I genuinely don't know how to feel about North Korea. Part of me supports them as an anti-American...

I genuinely don't know how to feel about North Korea. Part of me supports them as an anti-American, anti-imperialist force, another part questions the regime. Objectively I guess they were good at first, driving out the land owners and Capitalists when the peninsula was split. But I just don't know what to believe, everything about NK is all conjecture it feels like.

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You know the systems of Cuba and the DPRK are really, really similar. Yet everybody likes Cuba but seems to be super sceptical the DPRK, this is because cultural differences. Koreans are just a little less chill then Latinos, they like all their formalism, leader worship, etc.

If you would pinpoint down some examples of where you think the North Korean leadership was at fault, then you could get more comprehensive answers.

From what I've read I don't think they're similar at all, and NK is more industrialized than Cuba.

I think they're at fault with the following

If they truly are a country with successful workplace democracy and leftist planning why not show it off to the world? Why do they never refute western propaganda by showing people the truth? If Kim is truly a revolutionary and not just a fat kid who inherited his families legacy, why doesn't he speak to the world and tell those eating up the western lies that they aren't a threat to anyone, what they believe in and why America is the real danger?

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They can't branch out yet. The whole point of their system is that they want to perfect socialism before moving towards internationalism. With the small piece of land they have now, they have the perfect testing area to perfect the immortal science of socialism. Besides, how could they possibly move towards internationalism right now, when their only ally right now is China? By the way, they DO attempt to show off to the world how successful their system is, but their opponents always call it propaganda and never let it reach public discourse in a positive light.

I support the DPRK out of pragmatism (nukes).


North Korea is currently doing a bit better than Cuba, with all their building projects and industry, you are right, but what I meant is that the system under which they operate is very similar.

I don't know why you could possibly think that. They run YouTube channels where they make videos about Korean socialism, they organize tours where you can inspect factories, farms and stores, they have an online shop where they sell magazines, books and pamphlets, what more do you want them to do? It's just everything they say is automatically discarded as a lie, their YouTube channels are being shut down, etc.

I could literally stand next to a vending machine in North Korea and take a coke out, and people will say the bottle was empty or some shit.


didn't mean to greentext that

Do you have a link? Would gladly procure DPRK materials.

No, it's because NK is no longer formally a communist nation and because unless you live in Miami anti-NK propaganda is a lot more prevalent.

Cuba also has that whole shitty Che thing going for them

my cousin went to north korea and said they are legit the happiest people he ever met in his life

they are happ , nothing else matters

Knee-jerk "anti-Americanism" is retarded and actually find its roots in European conservatism, not revolutionary socialism.

What the fuck is this Holla Forums-tier idealist "muh culture" garbage? I know ☭TANKIE☭s are imbeciles but this one really takes the cake.

Do you literally not believe in cultural differences? He phrased it a bit weird, but people from different places on the planet tend to have somewhat different attitudes to things. He didn't imply there was anything static or genetic about it.

Anything that gets the world closer to multi-polarity is good for the prospects for revolution.

Very true. Cuba in fact went through its own hardship-period with regards to agriculture after the fall of the Soviet Union. They avoided starvation only through heavily leaning on small scale, sustainable agriculture at the family level. People turned out to be healthier for it, in part because they were consuming way too many calories before (no joke, they were on track to having an obesity epidemic IIRC), but it was a narrow run thing

They don't have to predisposed to it to have it as cultural baggage. Cultural differences don't hinge on inherent racial characteristics or something.

Cultural differences exist, you imbecile.

Their electoral system is a sham, there is a huge wealth disparity between their urban areas and their rural areas, there is overwhelming censorship, a massively privileged and mostly inherited nepotistic bureaucratic ruling caste, an insanely repressive police-military apparatus and a quasi-fascist level of ultra-nationalism.

