What was the real legacy of hitler?

What was the real legacy of hitler?

It seems to me that he destroyed any concept of white nationalism or simply being proud of being white.

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who gives a fuck about being white. be proud of working people and the fruits of their labor, not of any skin color.

yeah, but that doesn't answer what I am asking.

what was the legacy of WWII, it seems as if europe lost it's will to life and now just want to be average people with no purpose in life.

the legacy of ww ii was the cold war, the founding of israel, the US turning japan into its whore and the classic empires losing their colonies.

european doesnt have to be "average people with no purpose in life". it's just that capitalism is sucking our life force away - we are separated from the fruits of our labor, we feel powerless, we feel poor, our time is sold to the highest bidder and the bidding price isn't even high.

from your writing, it seems like you are a right-wing dude who doesnt really know anything about socialism. i'd recommend that you watch a summary of marx's capital on youtube, this is a very basic introduction you could listen to in the background youtube.com/watch?v=67HfnfLYr7U

you might turn into a nazbol at first, but then you'll realize that it's not race or the lack of nationalism holding anyone back, but that it's the fact that the vast majority of mankind has to sell their labor to the bourgeoisie, that our entire lives are spent in pursuit of money, and that class conflict is the basis of nearly every war

I'm not talking about capitalism dude.

I'm comparing europe pre WWII and post WWII.

europeans before hitler were into the conquer of lesser races.
after hitler they were too poor to keep their empires and the population were too exausted to think about imperialism.

seems like a lasting legacy of hitler was to make europeans hate the concept of white nationalism or simply being proud of being white somehow.

Not only that, but he has one of the highest kill counts of whites in history. Self-proclaimed "white nationalists" hate white people more than any other group and are massive hypocrites.

You are, you just refuse to see it.

Anti-capitalism is the true redpill.

europe is heavily socialist bro.

it isn't ""bro""


are u the ones that think the US isn't a socialist as fuck country?

name a single capitalist country today, most of all of them have regulations as fucks that cripple the free market.

t. ancap.


By the same token by which austrian scholars argue that regulations do nothing in the end but just stifle social progress. I take the argument further, regulations do nothing to tame the beast that is capitalism, and it is wage labour and capitalism what ought to be abolished altogether as the regulations are nothing but pain dampeners. Class consciousness dampeners may I say

I'm not asking about capitalims though.

you don't need to shill socialism to me since we're in oposite ends, I'm a fucking ancap.

where did these morons come from? Of course ancaps are idealist shills who don't know how capitalism actually functions.

he made even considering the eugenic/dysgenic effects of policies taboo, which is really tragic

This is not a fucking game, and its not something where two equal but opposite opinions can co-exist together. What little seriousness exists in Austrian thought is that at least it admits keynesianism isn't marxism but just a socdem perversion and that boom-bust cycles exist and are natural to capitalism. Where it becomes wholly unserious is in its pretense of having the whole planet having to deal with it as the end all deal.


He'll argue that it is a fascistic state capitalistic state, which it is.

The problem is that he won't realize that's an intended 'feature' of capitalism rather than a failure of it, in the twisted way it is.

taking issue with his argument is kind of exposing the hypocrisy of Holla Forums tbh
there are so many arguments here about how XYZ nominally leftist figure is not a leftist

You're sadly right.
However this trend has been losing popularity lately, maybe BO purges do actually target the red liberals.

You can blame the Jews for that, since Hitler wasn't a White nationalist.

The whole argument was that WW1 was meant to end nationalism in the first place, when really it did the opposite.

Hitler wasn't a white supremacist, he did more to kill white people than anyone else in history.



losers do not leave legacy

It wasn't about race. It was never about race. Stop making everything about race. Read some history you dumb fuck.