothing.

And i forgot to sage

you fucking dumbass, that's the whole point, they are trying to conflate liberation with cartoon villain bullshit.

Those are bad too, they are also fascist/imperialist.

that still bad, anything that is not materialist class conscience is a hindrance to us.

Black panther is alt right, he keeps the boons out

He keeps you out? We should love him, so do we!

If we win over "black conscience" it will have to be not as black consciousness but as class consciousness. The energy should go there. Expending energy prematurely to combat black nationalism as such seems, well, wasted energy. Plus I'm sure we can count on enough comrades in the black community itself to do this: look at the trashing Ta-Naheshi Coates got from Cornel West.

The Thor movies weren't hyped as the second coming of Black Jesus. The biggest issues with this movie here is the tension between the banality of the product and the hype and pretensions of radicalism that surround it.

How many times have you ban evaded at this point?

900, 4,000? 10,000 times?

You are extremely autistic

That is truth more or less, but black nationalism is still is still a looming menace.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)



Jason pretty much repeats the Holla Forums line about this.

Awesome thank you

superman is Jewish, don't tell Holla Forums

fuck off /tankiepol/

These bans are not real, they are a joke. Check the logs.

If you think that's bad try watching the show Marvel's Inhumans. The "good" guys rule with a caste system that imprisons inhumans that scare them and the "bad" guy is someone that started a revolution and took control to make everyone equal and free.

Jason is right.

Theres nothing inherently wrong with a plotline like that, but it feels weird because hollywood kinda fetishises whiteness as a normal standard. Plus i think its support as source of pride may be overblown, like how the internet gives a minority a larger voice. Like, i wouldnt never had known some black people believed they were egyptian if not for pol.

Seems Miss Piggy has been having a bad day

in the theater now, the movie isn't that funny, but the action is good. These accents are killing me though

The series from 2005 that John Romita Jr. and Reginald Hudlin worked on is pretty great. He has to battle a bunch of super powered mercenaries who want to plunder Wakanda and steal its resources.



Also, in the comics Killmonger is more of a reactionary, rather than revolutionary.
go figure

deadass this movie isn't as good as reviews are making it. My little cousin likes it though. no black power fags in my theater. no bad ladies in here either ;_;

that barking scene motherfucker that got me

and we clapped ofcourse. 6/10 overhyped

Kill gamers tbh

it's the same thing with all of these
just look at batman
rich fuck vigilante jailing the vile criminal subclass scum (but he wants a better mental house, isn't he benevolent)
Bane on the other hand basically the typical vilified comrade

even in "V" the "hero" is some fucking mutant that the best thing he can come up with is blow up the parliament
and that's the revolution done
meanwhile the evil guy is just there, and evil because he throws gays in camps
it's always nothing but a retarded shitshow


Fixed that for ya

Wow crazy how you doing Assad? Can you tell me im cool for defending you on the internet now?


We wuz wakandan kangz

reminder that superheroes are inherently facist

Didn't know Phil Greaves browsed Leftypol.

Please Assad stop the baboon posting, I'll ban more Kurds just please stop with all the fucking baboons

Is it imperialism to ban Assad if he's baboon posting?

I am now hearing Assad's soft-voiced lisp when reading baboon posts.

Sorry habibi, I am not the babbon poster, I was just replying to him with his same language. His post is deleted now.

this is not an uncommon thing to say regarding capeshit. hardly Phil greaves-tier


Wakanda has always been something akin to Not Socialist.

That world filter never ceases to make me kek.

I haven't seen the movie but the seeming sheer power of black reactionarism has made me make sure not to watch it. Seriously, as someone who was expecting Black Panther (party) tier shit, I'm just disappointed.
And I know the "blah blah blah ethnical consumption doesn't exist blah blah" bull but jesus. Not going to waste my money on that reactionary shit

It's not ethical consumption, it's voting with your dollars. Stop funding Capeshit.

South African celebration in cinema after Black Panther screening:

wanna bet on their class background?


The market hype around this movie reminds me of those clips of George Lucas promoting Red Tails as "the first all black action movie".

