On February 10th the left wing youtuber Sargon of Akkad debated the editor of The Daily Stormer on Baked Alaska's...

On February 10th the left wing youtuber Sargon of Akkad debated the editor of The Daily Stormer on Baked Alaska's channel.
The debate has sparked a huge amount of conversation on the internet and I wanted to ask Holla Forums who they think came out on top of it?

Link to the strawpoll: strawpoll.me/15075250

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Sargon is only a leftist by american standards. Waste of time, he has nothing even remotely interesting to say.



But seriously, back in 2014 when gamergate was happening he was really just a typical liberal who shit talked SJW's and I'll be honest I watched him back then. I was fresh off of the exodus from halfchan to Holla Forums and pissed off so I thought he was alright, maybe he could even become a socialist if exposed to the right people. But unfortunately, as time dragged on I noticed that Sargoy slowly drifted further and further to the right.

All he talks about, to the exclusion of things that are way more important, are SJW's. He thinks Hayak and Mises are actual credible thinkers who you should base your world view off of. Sargon Aaron is basically a neocon and the people around him are the same. Searching Sargon burn down his own empire and seeing the skeptisphere crumble is hugely enjoyable.

Hi /pol. Sargon is probably left of daily stomer, but last i checked he's not a leftist. He's closer to the liberal center-right, and has a tendency to oppose whatever progressives are doing so he can uphold a certain level of contrarianism and milk the ant-sjw crowd.


there's an e-celeb thread, but i doubt anyone cares about retarded right wingers jerking it to their idpol even if you posted it in the correct thread
so just fuck off

Friendly reminder that Sargon thinks that the Vietnam war was good because "gotta gondain le ebil gommies! XDDD"

Watching sargon


Sargon doesn't pass as a leftist even by socialdemocrat standards


So this is why dems and other porkies in the US are so afraid of Universal healthcare.

I know his kind, since I kinda used to be one of those. He is the kind of liberal (a word that by now is as pure as an amerimutt is white) that doesn't give two fucks about people, unless its his own ass that's on the burning pan

He just pretends to care, then he goes around and serves porky in the hopes of becoming one of them, without knowing the constrains of the system (he won't ever become anything but a willing ideological slave)

He would become decent if he had a clue of what he is talking about, but he doesn't, he just pretends he does, like Molyneux, he is a sham

sargon doesnt pass as a leftist by any standards

The debate was absolutely hilarious. Sargon got BTFO hard

someone ban this faggot for the bump

Sargon is solid right.

"Classic liberal" = Right Wing

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If you can't beat Anglin, an albino white nigger who fucks 12 year old thai girls and writes articles using dated Holla Forums memes, in an argument, you're not worth paying attention to. That's fucking embarrassing.

I'm 1 hour in. Man, Sargon makes even Anglin look good.

haha sargon is looking like an ass!


In what universe is that oafish lard golem a fucking leftist

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Is Sargon /ourguy/?

Sargon is deeply triggering and problematic Nazbol gang.


That fucking word filter made my post far funnier than I intended.


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Computing Forever’s Universe


To be fair Neocons are just Trotskyites who prefer gradualist violence to achieve leftist goals.

Lefties are Beautiful, You are the way the earth Made You.

You have the right to have an Identity, Like I have the right to define myself as a conservitive.

Each of us has a sense of belonging, a Home, Lefties stick to Leftypol and I have? nothing.

You are a Nationalist maybe You just do not realize it.

Debate Me Niggers, Lets do this in the open for the world to see.

So they're a bunch of jews who want to subjugate the world.

That's not even true.

Neocons became neocons when Trotskys prediction that WW2 would lead to a global workers revolution failed to materialize.

When this happened they decided that Marx was wrong and that capitalism was essentially the final form human society would take so they took the principals of global permanent revolution and applied them to capitalism. Which is why they are in favor of the U.S. invading virtually every country in the planet.