Press S to spit on grave

well the alt right is finished, their “movement” made in almost 3 years which was better than the tea party

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Right wing = mental illness

Care to explain how fascism in the USA is "finished" because they are training radical militant proxies for the FBI? This is just the beginning, the more class conflict comes to the surface in the USA, the more the bourgeois state will dump funds and "informants" into the militia movement.


FBI alerted to YouTube ‘shooter’ post last year
The FBI ignored the reports because the intelligence agencies "ignore" ALL warnings about their militant proxy forces.

He's probably 2nd generation Cuban exile.

He was adopted

it wasnt true white nationalism, jewish leader and spic soldier

the memes are real


you think more people will join these groups now that they are associated with school shootings

hi Holla Forums, you did this not the FBI

Holla Forums IS THE FBI you fucking idiot


Fake and gay news


Chilean spic here. Am I white now?

Wew. No reason to be homophobic there lad.

I'll believe it when they name the org. Seems like a Holla Forums "prank" to me at the moment.

I wouldn't doubt it

You've never heard of them? Pic related

Honestly, even just posting a picture of that fat retard Matt Heimbach would suffice.

People don't understand the character of the far right.

They're all psychopaths and nihilists. They love mass shootings.

They did name the org. Republic of Florida

inb4 this website and their hundreds of members are all secret FBI agents


Seems like this is case closed. He was part of it.


pol9k was a mistake

They've used false flag operation as a get out of jail free card so many times it's already lost its meaning

They are the vanguard of internet psychosis.


It's Republic of Florida.

It was the FBI because Holla Forums is the FBI. Fuck off retard.

Please stop. We don't need tinfoil hat shit infecting our side too.


He's still cuban….

They aren't.

But was he a Holla Forumstard?


I have no reason to believe every school shooting is an elaborate conspiracy. Fuck off.

t. I am one

Yes. 100%

los únicos blancos aquí son los cuicos endogámicos en Santiago Oriente

What do you think

The militia movement is absolutely full to the brim with FBI informants, yet it keeps on growing. The Oregon militia, for instance, had like 15 informants in it, which is ridiculous. These informants are not for the purpose of dismantling the militia movement, but for keeping tabs on it and controlling/directing it.
Defense lawyers suspect Kullman is one of the 15 confidential informants who provided information to the government during the course of the refuge occupation.
FBI Authorized Informants To Commit Crime While At The Refuge

The "infiltration" goes both ways (and always has, ever since the KKK):

Liberal media portrays this as some kind of threat to the police and the FBI, but this is just a continuation of the old Nazi and KKK strategy of joining the police to kill blacks. The Nazis "infiltrate" the Feds and the Feds "infiltrate" the Nazis while both groups just keep growing and the Feds always "look the other way" when a shooting like this is planned.

How's Holla Forums handling the news they were wrong for the millionth time….

I wouldn't be surprised. Probably jerked off to the BO video every day in secret.

stop spamming the same shit, we get it

But this kid was a white nationalist with severe social issues, as has been reported

Look at the conspiracy theories in this thread and judge for yourself.

Pretty much saying it was a false-flag, guy was a commie, etc etc.

You know the drill, silly shit as usual.

then why doesn’t The God Emperor stop it

They really are practically schizophrenic at this point, aren't they

no I call that one fair, then I make fun of the classcucks who sit around not trying to bring it about though

Well I know they said he was a commie already, but with this new shit coming out, I was just asking how they're taking they were wrong

It's rhetorical of course, but I am curious

It's confirmed now, he was a member of the group

Why are people so shocked by a white person with the last name Cruz?

You should now Holla Forums by now user, they never consider themselves wrong.

Like I said, its the same shit they always do.

I'd go over there and saltmine myself, but my brain's already having an off day. If I subject myself to that kind of concentrated stupidity I could develop a tumor.

tfw the only white nationalists i know irl are two brown hispanics and a jew

And he was allowed to carry out his shooting because he was involved in an FBI proxy militia.

Holla Forums and the FBI are two sides of the same coin.

trying to read Holla Forums is honestly bad for your health. I try to go there sometimes just to read their reactions to things and I always regret it and leave with a headache. The amount of stupid, incomprehensible shit on there is mind numbing. It’s not surprise that all these people who spend all day reading it turn into mentally disturbed psychopathic spergs. How could you not?

they are only on tv dummy

But most of Holla Forums is brown pedro

It's what happens when you delude yourself into thinking America is pro-nazi just because your meme candidate won.

