A Human Face of Tragedy: Every Student Who's Life Was Cut Short During Yesterday's NeoNat Shooting

Alyssa Alhadeff

The 15-year-old freshman was reported missing by her grandmother after the shooting on Wednesday.

Her mother wrote on Facebook this morning: “She believed in people for being so honest. A knife is stabbed in my heart. I wish I could of taken those bullets for you. I will always love you and your memory will live on forever. I'll love you forever.”


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there's already like 4 threads for this shit
and who cares about A Human Face of Tragedy, that is soccer mom shit

Carmen Schentrup


Gina Montalto

Cara Loughran

What next Holla Forums, was he a magic pink elephant?

Alaina Petty

no amount of astroturfing will change the narrative mr. Holla Forumsyp. and there's no proof he was a dreamer, unless every hispanic individual in the US is now a dreamer to you retards.

Martin Duque

Nicholas Dworet

Peter Wang

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Luke Hoyer

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Agreed, this is not related to leftism. In all likelihood these children of petit-bourgeois parents would not become class conscious.

This is about more than class

Damn a lot of these girls are very cute. What a shame.

don't reply to a troll.

Any attempt to remove weapons from the proletariat is disgusting and should be fought.


What do borders or laws have to do with this

We should stop tolerating Nazis (including "ironic" Nazis) and incels though. I think that's the main take away from this event.

The supposed bean was adopted and most school shooters are white anyway, so you can quit being a faggot any second now.


Yes, it's sad that these kids are dead because of some Holla Forums poster. That's the point.

They were killed by a white supremacist.

We can use this to help force liberals to stop ignoring the Holla Forums issue.

lol, ok Stefan you can calm down. It doesn't hurt anyone to mourn the victims of a fucking white nationalist incel who went on a rampage

I think this term doesn't mean what you want it to mean. Do the parents of these children own MoP, to start?

American suburbanites are usually petite bourgeoisie or at least have that mindset. I don't think that means that we should ignore this tragedy though.


So comrades
Fuck Marry kill?

stop responding to obvious bait you tards

I used to believe in freeze peach or that it was a joke. But you're absolutely right.
It's memetic viral cancer and attracts pathology like flies to shit. "Irony" is the smokescreen that allows polyps/stormfags to spread propaganda. It's what allowed the subversion of halfchan until it reached a saturation point, at which point all the card-carrying nazis could finally come out of the woodwork", and reveal what had some had known all along: It was never "ironic".


Saying that children deserve to be murdered because they were probably not communists is excellent optics. We really need to maintain this sort of strong praxis if we're going to get anywhere, good work comrade.

I feel bad for these kids but posting their faces wont do shit. Theres tens of thousands of faceless kids who die due to imperialist war and poverty and yet they get no representation.

stop responding to obvious bait you tards

You are an enigma.

I wish you could have been shot up instead tbh


He’s kind of a dick, but not wrong.

so did 4chan just foil a (FBI?) police investigation now?
I guess nothing is beyond their reach huh.

Yeah we get it you like masturbating to serial killers

This one is the saddest.

Still it blows my mind how easily this could have been avoided. He posted warnings online, and even talked about it openly. He told many classmates that he would shoot up the school. Why didn't anyone take him seriously?

umm no sweety



maybe if they had done more to prevent the creation of another nazi they wouldn't have to worry. they were his peers. this was in their hands.
let natural selection run its course.


It's cool that you hate your community you're trying to represent so much.


IMO people like this shooter should be tortured non-stop for decades.

You are a fucking monster.

I don't care if it's bait, it's fucking repulsive. Fuck him.

I'm a bystander, just like those teens. If you don't like what I have to say take an AR15 to my school too.

you better buckle up, buttercup
the utopia doesn't arrive cleanly
leftism isn't actually increasing in popularity


Sign this petition if you want this shit to end pl0x

I agree


rate my meme

So wait has it actually been fully confirmed he was some Holla Forumstier NeoNazi/W-N?
Last i heard he was a Militia fag but obviously that shit intertwines a lot?

The leader of a militia that wants Florida to become a segregated white ethno-state called "Republic of Florida" said he was a member, there's also pictures of him wearing a MAGA hat so he's at the very least right-wing to some extent


Kill Rosa


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Meh, it's kind of misusing the meme

Kinda see darker in here

Needs more ad homs. Way too sanitized. Feels almost like something r/CTH would pass around

i was just gonna use it to mess around on 4/pol/
looks like had the same idea

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There is no such thing as an "original meme" you fucking idiot.

but there is such thing as a shitty one

things i dont like are bad tho

what a complete shitshow of a thread, no OC replies, not even a witty comment, just spergs sperging at spergs.


yeah, because any of these random students could bring about coup, demanding that it's their right to rule the country becuase of succession, and have said coup supported by other wolrd powers, thus sparkle a second civil war killing hunderds of thousands of people.
weak one

Fuck off, Holla Forums.


I'd spare the tallest one, if you catch my drift ;)

It's fascistic to care about dead Americans and push "would someone please think of the children".

Fuck off, Holla Forums.

Non-concious proles aren't petit bourgeois though and in theory, during the revolutionary proccess, they wouldn't present the same obstacles. The American phenomenon of widespread bourgeois sentiment among the proles is interesting and needs to be tackled but we shouldn't conflate the two.

It's utterly retarded and really misses the point of the meme but it got a good laugh from me nonetheless.