No Holla Forums, this isn't racist
No Holla Forums, this isn't racist
Why no youtube embeds wtf??

Fuck off, Holla Forums. Nobody's in the mood for your spam.

DO U KNO DE WEI>>2399830

No Holla Forumstard, we don't care if it's racist or not.


You can't even format a post right, smooth brained failed abortion.

no one here ever claimed it's racist. You should return to the reddit board you came from.

They're Holla Forumsyps. Stupid online bullshit is their whole world.

Forgot my sage.

The internet need to bring the concept of “forced meme” back.

kek all these triggered liberals


Ok. By the way kek is pronounced kuk



You realize that there’s a large number of commie Ugandans, right?

Who the fuck finds this stupidity funny?
No seriously, if you are memeing as some ironically dumb-looking avatar then you have to go outside for a moment and do something productive, learn to draw, enjoy your surroundings with friends and family, cook a meal for someone you love.

They're Holla Forumsyps, they don't have any of that.

It's sometimes funny, even though I have to admit it's played out
Everything the alt-right touches becomes trash, though.



This was never understood.
Can you link it?

that face is genuinely freaky, he should join some metal band tbh