I can only imagine what chaos Midterms will bring.

America is pro-Nazi because it's a fascist, imperialist country that funds fascist death squads abroad and has its own police force kill over a thousand people per year.

By trolling them into believing weird shit, it can be funny
I'm willing to bet that "Q-user" guy is some random troll LARPer who accidentally had some things line up with his vague predictions and got tons of people to believe him

I'm pasty as shit but there's no way I'd call myself wh*Te in Amerika. Please don't embarrass your fellow beans like this.

Nah, you're hispanic. If Obama isn't white, neither are you.

He's not white, he's cuban.



you seem upset

Imagine believing that people actually think like this


He was a white nationalist Holla Forums, says right there


No, don't you see it!? The JEW MEDIA is lying again! Look at this picture from a totally unrelated instagram!! IT'S HIM I TELLS YA

race is a spook


I like how amerimutts are skeptical of other amerimutts authenticity

well this all adds up

It adds up perfectly actually.

What about it doesn't add up?

yep, white nationalism is an illogical belief system

Serious question, is there any additional media corroboration besides a interview granted to the ADL? Is the ADL really credible?

Cubans aren't white, so it doesn't make sense a cuban would be a white nationalist - promoting an ethnonationalist state that would kick him out of it. And it doesn't make sense for a white nationalist to shoot a bunch of white people. Dylan Roof was a white nationalist. He was actually white and shot up a bunch of black people - which makes sense. It's hard to believe an actual white supremacist would shoot a bunch of random white people, just like it wouldn't add up if a Cuban guy called himself a black nationalist and shot up a bunch of black people


Cubans in America are basically white, especially with regards to politics.

so this would make him a hispanic nationalist

It makes tons of sense.

It's not exactly a new phenomenon. Anders Breivik didn't shoot up his local mosque, he massacred a bunch of white kids.

No they're not.

But Anders' attacks were politically motivated. He killed the kids of liberal politicians because he wanted to send a political message.

There are plenty of Cubans who can pass for white, even if he didn't pass for white, what makes you think he didn't identify with your cause?



I wouldn't doubt these were either. Besides, White Nationalists aren't the most stable people


They're both nationalists Holla Forums. They both believe the same shit you do. He was 100% a Holla Forums poster.

19, social regrets, problems with women, white nationalist affiliated, it checks out

Yes, your cause


What about that other White Nationalist who murdered that white women or Hitler who wanted to exterminate a whole sub-sect of white people (Slavs). White nationalists are excellent at murdering other white people it seems to be the only thing they know how to do.

Holla Forums damage control in here strong lmao

The point is that killing white people does not preclude one from being a white nationalist. As long as they see the whites they are killing as the enemy it seems to be completely fine with them.

Fucking lol nigga

As huWites continue to decrease in number, expect some aut-right orgs to open recruitment to light skinned minorities.

Plenty of hispanic amerimutts go on 23andme and get results results that come out 95-100% euro. Not the majority, but plenty. Latino is an invented race and whiteness is flimsy concept.

Most of Holla Forums is self-hating non-whites anyway.

I'll take "Who is Breivik" for 400, Alex.

It is no surprise all other races want to be white.

A Jew calls the 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧ADL🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 and says his Hispanic is white nationalist.

La creatura…

Does anybody want to be you, though?

Look Holla Forums, I know you don't get out much. But this makes perfect sense

What about all the other kids, then? It's more like it's no wonder socially alienated people get ideas that justify their own insecurity as power.

Identifying as something your not is a left wing concept.


Insecure people group together. Most people don't care about their base appearance or skin color as anything more than a fact of life.

Insecurity is what's bred

Nazis did this all the time. They still do, look at the story!

Safe spaces

Pipe down and quit ban evading little mutt

Amerimutts are proof to the contrary

Yeah, that's exactly what I just said. Holla Forums is a safe space


I waited my 30 days to come back in here, I'm not evading shit.

t. never picked up any philosophy book

Why don't you wait another 60

What's this called again? Leftypol or Holla Forums? I'm in your safe space.

I feel like the obvious incel angle is being ignored and pushed to the side here.


Holla Forums are you in ballet?

You dance around things really well

You're so ignorant you can't even do racism right.


