Any fat guys here?

any fat guys here?
how do you view anti-fat attitudes politically? sometimes I think that all the hate against us is just because they think we should cater to them. also females, who are getting uglier all the time, want us to chisel ourselves (and the floor to get a gf just gets higher and higher the more guys do this).

do you think hatred for fat is stupid in 2018?

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There's no material reason to hate fat people under capitalism. They save society money by dying sooner rather than dragging on society as retirees. They consume more than thin people, which creates more growth. They also have less savings and pass on their savings sooner, which means more liquidity. It's also pretty obvious that porky wants us fat.

So why are fat people hated? Doesn't this disprove material explanations of human culture?

it's the females. they don't think men should have modest looks if they're going to compete in the lassiez faire sexual free market. so they want us all to be overqualified for any woman. it's sad.

Workout out of discipline and actual self-improvement, don't try to do it to win over someone else. This way if end up not meeting your goals of social acceptance in the short term, you don't end up stopping altogether in improving your health.


The decline in American life-expectancy actually wasn't linked to heart-disease, diabetes, or any other serious "lifestyle" disease that the American establishment has been blabbing on about for decades. It actually was explained entirely by increasing alcoholism, opiod addiction and suicide rates.

So, the fact that Americans are dropping dead younger seems to have little to do with their weightiness or if it does have something to do with it is not the casual factor in this change. This isn't even getting into any of the scientific controversy over whether there is or isn't an "obesity paradox" regarding life expectancy.

I think the class dynamics around this have changed, in the first world at least… in the past obesity was associated with the well-off. This isn't to say that there were no proles or peasants that were fat and hungry in the past but the facts are the elite tended to be heavier than average, if for no other reason than better access to nutrition. Now the elite are skinnier than the average, for a wide variety of reasons, and they set our morés on this subject.

The problem today is that the conditions of capitalism incentivizes short-term relationships over long-term ones and sanitized piece-meal "love" over real and absolute Love. Listen to Zizek

The hate is for having a lack of self control (partly capitals fault fresh food is so expensive though) and in a place with free healthcare you use up valuable doctor time and medical resorces for yourself at a much larger pace. If i had a fat comrade in my commune you bet we're gonna limit your food since your taking more then you need.

Fat people should not be hated but they sure as hell shouldn't be accepted as a good or normal thing and the fat acceptance movement needs to dissapear for trying to normalize such a thing. It's a bad thing and is from actual decadence caused and pushed by Capiltlism.

If you want to revel in mediocrity, then by all means, continue being a lard. If you want to maximise your potential, then you'll have to hit the iron. No other way around it.

Nowdays women are no longer expected to marry at 18 and can choose their partners with more freedom. Why would they choose a lardbucket? Stop blaming them, if you want to blame someone blame capitalism for creating the beauty industry and setting impossible standards. Some women even do find fat people atractive so whattever.

idpol :^)

Good answer. Although they probably outweigh (Heh) all this by requiring more healthcare.


but here's the question, is improving your health even worth it? many jobs can be done while being obese and a lot of people are happier this way

that's true, but I would most men would prefer long-term relationships. but females make the decisions for that, not men.

but is it really that bad? i'm obese and have never gone to the doctor, nor do I take any medication.

aren't both to be blamed? considering men still put up with fat and ugly women despite women having beauty standards too

Get in shape does not mean become a bodybuiler. It just means get in shape.

Unironically hang yourself

I've tried going on diets, they just make me unhappy. Maybe it's good for some people, but for me it just feels awful, being fat but being able to eat what you want feels way better.


You are addicted to instant gratification in the form of food. Any attempt to break an addiction is going to make you feel like shit. Be strong, you control your body, pull through, you can do it!

I lost 80 pounds by going on a keto diet, If you have self control issues like me you might want to look into it.

