Who wants to take a quiz?

Anyone up for several hours on a digital art tool pain-stakingly drawing all over a political quiz made by our egoist minarchist buddies over at /liberty/?

Bump so thread won't be dead by the time anons who worked on quiz return to the thread to post results.

fuck off

Could you give a good reason why?

Already did.
How to make it into more of a meme?
That thread is driving me into becoming a unironic hoxhaist posadist by every post by a ayncrap
Nuke them all

I think I did this already, I'll try to fish it out later


forced meme



why not

Here's me.




I'm secretly worried that I did very poorly on mine

Yes you did very poorly comrade, let me get my GULAG clipboard.
Fuck off out of my bogs πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§TommyπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
Both limit propaganda
But then what about the porkies and counter-revolutionaries?
This is just my opinion on those filthy Mormons
I'm guessing you're talking about relying on charities?
Enjoy companies trying to fuck around with you
Enjoy getting invaded by capital and getting FREEDOMED asap.

My test says that you're a lukewarm socdem, not quite a blairite but in all honesty "Anti-tory" would fit you more as a political tag. Please take this sheet to our branch in Corbyngrab and they will give your re-education training, NEXT!

Fucking kek

I honestly probably brainlet'd on some of these questions. It's 7:30am rn so I'm fucking tired.
I have no clue if this was referring to unification of UK or not. If not, then status quo is fine.
I prefer smaller defense budget. I don't know, just prefer optional.
Death penalty (afaik) doesn't seem to be a deterrent. I prefer imprisonment, if I had to pick.

That's right, keep out of my potato fields you bastard
The peoples' army must be strong enough to fight against Capital otherwise you're just being an idealist
By making hate speech and discrimination illegal you're allowing yourself to be limited to petty moralism. Capitalists won't pull their punches in their propaganda about you, don't give up ground for moralism you can repent after the revolution is safe. Plus not being able to politically discriminate against counter-revolutionaries kinda fucks you over.
This is just petty idealism
Yeah you kinda fucked that question if that is what you want.
Well now you either have to have a censorship board or allow for capitalist propaganda to be shown as they will just buy out the production companies.
Holy fucking shit you are just an idealist. To protect the revolution the UK should have an army to beat back a unified EU army and at the current 154k that's not possible. Any decrease in the amount of nukes in the UK further kills the revolution
I was basically saying you're mostly apolitical but have the common hatred of the Tories, nothing to be proud about
I think you need to re-read what I said. You're going to the GULAG along with the blairites for re-education, you will eventually leave but Hillary Benn is there for life.

I understand a lot more now; I see I still have a lot more to learn. Thanks for your time mate.

No worries at all lad, if you're seeking to learn I could point you in a few directions if you want? What sort of things do you want to learn about?

I don't know, personal favourites? I'm interested in learning about labour because I am eyeing on supporting Corbyn in next election. I'm aware of the reading list, so, I don't know, hit me with whatever seems suitable.


Well I think the first thing that would help you is to get up to date on UK politics, read the parties' manifestos, read the news, and watch the conferences. If you're wanting some easy to digest theory then go for an annotated copy of Capital, or "The Conquest of bread" by Kropotkin. In all honesty I would suggest the best reading would be the history of the Russian civil-war to help you grasp how messy things are going to be and the history Allende to show that capital is willing to get their hands dirty as well.

But if you want my personal favourites I would say pick up the works of Daniel DeLeon who was a man praised by all, from James Connolly to Lenin. So do as Tony Benn said, dare to be a Daniel.




it will be beautiful

it's not a death penalty if you work them to death :^)