Unpopular opinions and acts. The thread

I'll start, I bought a Trump hat on March 2016
Am latino
…. I still have it.
Am not either from nor in the United States

And that's what got me started on Marxism, I used to be hugely anti-communist before (the kind that praised pinochet and helicopter rides and I still keep some emotional attachment to that past, but that's what it is, past)

inb4 am the only one who's done things they hold to be deeply unpopular to the vast majority of the modern left

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A lot of people were on the right who are here. I never was a fascist, or really into anti-communism. But I did vote for George W. Bush in 2004 and for Ron Paul in 2008.

I larped as a fascist in 2015 on a league of legends fan-made forum that served as a replacement to riot's original forums that were shut down in October 2014

Okay, now that's more like into the topic.

Although even in my teenage drunken anti-commie days I hated that man. I didn't care about US politics until Bush began his idiotic invasion of Iraq, which is what got me on Michael Moore, then I went on to root for Kerry on 2004 (since I can only root for people in the place I live in) and Hillary in 2008 (ironically, because I believed her healthcare plan was better than Obama's)

After that, I went on to root for Romney in 2012 for anti-gommie reasons and because I really disliked Obama (I was kinda butthurt that he won over Hillary, oh boy, I was young)

Then in 2015 went hardcore into rooting for Trump… so hard that I switched sides due to what I can only call (ironically) compelling argument on international trade, and I readily believed his bullcrap of a "worker's party"

Too bad it was all a publicity stunt, but I would've gladly followed the man to hell if he had been totally honest about it. Still prefer him over the democrats, although my opinion is worth nothing, since I can't vote nor do I live in USA. Far, very far from it.

Such is life in the third world where I can only larp as a Trumpunist

xi jinping is a good man and a leftist who cares about his country

I unironically thought Obama was one of the greatest presidents in US history and aspired to be like him.

Then I realized how fucked up he really was due to his foriegn policy and became a "libertarian" and a Ron Paul supporter.

Despook me on Obama, I don't know anything about him really besides the memes about Joe Biden.

He's basically a token black dude elected by Wall Street and the military industrial complex who was very effective in pacifying the population with a very marketable form of fascism. He was able to deport a record number of illegals, increase the prison population further, start 7 new wars and murder thousands of middle eastern civilians, and break down class consciousness by destroying the occupy wall street movement.

Not him, but according to a succdem podcast on US politics I listen to often, Obama increased the number of countries where USA bombs people from 2, to 7

Bombed Libya to hell, began the Syrian sham, intervened in Somalia, contributed to the Yemenis starving thanks to grorious Saudi Arabia and I forgot which was the other country he was intervening.

Of course, Trump added Niger to that list, and ramped up drone strikes to such extent that he's killed as many civilians in one year as Obama did in 8, but nobody's perfect.

Well, he did promise he -would- bomb 'their' families…

Also his healthcare 'plan' was something frigging CATO institute came up with in the 70's and 80's, and that Romney first implemented

I still kind of want one tbh. I'm half a continent away.
It's just so iconic.

b-but he saved GM from going bankrupt and therefore the world´s labour force!

You probably can get one from Ebay, I got mine that way. It only took about… 2 weeks? I had mine on my head just in time for the New York Primary. I'll never forget the magic of the moment when he got above 70% and how empty Ted Cruz must've felt

I cannot blame them for the cheap drugs and prostitutes, and I suppose GM could've gone on to China too taking all those precious murrikan jobs… but holy shit why did he have to do TARP and bail out the fucking bankers instead of jailing them

Oh wait, Bush did TARP, didn't he?

Unpopular opinion:
It's OK to be white.

funny how so many of you were right-wingers before. i was always left-wing since i could think about politics. my heroes were mandela and chavez lol. i was more of an old-school corbyn socdem type in my teenage years with anti-US, anti-imperialist and some "authoritarian" thought sprinkled in, but i made the switch to socialism after a while.
anyway: my unpopular opinion is that some degree of reformism can help achieve class consciousness which will be useful for when everything comes crumbling down. i think sanders or corbyn or melenchon type politicians can aide us in spreading our ideas.

Had GM crashed along with some smaller sectors of the auto-industry combined with the financial bust, some say the conditions now would be even worse. Like much worse. Of course Obama didn´t save GM, American tax-payers did, but Obama just had to fix a nice rescue package for all failing industries and banks, he´s truly porkie´s hero.

I was an Inuit ethno nationalist for a very very short period till I discovered I had found the nicest american I ever could have known, who was the descendant of Poles and Irishmen. ~

The DPRK is socialist
I want to believe The PRC will be socialist in 20 years

I don't know, it sounds like when Trump 'saved' those jobs in Carrier… you know, how he ended up outsourcing them all in the end.

I have the feeling the industry didn't give a shit in the end in that case and ended up outsourcing them regardless, AND pocketing the profits from the bailout

Are you talking about Jimmy Dore?

No you idiot, I'm talking about the man who would later become my boyfriend, who the fuck is Jimmy Dore?

Some guy at TYT that I listen to that happens to be of irish/polish descent, oh well, just a coincidence


The Young Turks?

You don't know them? They are some youtubers that talk about American Politics

YouTube murders my data, I barely go on it. That's why I have to constantly pester my sister to not fucking watch YouTube.