That being said, NK is, in many ways, a progressive country and it definitely warrants defense from imperialist aggression. Their healthcare system was called the "envy of the developing world" by the WHO, they have free housing and food, essentially zero unemployment, their industrial development is nothing short of astonishing given their severe diplomatic-economic isolation, they place a great deal of focus on scientific research and development with several technical colleges, and they have done a borderline miraculous job of reverse engineering Western tech and productive fores.

Overall, I'd say this is one of the times where socialists really should "critically support" someone.

*productive forces


read their constitution

How does the NK system compare to other police states like the US?

There is no neutral coverage on this issue. Everything is either Western propaganda or NK state propaganda. The only thing we can do is try to piece together the facts.

Worse. The US is quite bad, but we still don't have a secret police and you don't get outright imprisoned for saying anti-government things or reading anti-government sources, though you very well might be put on a watchlist.

Meant to link here for the second part

The various federal domestic security departments come pretty close to being secret police, tbh

True, but the court and legal systems prevent the kind of sheer excesses you see in North Korea.

No one is going to be criminally sentenced for saying they hate Trump, for example.

NSA and even Homeland Security are basically ""secret"" polices.


NK does this? source?

You say that, but a larger percent of the population is incarcerated in the US. So by what metric are you measuring here?

I'd agree with that. However it's really closer to say that rather than having individual secret police organizations, various normal and otherwise standard intelligence organizations routinely conduct secret police operations. There's no single secret police, but there sure is a lot of secret policing.

NSA is more an intelligence organization. They do have the ability to conduct operations on their own but they typically defer actions to other groups.

This. Defend the US working class against Korean imperialism.

Why is it impossible for Holla Forums to accept a nuanced opinion

It's like if I don't literally masturbate to pictures of the Kim family every day that I'm a secret CIA agent.

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It's easier than you think.

I think it's hard for Westerner's to understand that outside of themselves and their culture which has moved to cover every square inch of the Earth, there still exists a different consensus reality outside of Europe's established consensus reality.

Ri Sol-ju is a 10/10 tho

There is no report on their election system. You are just conjecting. On videos, you can see how people vote in anonymity. Is it conceivable that North Koreans might like their supreme leader? Secondly, the Supreme People's Assembly exchanges its delegates more than any western country. And lastly, DPRK has democracy on more levels, such as the workplace. There is no reason for them to manipulate grassroot democracy.

Can you elaborate? Urban people don't "own" more wealth than rural areas, they just have access to better infrastructure. But the rural areas are by far not as bad as proclaimed, and they have began a massive infrastructure program to fix the issue. They are aware of that, they talk about this openly in party congresses, they don't hide this or anything.

Probably. Not denying that. But I can't really blame them considering the situation in which they are in.

That's bullshit. Officials get exchanged all the time. They also have a day in the month where state and party officials have to perform manual labor on the fields or in a factory.

How is the military repressive? Also, many armed guards you see in the DPRK are actually red guards, a milita. Also, I don't see any cops in the DPRK. Walk through New York and see how many cops are there.


You seem to be quite emotional. I only said that they have voting booths, and no other source exists.

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Korea is actually much larger than the US, in reality in Korean continent almost entirely encompasses the US archipelago. The US is a tiny island with nukes and a sophisticated internet firewall that they use to block any images from the world outside. Anyone who enters with media from the free work is cleansed by the American secret police.

DPRK would never militarily threaten the US because they would immediately use weapons of mass destruction on their own citizens before surrendering.

After Kim, Mao and Stalin defeated Hitler they were going to free the Americans but they had already completed the H-bomb and threatened self annihilation if we tried to intervene so we've been in a stalemate ever since.

I literally don't even begin to understand the problem here. It's not just possible but typical for a political entity to be on the right side of a conflict while also being shitty. Why is this a source of cognitive dissonance in anyone? Do you feel that everything needs to be either all bad or all good?

This guy brings up most of the ideas I had. Just bullshit that NO ONE knows. None of us know what is really going on there. This is just a Socialist country afaik, and I would really like if the "They are actually super evil" would stop until there is real proof of (literally?) any wrongdoing.