You know nobody is going to care about this as much as you do

They're going to throw it into the ever growing bin of White Nationalist murders the past year and use it as more justification to isolate you socially.

How are you still surprised that there are spic white nationalists at this point? Nonwhite white nationalists aren't hard to find. There was some brown Brazilian kid where I went to undergrad defending Identity Europa. Someone told him he wasn't white, and he got furious. There are no shortage of golden brown south Americans who are proud of their white heritage. It's not surprising that a Cuban in America would be equally or even more reactionary. White nationalism in American is basically a social club for mixed raced people and meth heads .

How much of a delusional cunt do you need to be to think that a Jew leader of a white nationalist group has a hispanic school shooter on roster?

El duende

He was out of high school, 19. I don't find it surprising at all.

Yeah, it's not surprising sorry Holla Forums. Nobody is going to care about this as much as you do.

Or do we just go ahead and admit that multiculturalism is a source of crime?

Jew leader of white nationalist group that has hispanic school shooter. Where's the black guy is my question?


So when a spic does it, it's a tragic consequence of multiculturalism, but when some white faggot does it almost every month it's a false flag? Really hobbles the wobbles.


Underrated. Most American Jews aren't religious and are adrift amongst a sea of goys. This isn't even new or surprising anymore.

el goblino….

Get real, this wont change a thing

He looks exactly like a Serbian roommate I had who would leave his cum tissues in the bathroom and never clean them up.

leave ted cruz's son alone

Actually, the first people who started identifying as something they aren't were right-wingers (see: Asserism). Now it's the alt-right. :^)

This man is 200% aryan

You mean like american identifying as european or white?

t. identifies as a national anarcho-monarchist identiarian and 1/8th irish

El diablo




You're upset



because of privilege, and media portrayals of whiteness / lightness as desirable, not because anyone actually likes whites

Esta re pinche feo he really looks like a goblin.

Holy shit he even looks like the amerimutt caricature.

I love this meme too much

This is definitely a Holla Forums poster

He has trap potential.

Is it the ears?

I too love making fun of non-whites

Someone give him the JUST look

BASED leftypol

I like to think of it as a subversion of American exceptionalism. It's not politically correct (this is Holla Forums) but I like calling Holla Forums precisely what they hate.

Now all we need is some lore to go with the different Amerimutts.

are you fucking insane?
There is no way with those ears and misshaped head, he would ever look good with anything, he is just butt ugly, no wonder why he ended up shooting a school, I bet no woman would be willing to let him get even close to them.
at least Eliot Rodger (I'm not gay) was somewhat good looking.

The age of men is over. The time of the amerimutt has come.

It's just his face for me, but maybe with some hormones and slight feminization surgery it could work.

Keep in mind that I have very low standards.

It's funny to me as well because it's hilarious how Amerifats think of themselves as white. What I don't like is that it always implies there's something wrong with being non-white. But then again I shan't take maymays too seriously. All Amerifats except American comrades need to get nuked anyway.

Yeah, but clip his ears and he'd be a sexy elf boy.

I'll take any bet that he actually wasn't a virgin and definitely had a gf before.


What happened to all the blacks and indians and other non-white people who voluntarily served in the Wehrmacht that proved the nazis weren't racist?

do you know how expensive that would be?
that's one of the mains reasons, I hate Trannies and Traps, all the wasted resources in cosmetic surgeries and hormones, it's fucking insane; yet this fucking Tranny movement keeps pushing this gender dysphoria mental disorder and modern day society accepts them.
fucking insane.
Yeah your reddit spacing is fairly evident, that was a strong indicative, but hey thanks for being honest.


you are risking a lot user.
maybe a gf but he hasn't been near pussy since the day he was born.

I'm literally a mulatto. I just don't like "my countrymen" very much.

He's from a marginal background, he's likely fucked or at the least been abused. Virginism is mostly a middle class phenomenon, think suburban kids, not trailer park kids.

Yeah but you don't need to be good looking to get a gf if you're white

I'm willing to risk it.

fucking insane.
trannies are like


The area around that high school is almost entirely middle class and up.,

uhmm well then you have a strong point there marginal background people fuck like rabbits at really early ages ugly or fat doesn't matter they just keep pumping children like there is no tomorrow.
cousins or uncles do either so yeah.
I do not agree with the term middle class but you have a strong point again.

if you lose, you will have to pick up the soap.

t. ass blasted fag enabler.
blow your fucking brains out you homo.
Trannies are popping out every fucking where.
I've seen them inject synthetic oil in their butts and then get necrosis afterwards, all kinds of stupid stuff that they do, like wasting enormous amounts of money, on cosmetics and hair styling products.
The existence of trannies in a socialist society wouldn't be viable, because trannies are a symptom of ostentatious Capitalist decay.

