Why isn't Juche the banner of left unity?

Here's the reasons why it should be:

1) Has been proven victorious, and that should be enough
2) It's not authoritarian. Despite the meme, DPRK is probably the most chill country in the World, there's even weed. Juche put emphasis on collectivism, collective ownership and collective leadership, nobody is the boss. The supreme leader is the incarnation of the people's unity, far away from being a monarch, his role is similar to primitive communist institutions
3) Yes, DPRK is socialist
4) Plenty of sport, art and music to fullfill your life
5) Doesn't make excuses like "material conditions"
6) Doesn't get spooked by muh cult of personality or le human face
7) Tolerates homosexuality without advocating fun
8) Atheism has failed. Provides benevolent god-like figures

As you can see Juche sets up a ground in which ☭TANKIE☭s, nazbols and anarkids can fully go along toghether without even slightly compromise their principles. Other tendencies that are not capitalist shills' nests can join too.
Hoxhaists, die hard krushovites and socialists whit han characters might be pissed.
Trotskysts and leftcoms are left-wing only if the GOP and Mussolini count as lefties.

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They aren’t out of the woods yet.

Yes it is. Nobody really knows the details of their system but it’s pretty clear that the level of state involvement in people’s personal lives is extensive.

What are you talking about? They have one of the worse cases of a cult of personality since Mao.

because its only practising proponent right now is an autocratic isolated paranoid state that has prison camps, famine and a terrbile image
putting a naked child being penetrated by an old man on that banner would be more acceptable than juche

That's right, the guide maybe used the wrong terminology because he was talking to illiterate tourists but Juche indeed solved those problems that old class marxsism-leninism can't solve

That's what I mean, there is nothing wrong with cult of personality. Only pussies make cases about it.

Yeah, like providing houses, healthcare, education etc.

Tbh watch this.

Anarcho-Juche is our only hope for a future.



They are right to be. The American threat is always present.
How exactly does a "prison camp" differ from an ordinary prison?
It's not the 90s anymore. Nobody is starving to death. Any food shortages and lack of diversity in diet which exist today are due to low percentage of arable land and lack of sufficent obtainable fertillizer. Also, reminder that South Korea imports 90 percent of its food.

Have you tried reading/watching something non-imperialist on North Korea.

Wow that video made me made. I never really thought about North Korea and in terms of the way our media lies about it.Thinking back the way our media pumped out those crazy lies is very 1984. Good video.



What would be the synthesis of these?

N. and S. Korea unification?

S. gets more socialistic while N. gets more democratic.

The abolition of man I suppose.

According to Kim Il-sung:

Excuse me what? North Korea gets what out of uniting with the South. If anything they just become more open and have more resources, not any more democratic. South Korea is no more democratic than North Korea. Instead of the Kims in the North you have Samsung in the South.

lmao because there are no material conditions to even speak of. the fucking joke of a state can't even provide infrastructure to keep lights on.

They have so save energy because the don't get any oil. This has nothing to do with infrastructure.

lmao juche-fags are the most brainwashed people on earth, even more than the NK people

So they actually do have tons of oil somewhere? What the fuck are you saying?

They have no choice but to conserve, even if they had the most productive economy in the world they would still not be allowed to trade for more oil.

Anarcho-Jucheism: the abolition of the human race

because im not a fascist

Sounds a lot like Posadism, what with their "nuke the planet please, intergalactic vanguard!" thing.

Anything more authoritarian than your parents is fascist to you, anarkiddy.

Kill yourself you wasteful westerner. The whole world should be like North Korea at night. Fucking hate street lights, makes me want to gouge my eyes out, the night is supposed to be dark you fucking morons!



anprim yells at lamp post

read engels

top tier analysis

Kim Il Sung is a pseudo-Marxist- vacillant, megalomaniac revisionist

Not an anarchist nor a primitivist. I actually support authorities using technology to make the world a better place and not a hellhole where you can't wander off without being run over by a car or enjoy the darkness of the night.

I see you really buy into the eternal president thing, user, even if you don't like the guy.

Nah, that's normal Juche. In anarchism there are no gods and no masters, and in Juche every human is a master and the people are god. When the two are combined into anarcho-Juche, it is the abolition of the human race.

lol k
feck off, i dont want to live in a dictatorial hitlerish version of denmark.

Flat out wrong until the entire wold is socialist.

Excuses for what? If it's actually as good as you say it is, what are they avoiding making excuses for?

wew, proof please

2) …The supreme leader is the incarnation of the people's unity, far away from being a monarch, his role is similar to primitive communist institutions
These are just flat out contradictory.

in the next episode: user was eaten by a grue.


Lol it's so easy to troll y'all

Not entirely
Put the crack pipe down
Nigga NK doesn't have any material to be conditioned with
Have you even googled them?
Pic related

Your ideology is bad and you should feel bad

You see, this post is the kind of pseudo-Trotskyist wrecking that stands in the way of us achieving a global Anarchist Juche utopia.

Look, if you want to lick boot then that's your fetish, I don't care. But don't drag other people into it.

it's pretty evident to me now that left-communists and anarchists avoid material analysis in favor of raw idealism.

Look, raw idealism is too energy-dense to ignore. It's an ideal material that can be mined and processed into the fuel that will propel us to socialism.


Doesn't seem like a pleasant place to live tbh

Left unity only happens when individual people are presented with real unity. In America this demands a bible in one hand and a rifle in another. Nationalism is a spook, but it also works.

Left Unity is also a terrible engine to code a revolution with. Poor rendering, no HDR support, and the metaphysics system is just a gimmick with no GPU accelerationism.

Juche is blatant social egoism. Why nobody has pointed this out yet?