The V for Vendetta movie is total shit compared to the comic.

Wew lad, i redact this comment

This, baboons are shit tier. Mandrills are godlike.

I gotta see a pirated version of this and root for the revolutionaries.

Black nationalism, like all nationalism is good when it tries to build up the communities it comes from. It’s bad when it tries to tear down other communities.


godly get

Thor and Iron man were never politicized. This movie was politicized by Capitalists thus forcing us to respond.

Yeah, that's key I think. You don't get Rad Libs arguing that watching Thor is an emancipatory act, but you do with the new Star Wars or this film.

Holla Forums was a mistake.

Perhaps its different in Burgerland, but here the UK the movie wasn't really framed like that at all

Fuck that spooky shit

I wonder if Captain America being occasionally woke had something to do with Marvel making him Hydra all along.

I wish I had some images, but during the Nixon years, he actually becomes so disillusioned that he stops wearing the captain america uniform.

RedLetterMedia just covered Black Panther:

It broke new ground!

The movie is actually fun and good
But yes it's reactionary AF, the only saving grace is that Killmonger relied on a coup and his singular dictatorship so you can view it as a critique of blanquism and not genuine revolutionary politics.

THIS. the guy has a two story glass house with his own big yard in new york city. he's not working class. the little rant he gives peter is super disingenuous

Fuck that stupid hack.

I don't get why people hate him so much, tbh. His art isn't the greatest, but it's not Rob Liefeld bad.

When I was reading comics, I hated him because he always seemed to get put on books that I was enjoying. The change in art styles was like your hang glider suddenly turning into a solid lead cow. One minute you're flying, the next you're crushed by this cumbersome piece of shit.

As an artist, I hate him because he's so fucking lazy. His art and composition is tepid, and the only consistent thing about it is how awful it is. He apes his dad's style while riding his corpse's coattails. Liefeld is a hack, but at least his art sometimes manages to look cool and interesting, but JRjr is just garbage all day long.


it's literally against historical materialism that a super-advanced futuristic society would have feudalistic/tribalistic duels to decide who the leader is.

Depends entirely upon how the society is organized. Also there are aliens and literal gods in Marvel. It's not materialist at all.

The white boys on r/blackpeopletwitter can't stop talking about this movie lol. White nerds always have had this sort of weird sexual fascination with their black superheroes. Otherwise they wouldn't enjoy watching Susan Storm go skinny dipping with Black Panther.

??? ok???

yeah it's a bunch of commercial crossover garbage, and? in communism, the marvel comic universe will be banned.

Because it wasn't Marvel. They've been going steadily downhill since The first Ironman movie

Captain America Two wasn't so bad and the Doctor Strange movie was reasonable, but those capeshit movies have been getting worse.


That's what he just said, mindless one.

North Korea is the real world Wakanda. Is a monarchy with trial by combat. IS technologically advanced and developed masquerading as a third world nation. Can singelhandedly destroy the entire planet. IS sitting on 9 trillion dollars of rare metals. One day we will all wake up and find North Korean UFO's above the skies of every major city

h*ck yeah


This should be pointed out every time liberals praise that movie

That Mary Janes face is sliding off

probably, since the "bad guys" in capeshit movies are actually doing the right thing 80% of the time.


What the fuck is with this "Wakanda isn't real" thing? The only people I see saying that are people coming up with it so they can come up with various ways to defend "the black community" against this made-up attack by pointing out that other things aren't real, that nobody claimed were.

What the fuck is going on?

what people are probably really saying if anything is that a completely made up place invented by white people is not a good or progressive representation of black people or black culture. which of course causes liberal buttpain since it questions their neoliberal opiates even slightly

It's viral marketing.

This annoys me. Isn't 'there is no white culture' (no unified culture shared by all whites) basic in progressive liberalism? Then why tf make a movie about Black culture as if a big ass continent like Africa does have some kind of unified Black culture.

there was numerous tribes in the film that co-existed for one another. fucking brainlets.

You didn't understand the film.

The bad guy is an idiot who wants to usurp the current world order and propagate uprisings of the oppressed against the global, wealthy elites.

