How is le egoism meme not literally just ancap ideology dressed up with dialectics?

How is le egoism meme not literally just ancap ideology dressed up with dialectics?

Nearly every common criticism of ancap ideology could be said to apply to egoism, but egoists are accepted in ancom/anarchist communities while ancaps are almost always drummed out immediately.

I am starting to believe that all anarchists are basically ancaps in denial.

like Hakim Bey/Peter Wilson literally is a pedophilia/NAMBLA advocate and yet I've encountered plenty of people who cite him out of one side of their mouth while mocking ancap "child sex slaves" from the other

Stirner sees property as a spook, while AnCaps believe that property is a natural right. However, Stirners conclusions are dangerously close to AnCap ideology, especially the whole "Union of Egoists" idea. It's pretty close to when a conservative/lolbert tells you "i don't care about capitalism, if you don't like form your own commune on voluntary basis, just don't infringe on other people property with force".

Egoism doesnt respect private property as an innate right, it only sees peoples self interest as valid, and concludes that cooperation between people is the best way to be free, because even a slavemaster is forced to behave in ways that are against his interest, and a capitalist is a slave to capital.

You should read Max Stirner before making stupid accusations.

Also, if Stirner didn't add that part where he says that he respects other human beings, it would be pretty much solipsism. It's a philosophical trick, because your own consciousness is the only thing you can observe with a 100% certainty, nothing else matters. It's basically on the same level as "it's all a dream".

Actually learn what egoist anarchism is before making dumb fucking posts.

If voluntary mutualism is a natural, innate tendency which maximizes self interest, is the only sticking point preventing ancap societies from tending in that direction as well their continued embrace of private property (and other spooks)?

Go to /liberty/ and look at all of the egoist minarchists there, and THEN tell us all about how egoism is okay in socialist circles.

it is
they are

the only way you can be a non-ancap stirnerist is if you DONT think that people are entitled to their labor, so the very few who are actually not ancaps still dont fit in here

All within the first ten pages of /liberty/, threads talking about the government being a spook.


It is you who should leave, ancap

even if it isn't, he's still a fucking meme of a philosopher

Ancaps are too authoritarian to be egoists. ☭TANKIE☭s dont like stirn either. He's disliked by all authoritarians.

Nope. They just think selling their own children as slaves is perfectly okay. They're fine if their children sell slaves too. This is what lies at the heart of every ancap, the abolition of moral spooks, so that humans are free to buy and sell slaves. When looking at them from this lens, they don't look all that different from Stirnerites.


are you that retarded 18 year old ☭TANKIE☭

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Stirner is materialism on steroids

You're just as retarded as the ancaps if you think their claiming him (without reading him) means shit.

Just like they try to claim Adam Smith even though the Wealth of Nations is riddled with shit that btfo's them

Its far worse than ancap. Its literally an ancap that doesnt give a shit about society.


also being an ancap is easy to not put "above yourself" when you're a rich soyboy who complains about women all the time.
socialism is just egoism for proles, always has been.

That moron doesnt know what socialism is
putting the self above all also means not fetishizing capital
the union of egoists also means not exploiting other egos

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That first pic but unironicaly.

Idfk what you're on.
Communism acts in my self interest thus I support communism. Capitalism acts against my self interest, thus I wish to do away with it.
t. egoist

OP just thinks egoism is about doing whatever you want

Why bother with politics if you only really care about your teenage ass?

Libertarianism doesn't exist

these ancaps really do think that

they also think that if they believe hard enough they can have all the benefits of society while barring the people who create that wealth from their borders.

you cant even get them to understand that its in their own self interest not to have people rallying with pitchforks to murder them

No, I just think that Stirner pays lip service to mutualism but his actual ideals and arguments don't support it as much as he claims.

egoism: we're all our own property and should do what we like but we'll form a union of egoists in our own interest yielding basically full communism with me free of fixed ideas slash spooks

ancap: we're all rational actors and should be free to do what we like except infringe property rights because that's in our rational self interest yielding basically feudalism with me as the king.
is my interpretation but i've done no reading on either ideology so i just have "funny spookposters" and "cunts" to go on.


It kind of is, which means its about ignoring property rights if you wanted to. The difference is that egoism is totally fine with people acting cooperatively and altruistically if they recognize they are doing it for their own benefit, either material, emotional, or otherwise. Stirner himself argues for a more egalitarian system of government because it does a better job of serving people’s self interest, but he’s not saying that they would have to do this to be consistent with egoism, in fact they could ignore if they wanted to. Essentially the union of egoists is Stirner arguing for what he thinks would be a good way to organize, but not how egoists must necessarily organize.

As I just tried to say here my point is that an egoist society could easily lead to exactly the same things as an ancap society - because no matter whether Stirner believes mutual aid maximizes self interest, people often don't recognize their best self interest or act in the most rational possible way.

The Stirnerist minarchists on /liberty/ will have just as much freedom to enslave and kill weaker people in an egoist anarchist society, and there's nothing about it that will necessarily mean that they suddenly recognize those things are not in their best interest - whether or not that's a "misreading" of what Stirner intended egoism to be.

true libertarianism does exist and it's called communism


You know what I mean. If I'm wrong I would be excited to hear it, because I think Stirner was insightful and his writings on spooks, etc, do a great job of anticipating (post-)structuralist thought on semiotics and shit. But I don't understand how a post-revolutionary anarchist society - or whatever the "proper" terminology you're fishing for is - would effectively prevent the very same things anarchists mock ancaps for supporting.

I'm not trying to be argumentative (admittedly my initial post was a little sassy); I'm genuinely trying to advance my understanding here. I have read Stirner (though it's been a few years) and I don't recall him addressing this concern directly, at least not in what I've read of his.

you should read The German Ideology by Marx, user

Thanks very much for the suggestion. I've just started looking through it but I fear I will first have to reread some of Stirner's work in order to have a fresh memory of his exact arguments and philosophy before I can properly digest Marx's dialogue with/critique of it.

boy, read some hoppe and you'll see how authoritarian ancaps are under the surface

Idk about Ancap shit but most of Holla Forums seems incredibly disingenuous and hypocritical when they go "durr i'm only a communist out of egoism hurr" so as to present themselves as untouchable in an argument, and then get triggered over all kinds of things that boil down to MUH HUMANISM in the next thread. It is plain to see that nearly everyone here takes some degree of MORAL offense towards the effects of capitalism or even tribalism/racism.

But of course everyone will excuse this point with "Holla Forums isn't one person!"


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