Indeed but it was nothing like Carrier, that is really not even a comparison. GM is a big transnational company and works in a lot of countries all over the world. The cash inyection that Americans had to give to save it was about 28 billion dollars; but I guess that´s not real socialism :)

Am no scholar, but I hope you are ironically saying that. Of course its not socialism
Nationalizing GM and then giving it to the workers to manage and own would be socialism unironically.

Then again, you will never see any US president do that, short of a revolution

I´m indeed talking ironically, but is also an irony that people that say the free market is the greatest thing ever deviced, will have no qualms on squeezing billions of dollars to save a company instead of seeing it fail as it should.

Its_an_abstract_kind_of_ideology(with_zizeks_faec).jpg indeed

But there's not as many layers of ideology as people think, in the end, I suspect

Tribalism's got probably more to do with why socialism hasn't taken root in America (as a continent) than anything else by now, I believe

You do know we are on the hundreth year of the Progressive Era and Socialism isn't anywhere closer thanks to it numbing down class consciousness and divying up the proles into evenly sized plots of slaves

I´m afraid baby steps won´t help us now, not with a climate catastrophe looming. I just don´t see how gradual reformism can do anything for anybody now.

Even without the climate its taken way too long, and to make matters worse, we've got way too many people thinking the means to an end are the ends.

Way too many folks think that this progressive sham is socialism. We need a better approach

D-did he get gulaged?

We have now a full blown crisis of the left, the right and the center. Fucking eye of the hurricane

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I unironically think that the left needs to embrace civic nationalism, especially in America.

Not an unpopular opinion in my latitude, to some extent its overplayed even

This board is trash anymore.


if I say all my unpopular opinions in a single post i'll probably get banned

plot twist: this thread is a honeypot setup by BO to ban people en masse

Go to bed BO or Board Volunteer

I want ubi so i can continue being a neet, under capitalism. Its not going away for awhile, so i might aswell chill.

i actually understand Marxism Leninism

bls esplain why ML is needed now when it was abandoned almost everywhere?

Obama keeping the US out of Syria and the Iran deal is the greatest foreign policy decision in American history post ww2 Marshall plan
And I have an unironic appreciation for FDR and the new deal

Because any contamination of right-wing thought leads to failure.

I hate boons

If you want anybody to take us seriously, we need to disconnect completely from all the trans people. I don't even know why transsexuality which such an ultra minority issue correlates with leftism so much, and I also think that most transsexuals are going to regret transitioning later, and most of the times gender dysphoria is not genetic but caused by material conditions, such as father issues or general family problems.

I've never met a tranny irl, but spending so much time on imageboards has made me feel rather sympathetic to their plight. Some of them seem like genuinely ok, if somewhat socially alienated and autistic people(aren't we all?). Many cultures throughout history have had a concept of a 'third gender' roughly equivalent to trans people and there is a pretty solid neurological basis to the phenomenon. I think the 6000 gender LARPers are a distinct group that has more to do with the generalised crisis of identity under late capitalism, but they get all the spotlight because the media is sensationalistic by nature.

When I was a mutualist for a few months before I became an ancom, I used to like Ron Paul. Though that was mainly because of his criticism of US foreign policy and the Drug War, which btw are still the only good aspects about him. Now I obviously think of him as a dumb, racially-insensitive porky (ie. just another paleocon)

I'm a white male heterosexual and I find SJW's to be weird and anti-social.

The regular right is worse than the alt-right.

Countries are generally better places to live when they are ethnically homogenous. Racial diversity in the population makes it much more difficult to build class based movements and destroys social solidarity.

I'm not some autist who thinks the solution to the problem is deporting a bunch of people, but I think that most countries should adopt far more stringent immigration policies.

This probably isn't that unpopular of an opinion on Holla Forums but the broader left is very much associated with a pro-open borders stance and it irritates me.

I'm a 'latino' from a middle class immigrant family and I too had an identity crisis quasi-reactionary phase. muh idpol is probably a product of neoliberalism and the fact we live in a society that is simultaneously more connected and more atomised than ever. Everyone is under constant surveillance and constantly being marketed to. There is only one language and one official dialect. It's hard not to feel a crushing sense of disappointment with the world. I really don't want to assume the role of an opressed 'POC' before white liberals, neither can I bring myself to identify with 'white america'

There is literally no difference.

Shit forgot my sage to show my displeasure with that certain comment, as if it were a downvote.

I don't think they're all that different, I'm just so sick of imperialists who want to starve the poor (and typically religious fundies to boot) being treated as "respectable" because at least they're not racist. (Maybe they're not, but they manage to kill plenty of non-white people anyway, often in wars the alt-right opposes - opposes because of retarded conspiracy theories about Israel and the ZOG Occupied Government, but still opposes.)

by this point, neolibs and neocons are de facto indistinguishable from each other. The corporate/war machine is running on autopilot. Alt righters are mostly alienated people LARPing their fear through an edgy ideology. Their leaders are often security state agents steering things for their own purposes.

I didn't vote for Hillary because she's a squalidly corrupt and morally degenerate scumbag indistinguishable from JEB!


I voted for shillary and I still feel a sense of self loathing guilt whenever she pops up on the news.

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