…you do know how to ban evade, right? Or do you have a static IP?

I think that's /fit/ actually.

I'm phoneposting and it forces me to reddit space, you sassy bitch!!!

[citation needed]

Hormones are relatively cheap to produce, I think your hatred of transgender people probably comes from somewhere else. Instead of hating certain aspects of it, you ignorantly hate trans people as a whole.

This will get Holla Forums taken down for sure. It was touch and go when that landwhale roastie was run over, but, I think their days are numbered.

No it won't.

Are you stupid?

4/pol/ was almost taken down over 1 person dying.

Do you honestly think that this isn't going to effect them in some way?

How? It's a movement of edgy teenagers, and there were no shortage of edgy teenagers praising Columbine.



Im pretty sure Holla Forums is not going to be taken down over this "incident". As for it almost "taken down", where's the proof?

There are tons of people that Idolize the columbine shooters, closing Holla Forums wouldn't be enough, they would have to close all IB's and monitor every social media site it's impossible.

It wont happen you imbecile.
We would be taken down if that were to take place.

Didn't one mass shooter post a thread on /r9k/ and nothing was done about it? I doubt anything will happen here.


I hope the aut-right finally gets kicked off of YouTube.

How? It's a movement of edgy teenagers, and there were no shortage of edgy teenagers praising Communism.


Meanwhile infowars is saying that he was a communist muslim.

Does anyone even pay attention to Infowars besides mentally ill boomers?

What's your point?

Until Medicare gets gutted they will always be a really big threat

I dont want the socialist equivalent of the kekistanis.
oh shit it already happened.
I want a well organized mass of workers not just some edgy teens larping.


week is the quintessential Amerimutt.


poor Holla Forums. So eager to attack the opposition they chase fake corporate news like a dog chasing after a steak. How does it feel to fall for media hoaxes invented on 4chan?

It was fun

It was fucking retarded tbh. The guy is fucking Cuban who shot a bunch of white kids at school, you think he's a militant white nationalist jesus christ where's the critical thinking here?

Fuck off amerimutt.

Light skinned hispanics often consider themselves white. You should know this better than most Holla Forums.

But no white nationalist considers them white so it's irrelevant

I would like to remind you that Angela Nagle's book, Kill All Normies, is available for free on libgen.

Reminder to not bully us virgins pls



Have you seen a white nationalist rally in the US? Sometimes upwards of 30% of them are obviously white hispanics.

Again, weev

Actually the conclusion that a Cuban can be a white nationalist is dialiectical. Consider the pure white nationalist. Now the pure white nationalist doesn't exist as the pure white man does not exist, so we're essentially in imaginary dialectic-space, that is we have to go beyond mere materialist dialectics to solve this problem. We need to negate this idea, essentially come up with its dialectical complex conjugate. This is of course, the black white nationalist. Blacks are not only the negation of whites, they're also, clearly, superior, so the black white nationalist goes beyond the pure white nationalist.
Now that we've determined the thesis and antithesis we have to determine the synthesis. It is a basic principle of advanced dialectics that the synthesis is in the middle of the antithesis and synthesis. This leads you to the hispanic white nationalist, since hispanics are between blacks and whites. "But," you ask "how can we combine two concepts in imaginary dialectic space and get a really existing thing." The synthesis is the combination of the imaginary and its complex conjugate, so the synthesis is it self real.
Thus stated, I have shown that white nationalists are shitskins.

I think Angela Nagle understand what it is like to be in a state of indefinite celibacy tbqh lad.



Wait so 4/pol/ did this lmao? What on Earth would they gain from making themselves look like absolute shit again after a school shooting

Please think

None of you are competent let's keep it real

The goal is to undermine faith in the establishment press. Holla Forums doesn't realize that this undermines themselves in the long run.

b-but its was REPORTED!!!
b-but it was CONFIRMED by the mainstream media!!!
b-but its says right there on CNN that its CONFIRMED
b-but Holla Forums was supposed to be wrong!!!!
b-but Holla Forums was supposed to be the dumb idiots not us!