The hero succesfully destroys him and embraces globalism and rule by technocratic elites. You have to understand that the unwashed messes don't understand what's best for them. They NEED a ruler. But they need GOOD rulers. T'Challa's actions might, say, dilute his own nations culture and drastically lower the standard of living for Wakandans - but it WILL raise the standard of living marginally for the poorest people outside of Wakanda, and it will greatly enrich the technocratic, benevolent elite who will allow their new wealth to "trickle down" FAIRLY to those they rule over, regardless of race or gender(s).

They're all the same ethnicity, brainlet.

are you autistic

Theres numerous ethnic groups portrayed in the film though co-existing.

No there isn't. They're all the same ethnicity. This is absurd as saying an Albanian who likes to wear his hat backwards is a separate ethnic idenitty from an Albanian who wears it normally.

How is that bad?
So the opposite message to Gundam Zeta? And even then Char eventually did decided to try and drop Axis on Earth as a big FU to Earth for not changing like he thought it would back in Zeta.


they said Wukanda was fromed by 4 tribes and that there was a fifth as well. 5 tribes in africa could very well be from 5 different ethnicities. Although the film didn't dieve into this too deeply so we can't really know.

This smells like your ass. Stop pulling things out of it.

Ummm no achshully they ar one (1) ethnicty and that ethnicy y IS BLACK or as i like to cal them NIGGERS.

lol got em xD


You take a five minute walk in England and you go through 26 completly different accents and cultures. All of Africa is the same.

Every time without fail

did you even see the fucking movie? This is literally the first fucking scene. Here's an African ethnic map. Fucking look at it. You seriously think it's impossible to have 4 local tribes from more than one ethnicty in this fucking mess? Stop being retarded

nice fucking culture you got there

Sure Mohamed.

There are like 10 ways of spelling that name, and you managed to still fucking get it wrong.

Are you fucking retarded or did you just not bother to see the film?

Ah now here is where the problem is, you are fucking retarded. Why wouldn't people be excited for a movie with a black superhero? Your best example is twenty goddamn years old, I mean ffs.
If you had friends you'd understand why things coming out in the theater is more exciting than some dusty old film released years ago.

how's that Disney check?

how's that pure ideology?

but seriously, just pirate and watch the fucking film before you get your panties in a bunch

Stop looking at it through the lens of the protag and understand that the filmmakers deliberately want you to sympathize with the villain. It's not reactionary in that sense.

so why'd they make him a psychopath? you fucking idiot.

I hope you are the only one. Capeshit is objectively bad.


Nah, I dunno. I haven't actually seen it. Seems plausible though as most people agree the villain is a better character than the protag and seem to be sympathizing with him.

Fuck off memespouter.

Idpol'ers live and die by strawmen.

Saying the Wakandan tribes are different ethnicities would be like saying different Arab tribes are different ethnicities. .

No one here hates the movie for those reasons. It's just that it promotes MLK shit rather than Malcolm X.

T. Brainlet who doesn't understand African ethnography

t. proud cuck of commodified social rituals who is totally oblivious that he's reliving a fad rehashed from 20 years ago.

Might as well throw out Capital, because Marx wrote it in a cave while running from Dinosaurs.

Same with BANE no?


just saw it
it seemed to be consciously designed to pacify young black americans


All my fucking liberal friends want me to see this movie, I'm probably going to see it eventually but my hopes of it being good have been severely doused.

Superman is the only good superhero, and that's only because he is treated as a messianic figure instead of a fascist like basically ever other caped/masked weirdo out there. Everything else is pure liberal propaganda.

Black Agenda Report is super based.

My guess is that it follows from the unique experience of Black Americans, whose connections with the various cultures of Africa was severed, and some of whom have attempted at various times to construct a pan-Black American identity by atavistically reaching back to an imagined general African, Islamic, Egyptian, etc. identity.

It's a fools errand of course; slavery and the replacement of their own by a truncated brand of European cultures happened, there is no going back. This leads to despair in some (Ta-Naheshi Coates is the neoliberal poster child for this), and an embrace of Marxism and liberation theology in others.