OH right maybe this will help:
.t currently cold turkey on a no-sweets no-treats low-fatty foods low-diary super healthy diet and also doing nofap
Never felt more in control

2nding keto, you can still eat a lot of awesome stuff and lose weight fairly quickly.

This is the problem with you fatties. You're lazy and undisciplined and make the rest of us pay for it. Plus you smell.

keeping fat people a live is TREMENDOUSLY expensive. Heart disease and diabetes rates are correlated with being a fatass and chronic heart disease and diabetes can be prolonged at huge cost to the healthcare system and society

Don't listen to these ketofags they'll give you atherosclerosis and cancer:

Eat a whole foods plant-based diet, you can eat anything you want as long as it's not animal product or processed food:

There are some exceptions though like vinegar which is extremely healthy but also a processed food.

If you want more information, has all the resources you need.

Not true. Yes, it costs a lot in the short term - but in the long term keeping a healthy person alive is actually far more expensive. Fat person is expensive right up until they die at 62 of a heart attack. Healthy person is less expensive, but keep on living and living and accumulating medical expenses. By the time they die at 82, they'll have accumulated more medical expenses than the fat person did.

Former fatty here, stop being lazy.

No. The biggest spike in medical expenses is the last few months of someone's life keeping them alive. Same for people with heart disease and diabetes I'm pretty sure. All you have to do is look at US healthcare spending and the ridiculous amount we spend on treating chronic fatty diseases (admittedly genetics plays a part too) compared to other countries to prove your wrong. Perhaps cigarette smokers are another issue regarding cost/benefit for whole society, but treating diabetes and heart disease are huge burdens.

let me also mention the huge amount of secondary issues that arise from being fat and the diseases it causes e.g. diabetes causing poor circulation in legs, causing liver and kidney issues (dialysis is a tremendous expensive)

Treating diabetes and heart disease are huge burdens, but OVER THE COURSE OF SOMEONE'S LIFE they are less expensive. The problem with healthy people is that they get sick and then get better, and tend to develop end-of-life diseases that are even more expensive than heart disease and diabetes. Unhealthy people tend to just die, and the sooner they die the more money it saves. Here, I'm not making this shit up:

Porky loves obesity.

all rightwing shittanks. I see you're taking the angle that rightwing have a conspiracy to keep people fat, but i'm more inclined to argue that they're trying to normalize the status quo. Right wing editorialists love to normalize the status quo to show "liberals" that their moderate reformism is in fact a distortion of the natural order of things and will lead to huge problems. Hence why libertarians love to glorious uprising about the War on Drugs and that legalizing heroin and meth will help people (I'm not going to get into whether this is right or wrong, only that it's part of the logic of trying to show how individual choice to destroy oneself is a "natural" consequence of market forces)

I'm not just arguing that there is a rightwing conspiracy to keep people fat (there totally is), but also that there is a material basis for this under capitalism. Fat people consume more commodities and services. Fat people cost society less over their lifetimes. Fat people and fat families are less able to accumulate wealth. Fat people are less able to revolt and easier to control. Every aspect of obesity serves porky's interests, from economic growth to social control.

there is only a "conspiracy" by certain interest groups, and the conspiracy like anything in capitalism is to sell you more shit that the producer produces. All capitalist conspiracies involve a particular interest group that has enough concentrated economic power to bring to bear on politics to pass legislation to secure markets and deregulate them to their advantage. it is only to this extent that capitalist conspiracies exist. I suppose the grand conspiracy is that the aggregate pressure of all these interest groups leads to a general dystopian environment and degrades the political system over time. That said, there is a zero sum game because particular interest groups capturing government to secure markets denies other economic interest groups their own markets (say, car producers gaining influence at the cost to train manufacturers and national transit bureaucrats who run the train systems).

also if you look at all these articles, obese people are only marginally less expensive than health people, who live decades longer and thereby probably consume more, thus contributing to the economy (though i've heard old people spend less). That is why I mentioned that smokers really do cost the system a lot less. Also there are a lot of externalities that exist with fat people that cannot be measured in amount of cash spent.

and so do people who live decades longer? even if they don't spend their pensions and savings in their old ages they pass it on to heirs who can use these assets to stimulate the real estate and financial industries rather than food industries.