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Kim is an european conservative now

You're looking at the DPRK with a wrong perspective.
This issue isn't supportinf or not DPRK. It's the right of those people to replce their leaders if they wish so.
The same way in the US if people were really that angry with the status quo, they wouldn't vote republican nor democrat or would even do a revolution in the streets.

So no, i do not support DPRK government, it resembles monarchy too much for me. But it's up to the population to replace it. Not anyone else.

And? There's nothing wrong with conservatism. I'm a card carrying communist party member and i'm pretty conservative.
I wouldnt be anti-american if USA were to follow similar stand like Canada, for instances.
Why can't you be like Canada? Nice, simple people, no dreams of world domination.

Organization and Guidance Department was set up by Kim Jong-Il but it is not managed by Kim Jong-Un.

Ask yourself: who runs OGD? (answer: CIA)

If/when nuclear strikes are fired from "DPRK" it will just be a pretense for a NATO (US) imperialist "response." The current hypothesis floating around is that untrackable, undetectable submarines will fire nukes near non-Korean shorelines. In the greater scheme of things, it's much much more likely that non-DPRK forces would fire nukes from these mystery subs, don't you think?

Strategically – it makes absolutely 0 sense for DPRK to fire for any reason.

Juche is pretty fascist and DPRK is not really socialist; it's less lefty than even 1940s/1950s China.

Educate yourself. Socialism cannot co-exist with America. It needs to be removed before we can even begin to build proper socialism.


how am i supposed to take this shit seriously when it's riddled with false equivalencies and whataboutism. like the ridiculous shit about the DPRK kidnappings, trying to justify them by mentioning the war crimes of the japanese. absolutely embarrassing.

anyone else here a monarcho-possadist with ethno nationalist tendencies?

the second worst faction won the power struggle in the DPRK.
would've been better with someone like Ho Ka-i or Pak Hon-yong in charge

If you unironically support Norks youre not a real communist.


Where are the kidnappings justified? It directly states that DPRK commited mistakes regarding Japan and that Kim Jong il apologized for such mistakes.

"kidnappings" in quotation marks, emphasizing on "small handful", and talking about Japanese war crimes in an answer about state-sponsored kidnappings that is completely outside the context of the war is ridiculous and completely irrelevant. the victims weren't Japanese imperialists or war profiteers left in power after the liberation of Korea. the answer goes on and on about how Japan raped and murdered Koreans, but what the fuck does that have to do with modern-day kidnappings and killings? what does the fact that it is used as a propaganda tactic in Japan and South Korea today have have to do with the fact that the DPRK kidnapped foreign citizens?

moreover, at no point was there an explanation or an answer for why or how kidnapping foreign citizens is justifiable in the first place, let alone in a supposedly socialist country. how can you call kidnapping foreign citizens from their own countries "mistakes"? that is unbelievable. how is kidnapping foreign civilians, be they South Korean or Japanese, defensible in the first place? it isn't, it is a deluded and indefensible atrocity, not a fucking mistake.

my interpretation is thus that the author seems to be aware of this and hence downplays it by using quotations marks (what then would you call it if not kidnappings? forced abductions?) and moves on to talk about irrelevant shit like Japanese war crimes to somehow justify it by saying "well japan did worse shit". so what?

Their workers are slaves who don't even get fed and housed properly. They have no means to information. They have no means to production. The party elite takes all they want, and doesn't allow in the slightest way any opposition. Opposition is met with harsh punishment that include torture or targeting relatives. To be fair the workers have it so bad in that country there that they don't even have the freedom to think.

Being isolated on a place with little fertile ground means you're not going to grow if you seclude yourself from the world. Not sure why you would willingly isolate yourself from growing international markets and technological developments.

Yes I suppose that if you would make workers property of the state you would have no unemployment.

They put your family on a watchlist and punish family for the wrongs that you commit.


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Always stand by DPRK