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You know there is actually a far more interesting story about Czech spies and the labour party in this bloke: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Stonehouse

Also, how do you archive a news site?

Can he realistically be charged with anything because of this?


No it's BS

Someone please post that picture of the horsehoe theory of Corbyn memes where the memes of on the extremes begin to merge.

Hes too nationalistic to benefit all communist movement.

How is the UK press even MORE reactionary than the US press?

Blows my fucking mind.

Isnt that Literally a Tabloid tier "paper" that spews propaganda for the Conservative party?

t. Aussie who knows nothing

oh shit


anyone have a Corbyn Hades edit?

about as trustworthy a news source as Holla Forums

It is, but not even they'd be reckless enough to print claims like Corbyn being a red agent without even just a few sources to back up their claims with.

This is literally the place where capitalism was born. They have long tradition of class cuckoldry that would bring american cuckoldry to shame.

Fuck, call me a roseposter, but I kinda wish Jez was even just half the things the right accused him of. Same goes for Sheikh-Comrade Barry Soetoro. Islamig gommunism 4 teh win!!1!

Class division in The UK runs deep. People even have distinct accents based on this shit. Everybody in Burgerstan no matter if rich or poor more or less sounds the same.

Doubt it. I mean, nobody here legit thinks Obama's a Muslim or a card-carrying red. Meanwhile across the pond people are still sperging out bout him being an "A-rab" and shit: youtu.be/jrnRU3ocIH4?t=41


don't know if there's a bigger version out there

pretty much
it's not as bad as the daily express, which posts "hitler is still alive in argentina" tier articles.

pretty sure your accent doesn't change if you become a capitalist


I'm quite libertarianist, but this shit makes me want gulags back.

Despite those going on about captilist birth and shit. Here's how it works.

In the UK you cannot make a profit of newspapers. It's impossible, they cost too much to make. So only the very rich can afford to make them, this means they use newspapers to spread Tory propoganda, if you look at the 7 leading newspapers, 4 of them are Tory, one is centrist, one is slightly left and one is moderately left. All bar one are owned by incredibly wealthy individuals (being the Guardian.)

However with the rapid inclination of social media I hope this problem dies out soon, the UK by in large is the birth place and house of Socialist ideals, for example universal healthcare, state run police forces (Bobbies, originally.) and it housed several Socialist thinkers, for example Lenin and his comrade's. Britians public is very left wing, however the rich borge's control everything with propoganda and shilling, however I think their time is rapidly gaining on them.

I always found the Ed Miliband one funny as hell.

tell that to ancaps


Should edit out the 'pogo' part… actually, nevermind, the entire quote is perfect.

Some one should draw him, squashing the baby rabbit, with his pogo stick, lol.
and Kulaks crying over the death of the rabbit.

is this satire?

The line between news and satire is paper thin these days, so I guess it depends on your definition.

I see what you did there


oh no…The Sun is very much real my friend

Do people actually read this garbage? Is it popular?

The sunday sport is satire

Legit the Etonocracy is call such for a reason.

tfw the ayylmaos are just as much a bunch of drunkards as humans

its the biggest selling newspaper in the country

No, but it depends on what you socioeconomic background is. Try finding a non-Polish builder (construction worker) who sounds like Mogg. You won't.

Is that a Berserk reference?

The fact that Britain is full of people like this is a little terrifying tbh

me on the top left
(it's a shame the cheka guy's text is cut off, i wish i knew what it said.)

torygraph now going after mcdonnell

The thing is, only boomers will care. Young people sympathize with socialism.

Fucking depressing

These smears have moved the dial a smidgen. But clearly, no one is going to give a shit when the next election is being called in the middle of a recession.

this one is satire but it's time for the increasingly desperate anti-corbyn headlines compendium

This is why giving plebs literacy is a bad idea.

No it's not, it's the 6th. The Daily Mail is the most popular, but, that's just even worse honestly.

like, he's becoming more and more popular so these shit articles don't seem to be too effective

I too wish Obama was even half the lefty the right accused him of being, rather than Bush-lite.

Thats only because of the hollywood accent being shilled as prototypically american. Idk where you live but i have seen many alive and strong regional accents

America is the same except when people get rich they immediately move into a suburban community, lock the doors, pull up the moat and tell everyone else to fuck off.


Tbh Corbyn should just announce the nationalisation of Freddos and their permanent pinning to 10p.

what's the context of this image? Isn't Freddo some big chocolate brand?

don't know if thats a shop, but if it is it's based on this probably

Basically a Freddo is a little chocolate frog. The joke is that it's price has risen over the last decade or two with inflation: back in hte 1990s they were 5p, when I was a kid they were 10-15p: I saw one the other day for 30p. It is a metaphor for the decline of britain.

that's actually so absurd it made me laugh.

Daily reminder a study found only 11% of news on Corbyn wasn't outright fake.

Its weird to think my Mother's side of the family is Tory despite being educated, while my Dad is a lower class guy who used to deal weed (not anymore, he fell for the "work hard" meme and now has a successful business) yet he's more informed on politics and less prone to believing fake news because he's Liverpudlian and reads the left-wing Mirror instead of The Sun for obvious reasons.

Well it worked for him.

Could you even call the mirror left wing? I mean compared to the daily mail etc. I guess so.

It did, but I don't respect people who just work for money. Its better to find an alternative route to happiness.


Corbyn conspired with the enemy and you clowns are still going to defend him? Fucking lol, you lot really are delusional aren't you?

Ah yes, the might Czechoslovakian might that wanted to destroy our british way of life!

Ah, that famous Holla Forums skepticism towards the MSM