Daily News Thread 2/15

Suspect in Florida school massacre charged with 17 murders

A 19-year-old man who had been expelled from his Florida high school was charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder on Thursday, after authorities said he unleashed one of the deadliest school shootings in U.S. history.

Trump Says U.S. Should Act on Mental Health After Florida Shooting

President Donald Trump said that the nation should take unspecified action on mental health issues on Thursday, the day after a shooting at a Florida high school that killed 17 people and wounded at least 14 more. He said he plans to visit the community to meet with victims’ families.

Florida shooting: FBI and teachers warned about Nikolas Cruz

The FBI has confirmed that it was warned about the teenager who allegedly carried out a mass shooting at his former school in Florida.

South Africa elects new president Cyril Ramaphosa after Jacob Zuma resignation

Zuma resigned after years of scandals that damaged the stature of the ruling African National Congress party.

'Pragmatic' communist KP Sharma Oli chosen to lead Nepal

Nepali President Bidya Devi Bhandari has appointed moderate communist KP Sharma Oli as the next prime minister of the Himalayan state.

Trump Loses Again on Travel Ban in Ruling by Second Appeals Panel

Another federal appeals court ruled President Donald Trump’s most recent attempt to restrict travel to America from six mostly Muslim countries is probably unconstitutional.

Nearly half of Israelis believe police over Netanyahu regarding PM’s corruption – poll

Nearly half of Israeli voters believe the police corruption allegations against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who denies any wrongdoing, according to a recent survey.

Australia PM bans ministers from sex with staff

Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull has said he will prohibit sex between ministers and their staff, after it was revealed his deputy had an affair with a former staffer.

BuzzFeed asks federal court to force DNC to hand over evidence of hack for Trump dossier lawsuit: Report

BuzzFeed has sued the Democratic National Committee for not releasing evidence regarding the hack of its servers allegedly by Russian nationals, according to a report.

EPA Collecting Half the Penalties Under Trump as Predecessors

The Environmental Protection Agency has collected roughly half as much in civil penalties from polluters during President Donald Trump’s first year in the White House than it did under the past three presidents in the same time-frame, according to research being released on Thursday.

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Will the US Invade Venezuela?


“Nothing Dollarable Is Ever Safe”

A provision of the GOP tax bill opened parts of Alaska’s majestic Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) to oil drilling. The conservationists who created the refuge could have seen it coming.

Don't let Israel hide Ahed's trial


The dangers of focusing all our attention on Donald Trump

Trump’s erratic presidency is a manifestation, not the cause, of democratic decay. The unfolding political crisis will outlast him. So must the resistance.

Randy Bryce Becomes First Congressional Candidate Whose Staff Unionized — and He Wants Congressional Staff Unionized, Too

With an announcement made this week, the campaign staff of Randy Bryce — a union ironworker who is challenging Wisconsin Republican Paul Ryan — became the first in the country to form a union.

Wouldn't surprise me, though I'd suspect Libya style operations to be more likely with unofficial boots on the ground with air and naval strikes

The US needs a new war to shore up support and the traditional targets of NK or Iran have proven they'd sink the US



Seems like this is case closed. He was a White Nationalist, Holla Forums's very own little wind up soldier decided to take their insanity to its logical conclusion and killed a bunch of kids.

He also said the same shit about the opioid crisis and DACA, only to fuck up both.

His words are empty and meaningless.

This is mostly intentional. Contrary to popular opinion (See places like r/politics) the Trump administration is continuing many of the policies of their Democratic predecessors.
What annoys most of the vocal liberal opposition is the optics of the Trump administration, not it's actual policies.
They were fine with the mass deportations and extrajudicial executions under Obama, they were fine with the "tough on crime" three strike laws and foreign aggression under Clinton. It was Democrats that voted for the Iraq war and the Patriot act. It was democrats that wanted to bomb Syria, and crack down on 'traitors' like Snowden or Manning.
They voted to repeal critical finance legislation, they refused to crack down financial institutions following the crisis. They're okay with minimum wage increases being eaten up by rent hikes, health insurance cartels, private prison complexes and imperial aggression. Democrats call outrage, but behind the public spectacle they conspire to bomb Korea, topple Assad, and invade Venezuela.

Just look at the limp-wristed senate Democrat opposition to Trump. They could have forced a shutdown, but didn't. They could have filibustered the tax cuts. But didn't.
And each time the elections come around it's the same story as always: "change", "hope". They could have passed vital legislation decades ago, but haven't. It's merely the bait to lure people to the voting booths. They like the status quo, and only serve to soak up revolutionary fervor that would otherwise threaten the system.
And whenever radical forces rise up to illicit change beyond the official channels, who are their most vocal opposition? Democrats. Always with the same calls for "non-violence", "reason" and "democracy". But most importantly: Encouraging people to do absolutely nothing of note whatsoever, especially anything that might serve to upset or make people question the status quo.
I know this may seem like preaching to the choir, but there are enough quasi-socdems on this board that unironically believe that the dems winning in 18'/20' will change anything whatsoever.

White nationalists slaughtering white people, as usual.

UK Prime Minister May calls for fight to “defeat socialism” at Tory yearly fundraiser





are they gonna privatize roads and the fire department?

Tbf, M6 toll and Severn bridge would like to say "hi". Also on the UK fire services: they are pretty class conscious. Under Blair the firefighters' union left the Labour party and joined the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition when it formed.

Americans get shot I laugh!


Remember when there were people on Holla Forums unironically shilling for this guy?

To be fair that was during a time when the NPA were unironically shilling for that guy.

French president Emmanuel Macron to bring back compulsory military service for young people
Macron knows how to piss off most of society…

Kushner Investors Subpoenaed by U.S. Tax Authorities, Source Says


Boy good thing Le Pen didn't win am I right guys?

Senate Fails To Advance Any Immigration Proposals


Oh no. Who could've saw this coming.

Up next is the House's plan and you know that's going to be ridiculous bullshit.

And thus Trump created a perpetual outrage machine that gets nothing done.

I have become completely convinced and entrenched into the position that the fall of the US is inevitable. It may take a decade or more before it implodes, but I can no longer see any other path forward.

The mental health issues, the opioid epidemic, the crumbling infrastructure, police violence and the summary executions associated with it, the escalating tensions between political extremes and the pseudo-militias that are being germinated by it, ever worsening homelessness and poverty accompanied by the mighty few bickering among themselves on how to drain the little remaining capital and property that is not under their personal control…
I almost wish there really were an secret cabal such as the Illuminati, and that this was all just a well planned ploy that was well under control, but I am much to the dismay of my kindling depression not quite as naive as those poor Holla Forumsaks.

Once the fire truly rises, I fear I will choose to journey to the New World and take part in the slaughter which in my futile dreams might spawn a new age. Yet I staunchly and sorrowfully accept that I most likely will not live trough it to see the sprawling glory of it.
I'm just so tired of it all. I'm. Just. So. Tired.

imagine the scenes if buzzfeed inadvertently causes this whole bullshits undoing




Sign this to prevent shit like this from happening pl0x