Does Holla Forums go to the gym or exercise?

Does Holla Forums go to the gym or exercise?
Also actually reply to this thread please thanks

A brief 30-40 min calisthenics routine in the morning does wonders for the body. Makes your mind alert as well.

No I just work.

Yeah I'm doing Scooby's beginners workout regiment.


Yep. We even have a dedicated self-improvement thread in /leftpol/:

gomrades how do I into sick gains while having an untreated abdominal hernia

You should get that treated fren
Unless you're American and getting raped by for-profit health care

Recently I have started working out more, I hadn't really done much before tho.

but I have no money for that

Barbells are unnecessary and not worth the cost for me. Getting to one armed pushups and pullups, and handstand pushups are good enough for upper body strength. V holds for core and bridges for lower back. Pistol squats for leg strength, and running every other day a few km is good enough for cardio. And all of this is done with no gym memberships and can be done anywhere and anytime.

i'm going tomorrow lads

Good luck user. You'll definitely come across days when you just dont wanna go at all, and when it comes to that just do something minor, like promising yourself to put on your shoes and go outside. Leaving your dorm is the hardest part tbh, once you're able to do that, going to the gym becomes a lot easier.

I alternate a 45 min body weight routine with 25 minutes of HIIT cycling every other day. Lost a couple months of progress after getting that bad bad flu and then complications from that flu and not working out for about 5 weeks. Getting back in the swing of things though.

I go periodically but not nearly enough. I’ll usually keep it up for a week or so before being interrupted and then not go for a while, then go back again.

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bodyweight exercises are the people's gym, qi gong has some cool stretches too.

I go jogging and boxing on top of bodyweight exercise. boxing is a ton of fun.


Been lifting at home, pushups, situps, started jogging, walk a ton every day, squats, lunges, and kettleball stuff (I use a dumbbell instead tho) so yeah I try OP.

calisthectics in motion

dynamic stretching's superiority to static stretching proves the science of dialectical materialism

I lift 3 times a week

No sport.

But my job is more physical than i had expected in my studies so it's even.

6 days a week, alternating cardio and weight lifting.

Every day I am becoming stronger


Exercise is good for your physical and mental health, especially in combination with a good diet. You'd be an absolute fool not to!

I go lifting three times a week but I'm fucking hating it, I'm doing it solely for looks and health.

What I do enjoy is fencing, I actually made it into the quarterfinal of a state tournament once.

2-4 sessions a week: 30 mins cardio 30 mins weights. That and I fuck around with the dumbells we have in our flat on and off.

Also remember that working-out is only 50% of the battle: the other half is good nutrition.





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I do calisthenics and boxing.

Fucking why?
Buy a pull up bar. Go run. There's no excuse.

Every day, all week my dude.

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In the meantime, if anybody is still looking, what are some good calisthenics routines?