F-FAKENEWS, he-he, w-wait no actually it was all part of the plan we where just pretending he-he Holla Forums B-T-F-O






Why are you responding to that post and not the million other posts mocking you for sounding like someone in inpatient

So the national news is reporting a white nationalist did a school shooting

How are you spinning this into a victory, even if he somehow wasn't a white nationalist

Do you know what an L is

this is the republic of florida militia

hahahahahahaha ameriburgs are so fat their militias can't run down hills


What a bunch of fucking chuds lel

It makes my pee pee hard that Holla Forumsyps will indeed be taking that long, thick L, even after they tried to astroturf and flip the narrative with pictures of some unrelated commie.

you're a retard, what do you call an american with full-blooded spanish heritage?

what’s come out of this has been gold

The moment this fat chud fuck in military cosplay says "This is how an operator gets things done" before sliding down a hill like this is a video game that's the best shit

An American white nationalist


FACT: Spaniards and Indigenous Peruvians are the same exact race

Hmm…really seasons the pistachios


Florida has some white nationalist "militia"

Then a blue state like New York actually has a well-regulated milita.


oh you poor boy….


Not quite.
They are Mestizos.
Really ugly I must say.
there is a saying, that being Peruvian is worse than vomiting while laying down on your bed.
in Spanish.
Ser peruano es más feo que vomitar acostado.

Why don't you go back to your white nationalist militia you hispanic asshole

He's red haired and green eyed. He has fucking freckles. That boy is white and openly identified with whiteness.

I'm argentinian btw

Nobody identifes as "white" outside of the Americas. You like it or not, it's simply a matter of self identification. Mostly because it doesn't make a fucking difference because anybody west of ireland is not white.

Cry more, Holla Forumsyp.


Your insecurities are showing.

I guess what I'm wondering is,
But I'm gonna guess that the pigs have been at more meetings than Jereb.

Hmm, who's the real fake news here…

That doesn't mean anything is stopping them from adopting a white supremacist ideology themselves. Think, idiot.

The leader of the fascist group himself claims he was a member, but the local pigs are "clueless" so we should believe them huh? fuck off Holla Forums.

Hispanic is simply a term for people who were raised in a culture with a historical link to Spain. That is an incredibly broad category which includes white Latinos (Argentines, Chileans, other South/Central Americans of European descent, and on and on) as well as regular old Spanish people from Spain. Being white and being Hispanic are not mutually exclusive.

FURTHERMORE, the Daily Beast is now saying that the shooter was adopted at birth, meaning these arguments are now rendered even more pointless. (

More Info:

A spokesperson for the white supremacist group Republic of Florida (ROF) told the Anti-Defamation League on Thursday, February 15, that Nikolas Cruz, the man charged with the previous day’s deadly shooting spree at a Parkland, Florida, high school, was associated with his group.

On Wednesday, February 14, , Cruz, 19, a former student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, allegedly entered the school with an AR-15 and opened fire, killing at least 17 people and injuring 14 more. Cruz left the scene but was later captured by police and has been charged with premeditated murder.

After self-described ROF members claimed on the discussion forum 4chan that Cruz had also been a member, the Anti-Defamation League called the ROF hotline and spoke with an ROF member who identified himself as Jordan Jereb.

Jereb, based in Tallahassee, is believed to be the leader of ROF. In 2016, he was arrested on charges of threatening a staffer in the office of Florida Governor Rick Scott because he was allegedly angry at the staffer’s son.

Jereb said that Cruz was associated with ROF, having been “brought up” by another membe. Jereb added that Cruz had participated in one or more ROF training exercises in the Tallahassee area, carpooling with other ROF members from south Florida.

ROF has members in north and south Florida. The alt right white supremacist group borrows paramilitary concepts from the anti-government extremist militia movement (not itself a white supremacist movement). ROF describes itself as a “white civil rights organization fighting for white identitarian politics” and seeks to create a “white ethnostate” in Florida. Most ROF members are young and the group itself is only a few years old.

Jereb added that ROF had not ordered or wanted Cruz to do anything like the school shooting.

If Cruz’s role is confirmed, the Parkland school shooting would be the second school shooting by a white supremacist in the past two months. In December 2017, another young white supremacist, William Atchison, engaged in a shooting spree at a high school in northwest New Mexico, killing two students before shooting himself.

