Capitalism is the Most Efficient System


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In Communism you wouldn't even have glass

Uh, good? Concrete is probably a more secure construction material than fucking glass.

Concrete buildings are ugly. Like your mother.

Ugly mothers are faithful wives. Unlike your mother.

Fascism is made of glass confirmed

Jokes on you I actually like brutalist architecture

So his mom is hot?


You fail as a human being.

this is what Empire looks like. Transparency of the outside world so everything can become computerized information, which goes hand in hand with transparency of the "inside world" with the same ends in mind. A space for management and self-management.

How will Holla Forums ever recover?

actually the problem would be solved if Apple turned into a co-op

Thank you provided some proof. Im sure most here actually think concrete is beautiful.

Stalin-era Soviet architecture is uninspired neoclassical garbage.

only a non working nazi could be retarded enough to support glass buildings that waste obscene amounts of energy with climatization and break pannels every so often.

Damn right. We'll have transparent aluminum.

And here I thought you wanted to distance yourselves from black people.

fascism made architecture, frank furtschool would have a field day.

Architecture happened to exist before fascism did. In fact, it goes a bit farther back.


You stupid motherfuckers, that very clearly was a typo
He mean't to say "If fascists made architecture, the Frankfurt School would have a field day anally raping them."
Of course fascists don't make architecture, they just reuse buildings and make classical styled dogshit buildings which as points out, is not art nor architecture.

I thought he meant "fascism made architecture" as in " this building is fascism as an ideology embodied in architecture". This is a correct, albeit a bit poetic and old timey, way of saying that.

Yes but my deduction is correct as he later follows the statement with another typo "frank furtschool" and not "Frankfurt school." so we can assume that he either has a problem typing or is a foreigner having trouble speaking English, he means to say Fascism sucks.

I used to joke about a hypothetical building like this, as a kid. Now its a reality.


this is what I meant

it's a meme you dip

I really wish it would be this kind of fantasy system liberals make it look like.

Actually Fascists and Nazis did have talented architects within their ranks, like Angiolo Mazzoni or Albert Speer respectively. Their work is nowhere as revolutionary and expansive as that of Soviet architects before Stalinist rule, but still.

I honestly can't tell if this is a shitpost or not

That's not what you dad said when she was fucking him

can we have a brutalist thread?

Dropping my favorite.



That first one is hideous I love it

Does this count?

You know, Albert Speer wrote a book on "ruin value" and with Hitler's support he took this theory into consideration when, among other projects, designing the Olympic stadium in Berlin.

"What's 'ruin value'", you might ask. Well, consider the remnants of Greek and Roman architecture we have still standing today and how they represent and symbolize their respective long-gone civilization in their uniquely own, worn-down beauty. This is what these theorists tried to emulate, buildings that maintain some aesthetic measure of their glory even after long, abrasive ages of time have passed.
The "ruination" of German architecture did however come much sooner than they anticipated, and by the hand of Man rather than the tooth of Time, ironically.

I wonder what'll be left of our modern Palaces of Commerce, built out of shatterable glass and rust-threathened steel? What sort of ruins will we study once these Sacred Malls of Consumption have long stood abandoned without their clergy and the Sanctums of the Business-Gods have long rotted in their obsolete silence, once the reign of their rulers was long ago ended by the dawn of our new age?
Boy, this thread has gone oddly smoothly off the rails.

I like to photograph those built in the Ceaușescu era. They're not much and a lot of them do poorly when it comes to thermal insulation, but at least we have something

Huh, it's interesting that you bring that up because Juniziro Tanizaki, a Japanese writer had similar ideas. He talked about how modern architecture fails because all the glass and chrome and brushed metal only looks good when new, and as it ages the decay detracts from the aesthetics, while traditional Japanese architecture and aesthetics really care about decay and impermanence, with buildings crafted such that they may even be better aesthetically after partially falling apart.

(sorry for derailing the thread further)

Frank Lloyd Wright rolling in his grave.

How's retarded modern architecture capitalism's fault? The same shit could happen under any system that allows people with bad taste to build stuff.

kill yourself

what's your fucking problem

when they talk about "efficiency" in capitalism they mean what is more efficient for porky's pocketbook

One of the nice things about Hawaii is how many brutalist buildings and simple concrete buildings there are. You'd think Hawaii was all tiki huts, but nope: raw concrete.

For very good reason. This stuff is designed to withstand earthquakes and tsunamis.

Dunno if this is a brutalist type building, but it's neat looking regardless.

Brutalism rules, why do people complain about this? It's one of the more maligned styles.

How's my college's library?


It's grey, and it lacks curvature.


Self doxed tbh

It's more a yellow-brown. Chances are that it was painted, like many of the buildings in ancient times.

Just a bunch of immense concrete viaducts that hold no real purpose. Jersey Barriers would still mark where roads went, even if the highways themselves completely melt away. Metal husks of cars would pose a constant tripping hazard. Suburbs would burn away in the summers and erode in the winters, while urban cities would be forests of rusting steel skeletons overlooking a topsoil of shattered glass. Industrial areas would be nothing but concrete tilt-ups overlooking iron rails, a situation not dissimilar to how bombed out cities look.

What would survive are parking garages, since they're made out of hardened concrete meant to take heavy weight. The oil age represented by a massive concrete stack, largely unusable unless the fire suppression system could be jury rigged into a water supply. Other artifacts include the red STOP sign (whose purpose is unclear if people do not know what an automobile is), blue USPS boxes (toilets?) and "no parking" signs.

Signs rust and bleach quickly.