True, I see where you're going here. But the enlightened capitalist's interests is securing a bulwark of petty bourgeios with property to create social stability against lower orders. I suppose though that nowadays capitalists are testing the extent to which they can immiserate the middle classes without a lower class radicalization in the other direction.

So are old people tbh. Old people also have a stake in the status quo, which is why leftypol chimps out over baby boomers. And they tend to vote more conservative don't they?

Sadly, that's good enough. Porky is always reaching for yield.
Spend less AND produce nothing. Far better under capitalism for workers to die around retirement age instead of sticking around as a burden. Plus, all their savings go to their younger family members, which means more spending.
But if they die young that money moves through the economy much faster, meaning more liquidity. Porky doesn't want money sitting safe in an account. He wants it spent!
Obesity is all weakness of being old and stake in the status quo which made them fat and happy, but also they still have to work for a living. Basically, it's a way to turn young people old without the drawbacks of actual aging.
Are you under the impression that votes matter?

reactionary voters make the political system appear legitimate and that there's "two sides with legitimate and fair points". their being old makes it more legitimate because their seniority is equated with political wisdom or "many years of thinking about political issues". also, older voters are many times more likely to vote than younger ones. Appearances are very important in liberal democracies. Sure, voting rates are in steep decline, but I'm certain if we get to 10-25% turnout it becomes harder and harder to talk about the "political mandates", "being elected by and for the people" and legitimacy deriving from the people, though I suppose that didn't stop ancient romans from claiming popular sovereignty despite mass rigging of elections and manipulation of plebs through outright bribery.


well we are working on raising retirement ages and forcing middle age workers to work for less or denying them employment outright (majority of women professionals finding no work for example), so we might be able to extract more productive labor from older workers yet. Arguably its a higher quality labor too because of their experience and qualifications perhaps makes them better workers (otoh they are supposedly not as flexible, adjustible and able to learn new stuff, but i suspect this is an excuse for lowering their income usually)

fat certainly=/= happy. but i suppose the very fact of being obese is being compliant with the system of authoritarian control. it implies an unquestioning or uncaring regarding what and how much people are trying to sell us.

but that's belied by the fact that theres huge and successful anti-smoking campaigns in the US and modest efforts to curb obesity and heart disease. Only time will tell whether this porky ideology truly achieves a countereformation against public health.

moreover, there is a high chance that medical care and technology WILL improve, regardless of what ideological porkies want. That means that we might find better ways to treat and manage smokers from heart attacks and lung diseases using stem cell therapies or biotechnology to grow lung tissues and such. Better ways to eliminate or halt cancers caused by smoking. Similar to how HIV positive patients are having normal life expectancies we might yet see smokers and obese people living longer and obesity even eliminated via some novel drugs or genetic editings. For all people's powerlessness under capitalism, we shouldn't underestimate people's wills to live and the extent to which they are willing to spend money to prolong their own lives, even if that means bankrupting themselves.


women are biologiaclly more selective, and i see fat guys dating all the time. Not being insensible, disrespectful, childish, autisitic, and entitled (all traits commonly associated with alt rightists) is way more important especially if you are fat and or ugly.

modern keto diets are different from prior failed studies. Just because you are getting your energy from fat does not mean you can drown on meats. A proper ketogenic diet just takes the necessary meat for protein and energy, all other nutrients will come from low carb vegetables. In the end a keto diet with inttermitent feasting eats way less meat than the avarage first worlder consumes daily because they eat too much in general.

n'existe pas


Im 110/195 but im eating alot to gain muscles.

Are you the same fatty poster who used to post these pics on 2+2chan months ago?

chicks are still hot, they aren't getting uglier.

you're just a fat fucking loser