Still, I love how white nationalists start to eat each other alive in "who's REALLY white" arguments whenever one of their own kind does something fucking retarded. So by all means, please do so. And when these arguments ultimately go nowhere, it makes you think it's almost as if race is more complex than white/non-white dichotomy

Not having evidence of something less than 24 hours after an investigation begins doesn't preclude evidence from being found. He was one your own regardless of whether he was a member of some bonehead LARPing club.

This. It's fucking hilarious now much Holla Forumsacks love to spread misinformation both knowingly and unknowningly while claiming to be supposedly against le fake news. It's almost as if they implicitly know their ideology is a croc of shit but that doesn't stop them from trying.

Yo soy Mexicano.
I'm Mexican.

Even if "buhhhh I made it up!"




There's still no evidence the group's leader was lying. Just the cops trying to muddy the waters.

I'm not white and I'm not a Nationalist, I'm just an anarchist shitposter, that likes to poke fun at people, with rude jokes.

Oh yeah, I know. When I was referring to "fake news", I was referring to their magical ploy to subvert trust in the media. If anything the cops are also white nationalists trying to cover for their Hispanic son of the west.

I know, I just find it funny (well, not funny, morbidly curious) that since Sandy Hook, school shootings have accounted for the deaths of 200 miniors and Holla Forums is claiming "WE MADE IT UP!" about the white nationalist leader



What did you just accomplish. Associating yourself with the deaths of minors? That's a real good look, aren't you glad that's spread everywhere now.

Retard detected
good post my man

I remember that thread
Good times


Man, what a mess.


Aren't those pics from /hwndu/ season 1?
You can see the museum behind.
Not that Holla Forums loves Shia LeBouf, but I believe Holla Forums's BO is the one in the upper right.

They're associating the two because they're trying to show how the MSM is "anti-white/trump." I don't think it's working because enough people are already anti-trump and critical of white nationalism, why the fuck do they need the MSM?

Please leave this noble Peruvian man alone. He does not deserve your hurtful slander, he is a good man who works hard to provide for his family.

Because they need to confirm the persecution.



MSM is not anti-trump.

There needs to be an official term for Holla Forums's grief cycle for Holla Forums virgin shooters. Something like this:

MSM supports Trump's imperialism, white nationalism, white supremacy, corruption, and capital-enriching and worker immiserating policy, but they also hate his boorish vulgarity that undermines the legitimacy of the U.S. government.

Nikolas Cruz was trained to become an imperialist mercenary
Nikolas Cruz was a member of his school's JROTC, which is a club for American middle and high school students to be trained and indoctrinated as soldiers. When you train people to massacre civilians in foreign countries, don't be surprised if they do it in the homeland as well.
See pic: he wore his ROTC shirt to the shooting.

>The 19-year-old got expelled last year from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School for undisclosed disciplinary reasons. And less than a year ago, the former Junior ROTC cadet bought a military-style AR-15 rifle.,-bragged-about-gun'_Training_Corps

Behold, superior aryan genes

Cruz displayed his love and affiliation for the US Army in his Instagram photos. He prominently wore a US Army baseball cap and wool cap along with his MAGA hat.



You know, in the end, it doesn't matter if almost everyone believes a fake story because the damage is done. To come out later and say "it was a prank to show you how the media just runs with a story!" just looks like damage control.

Looks like the troll out of Harry Potter

high school kids who are obsessed with the US military are some of the most fucked in the head people there are


i just realized what he looks like

Halfchan actually did something funny for the first time in 5 years.

Looks h'white to me

Theres plenty of self hating non whites who adopt supremecist ideologies. You have to be a hypocrite, it comes with the package. Just look at Holla Forums.

O say can you see, by the dawn's early light,
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming,
Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight,
O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming?
And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there;
O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

bizarre, wonder what was up with the effort to blend in.

It happens.

That's basically what they are inside. Trying to rationalize being around inhuman monsters popular on the internet, because they have no friends because they're absolutely fucked, and they deal with it by severely compromising themselves inside. Letting themselves go, physically and mentally.

Imagine, Benny, from The Mummy. That's what they're like inside.


Played a little too many video games.

When are these shitheads gonna start getting hunted on the streets?

