How does Capitalism cause crime? be poetic and say it short and sweet - no ramblings please...

How does Capitalism cause crime? be poetic and say it short and sweet - no ramblings please. easy mode: thiefs wouldnt steal if we lived in a moneyless society
hard mode: school shootings

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Communism has full employment and guaranteed housing / education / health care.

Petty crime is rare; though bureaucratic corruption can be a problem.

To maintain full employment in Cuba, a lot of elderly and disabled have jobs as night watchmen. Every apartment building has one. They are given a flashlight and can sit there reading a novel all night. Their one job: report any suspicious activity.

As a result, crime is very low.

Easy peasy.

read Bukowski

answer OP properly

Criminality is just anti-social opportunism

No system in humanity's history has prevented crime, simply because crime is a human construct (a vital one at that)

Because capitalism promotes narcisism and severe retardation. It turns humans into beasts

Poverty lessens options to get by and increases mental illness while limiting education. Capitalism instills the values of sociopathy.

No monies
Greed gud
Nick shit


there is no crime in nature, simply because nature has little laws, but it has rules

we should embrace our self above nature, without self, we would be nothing but muderers and rapists

Technology represents our iron will above nature, our rebellion against some of the rules set by life

Why is that bad again?

we could have better uses of our time

Like what.

Discovering the universe, transcending death, yknow, pretty cool things

But that's idealism you retard, the entire point of communism is that it's a realistic system to serve as the end goal for humans.

communism is a road to another end goal: trans-humanism

all sentience will be then, *truly* equal

You just got here didn't you?

I've been browsing for afew months, it seems more likely Capitalism will evolve into some form of Trans-humanism with communist tendencies imho

A capitalist economy requires unemployment, because the credible threat of unemployment is what keeps people working for wages rather them demanding ownership.

Unemployed people still need to eat.

Voila! Crime!

What is this trash?

He's absolutely right. Communism requires transhumanism, as our very biological needs are instrumental in reproducing capitalism. Communism wouldn't merely entail seizing the means of production, but abolishing them as something that exists outside the immediate reach of the self.

its not bad is it not? true equality: your sacrifices rewarded, a partner's love truely earned, not arbitrarily given

"Emma Goldman on crime" because I'm a lazy cunt.