So not unlike White Americans reaching back to Europe. America was a mistake.

Pretty much. Though with the wyat nationalists it is not so much that there was a rupture with their previous heritage, but that their actual heritage as Americans would include the Other prominently. They reach back to Europe so they can pretend Indians, African Americans, various Latin Americans, etc. don't exist.


Saw the movie the other day with my sister and the movie was honestly pretty average, just another capeshit movie I honestly don't get all the praise or hate. They just used the whole LEL WYPIPO thing more as a comedic relief, nothing to offensive or out there it was to be expected. The whole movie just feels like a neoliberal marketing ploy to get black people to go to the movie theater by appealing to idpol.
It just seems like the got the far right ideology to appeal to white people and just put black faces on it so you have your marketing niche of "oh so PROGRESSIVE"
5/10 movie at best would maybe watch only if high.
The A E S T H E T I C S were the best part

Just saw it last nite. It was alright.

Zizek on Black Panther: Quasi Duo Fantasias: A Straussian Reading of “Black Panther”

Whoa holy shit did Captain America have a stroke in this issue so much. Why is he talking like that?

I don’t think they did. The only example I can hink of is when he killed his girlfriend. Otherwise I feel like they made his pretty sympathetic, especially his death.


They are. The division was created artificially by the dutch.

*by the belgians

My apologies, all white people look the same.

afaik originally the Germans created it becuase the the nolbes look "whiter" so they thought they were "superior". The belgians just kept the system after they took over "German Kongo" (Rwanda) after WW1

Plus your joke black superheroes like Meteor Man, Pootie Tang.

Isn't "Arab" basically just one of those broad terms that's basically an unaccounted for 'race' in scope? I mean, there are 22 countries in thew Arab League. I don't think of Egyptians, Moroccans, and Syrians as all being a completely singular ethnic group any more than Scots and Britons and Irish - and obviously, all of these countries have ethnic minorities like Kurds.

Moroccans are rather Berbers, not Arabs. But you're right, "Arab" isn't a race or an ethnicity because there are significant genetic and cultural differences between Arab countries. It's best if you compare them to eastern slavs or western slavs except they have standartized language instead of out of controll local dialects being the official language. But the Arabic spoken in the Levant, North Africa and Arabia are very very different, each having unique words and expressions.

I kinda want this to be accurate - but looking at summaries, it looks like Killmonger is going for a strictly black uprising - is that accurate?

Please let this shit thread die

Im actually surpised by leftydpols reaction. I thought you all would like the POC nationalist theme of the film.

A no honkies allowed closed borders racial ethno state with walls for the original hue-man.

From what I remember, it's left ambiguous. Killmonger makes remarks about how there are "oppressed people" who look just like himself and T'Chala, but those are kept apart from Killmonger ordering weapons are dispersed to "oppressed people" across the world. T'Chala accuses Killmonger of imperialism at one point.


You fucking retards, the conflict in the movie wasn't between "a revolutionary" and "a monarch."

It was between "Vibranium-powered socialism in one country" and "Vibranium-powered afrosocialist internationalism with permanent revolution."


Who exactly cares?

This thread is pointless

was really funny how libs got pissed off at this picture even though it's true.

This user here is wrong and stupid, but OP is right.

Black Panther is a bunch of liberal hogwash

Are you sure?

Is there any leftist commentary on DC films aside from Nolan's Batman?

I find the 2010 Black Panther animated series had far less jarring aesthetics. In the movie it seems like Wakanda suffers from horribly uneven development where they are still chucking spears while in the 2010 series their infantry used laser rifles and dressed more like contemporary soldiers, as does the miners and others, only the royal family wore traditional garb in the series. The aesthetics of the movie comes off like Wakanda avoided modernity.


black panther is /afronazboltranshumanprimitivistgang/

I remember watching this on ABC3. I thought it was pretty good.

Tutsis are descended from the aristocracy that existed prior to and during the European invasion whereas Hutus are from peasant stock. The division was probably racialized by Europeans, adding fuel to the fire, but it existed before colonization.

the "not ethical consumption" meme went a bit too far.