In this case, he's not actually a white nationalist. 4chan pranked the ADL and ABC news and the rest of the media ran with it after the fat fuck leader of the "militia" said the media misquoted him and he wasn't affiliated with them. It's a sad day for journalism like every other day



Would it be unethical for the state to brutally torture people like the shooter before executing them?

pick one

This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Why would you let everyone believe you're fucking child killers that's fucking retarded


It doesn't have to be ethical


you seem surprised 4chan did something retarded and self-destructive

*ran with it until


I'm actually content to believe American 'security' possesses some level of perpetual incompetence. Which is part of why Patriot Act style policy is so sinister - no matter how much information they have, or how many shitty entrapment schemes they pull, they don't prevent mass murder even when they have the data (as they did for 9/11 anyway) so it's clearly just power grabbing.

But I thought Vice was fake news

4chan was claiming that it was an antifa Muslim like all the other boomers.

So he wasn't affiliated with a white nationalist org but he clearly held white supremacist beliefs. What is it with Holla Forumstards? Why are they so mad?

They're pretty obviously beyond the event horizon. The guy looks like the -8% face. I mean really:

Pretty weird shit is going on at dawg.

what will they meme up next?

I'm dying at that -100% face.

i'm rooting for the 4th world creaturas to succeed in breeding whites out of existence so i don't have to see these Holla Forumsyp memes anymore

I'm so confused when people say "breed whites out" in this context because wouldn't such a thing "breed out" all races?

To be fair they point this out on occasion

Yes, they are. And lots of them posted on Holla Forums and we getting sucked off by the Holla Forumsredditors in the threads.

i failed to save better screenshots but this thing was another 4chan hoax that the media fell for, like the elliot rodgers creatine meme

The cycle of life

Also this really wasn't even a win for them. Just a strange mistake. Kid is still a coinfirmed Holla Forumstard..

But user the American creaturas and Holla Forumsyp memers are the same…

you do know that the cunt was antifa member right?
Antifa once again shown its true colours

I move revoke the title former Valentine's Day Massacre and crown this massacre the new Valentine's Day Massacre. Kid upstaged four Guido's kill count 3:1 all by himself.

lol no he wasn't



God, you Holla Forumsyps are fucking dumb

A Holla Forums hoax strikes again. Good job swallowing everything the liberal media tells you to, Holla Forums.

Fuck I posted this in the wrong thread

Good job convincing millions of Americans you are associated with a school shooting Holla Forums. If it's even true.

What a win. Not an L.

I was waiting for it to get confirmed before I said it but now I can say it.
Political violence, and accusations of political violence from both us and Holla Forums is a bad thing even, and especially when the claims are confirmed false.

I don't care about the 60 billion killed by NutSacks and rational right wingers shouldn't care about the 1,000 quintillion killed by gommunism when discussing politics.


That's not how pranks work Holla Forums

How many fucking times is this now? Journalism needs better quality control; if I wanted to read Holla Forums shitposts I could go there myself.

I'm 90 percent sure this guy was a member of the militia at one point based on the militia's propaganda photos and videos, and the leader backtracked once he realized how much shit he was in. ("Just a prank, bro!" Yeah, right…)

The media, though, is now in the unenviable position of reporting that their only source is unreliable.

It'll come out in due time.


I'm telling you, that's him in that photo. It's from the RoF website. That's not the only pic, either.

How many big-eared, 5-foot-tall neo-Nazi Cubans are there in Florida anyways? (The ghost of Batista emerges and tells me: "More than you think…") But then the leader claims the shooter is a member and backtracks it? And only after every neo-Nazi on Gab starts calling for his head? It makes no sense.

Well, the media has to eat shit because they've only got one source who is waffling, and the pics are not 100 percent solid, but I'm telling you – I'm 90 percent sure this guy was a member.

Would it even matter if he went out sieg heiling? Liberals turn into muslim apologists very quickly if some raghead blows up, so why it is unfair for the right wing to do the same?

somehow, every single Holla Forumslack is a jew
every single one
it's almost like "jewish" is vague as shit and could include vast portions of the population based on their tenuous connections to one person


la creatura

I want to bully virgins [spoilers]with my pussy[/spoilers]

Spanish from Spain? A Spanish American person.
TLDR: white

I bet he could hear the police radios lmao

You… I've seen you…




Nothing is a race because race a spook

use to asterisks mate


Looks like we aren't sending our best either HAHAHA

…"Milk Viking MVP?"

Same thing happened during the Charlottesville attack.