Streaming Hidden Colors

It's time to uncover this hidden history of black america and the world. white devils need to understand that melanin is worth more than gold and platinum. come watch and learn REAL history with me.

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is that my boy tariq nasheed, the smartest true human alive?

The movies have received relatively little public scrutiny in mainstream publications. In more niche outlets catering mainly to African American audiences, however, the movies have been well received. For example, the radio program Powertalk hosted Lorraine Jacques-White called the movie "eye-opening and necessary."[2] Consciousness Magazine explained that it was "a brilliant and must see especially for all black/Afrikan people."

BET noted "The topic of racism in America has been an ongoing conversation throughout the course of American history".[1] Calling Tariq Nasheed a "New York Times bestselling author, public speaker and radio host",[1] they noted his wish to deal with the issue head-on. They concluded their review by stating "To date, the Hidden Colors series is one of the most successful Black independent documentaries."

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link, for those who missed OP's badly organized streaming:

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